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Category                   Date                    Caller  


Psychic Readings     10/13/2017     Candy*11     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/09/2017     Jun-Dok     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     10/06/2017     Kristen     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Just a quick note to update that everything you said came to pass!  He reached out in October like you predicted, I took your advice & didn't try to talk about why he went quiet for so long. We've been seeing each other almost everyday like you said would happen. Can't thank you enough!

Twin Flame Readings     10/03/2017     EnergyUp11     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     9/28/2017     Starshoot76     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     9/24/2017     Jennifer Drake     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena saw right into my soul and gave the confirmation I needed. She's the real deal! She was able to see the issues my soul twin was going through and offered advices on what I could do on my part to help my situation along and get the relationship with him I deserve. 

Twin Flame Readings     9/17/2017     Slim     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     9/12/2017     Nancy D.     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     9/07/2017     Ohlinger     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     9/05/2017     Rebekah.W     5 STARS 

Psychic Readings     9/02/2017     Jimmy     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     8/24/2017     Mike M.     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you so much.

Twin Flame Readings     8/21/2017     Courtney_11     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     8/15/2017     Melanie Sheehan     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     8/14/2017     Over_The_Top     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     8/09/2017     Misty     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     8/07/2017     Courtney  R. Evans     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I'm absolutely floored! And kind of freaked out. I had my reading yesterday afternoon and she shocked me coming up with stuff there was no way she could've known. It was like she was reading my mind! Maybe she was. It wasn't just a few things that resonated, she told me the names of people I know and described details of things that have happened only I would know right down to the words they spoke. And she described my feelings perfectly. I kept freaking out at the things she said and she kept having to remind me it was a psychic reading when I asked her how she knew this stuff! I've never had an experience like this in my life. 

Twin Flame Readings     8/04/2017     Jun-Dok     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     8/03/2017     Candy*11     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     8/01/2017     Portia777     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     7/31/2017     Brooke     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  This was my first time reading with Helena so I started with the 30 minute twin flame fairy tale option. The appointment was easy to book by email and the scheduling lady was super nice. Helena saw right into my situation and my life is so much happier as a result of the information I received during my reading. I've been told by a lot of other psychics over and over that my twin flame was going to reach out but it never happened and I guess I was sick of waiting. Helena didn't tell me what I wanted to hear and was very direct with me. She told me what I could choose to do to make what I want happen for myself. After a few days of thinking I decided to take her advice. She had told me I was getting advice, so why not take it and she was right. It was like overnight magic the way things started to unfold and I'm so relieved that I listened to her. I can't thank her enough. -Brooke

Psychic Readings     7/31/2017     Loreli_1992     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     7/28/2017     Emily S.     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     7/25/2017     Lisa     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks, great time! 

Twin Flame Readings    7/24/3017     Carmen     5 STARS 

Twin Flame Readings     7/21/2017     Markus     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     7/15/2017     Michelle_Lemke     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  My session was spot on as usual. She saw some bad news coming in the cards this time but she told me how to change things to prevent it from happening. I followed her directions to the letter and took good written notes. She was right about changing my path and the adjustments I made had a positive ripple effect just as she said would happen. 

Twin Flame Readings     7/11/2017     Angels_Healing     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     7/09/2017     Jennifer_11     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     7/06/2017     Michigan Jake     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     7/05/2017     KittyCatLove     5 STARS 

Twin Flame Readings     7/02/2017     Albert L.     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Just wow! After talking with Helena it all makes sense. Had two readings so far and I'm a believer. Customer service was also helpful and compassionate. 

Psychic Readings     6/29/2017     Albert L.     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Just wow! Thank you much!

Twin Flame Readings     6/27/2017     The-Raven     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Amazing revelations! I wish I had more time with you! Let me know when you have another special on!

Twin Flame Readings     6/24/2017     Melissa C.     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena was really helpful and saw what I had been going thru without having to give her too much upfront information. She gave me a timeline and so far everything's come to past so I'm really happy with my results so I'll be back.

Psychic Readings     6/23/2017     Jordan     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     6/21/2017     Newwaves     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     6/17/2017     Angela_57     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     6/13/2017     Melanie Pratt     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks again!!

Psychic Readings     6/12/2017     KentuckyBluegrass     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     6/7/2017     Louisa     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     6/4/2017     CandiceBeck     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     6/2/2017     David F.     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     5/30/2017     Katzmouse222     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Hi Helena, Things for me are still going great just like you predicted! I took your advice and used the message you wrote word for word like you recommended and he did just as you said he would! We're going out on the 9th! I can't thank you enough. Love, Sasha Katz 

Twin Flame Readings     5/29/2017     LisaLaw     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     5/26/2017     Jillian     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     5/21/2017     AprilBlackmon73     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     5/17/2017     Craig D.     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     5/17/2017     OverThe Moon     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thanks so much !

Twin Flame Readings     5/16/2017     Spithaler_Jessica_Lynn     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Helena did a lot of numerology stuff in the beginning then got into the things like reading on my boyfriend's thoughts. It was spooky how she picked up on stuff that was really detailed. There was a couple things she insisted already happened but I knew they didn't happen. She said when she sees a vision of something that looks like it already happened it means whatever she saw is set in stone to happen in the very near future. So I took some notes and waited after the reading. Then about a week later all the stuff she said already happened did actually happen and in exactly the same way she saw it in her visions so it was really set in stone! That was spooky but very accurate so I'll definitely be coming back. 

Psychic Readings     5/14/2017     Lastone     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     5/9/2017     Emily_S     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     5/7/2017     Portia777     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thank you!!

Psychic Readings     5/2/2017     Katherine W     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     4/27/2017     MelanieB     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     4/23/2017     Caroline     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Things are still going great and he texted and he used the exact same words you said he'd use so I followed your directions and I responded with the message you wrote for me to send him and we have plans to go out on a real date this weekend I'm excited thank you.

Psychic Readings     4/21/2017     JenniLandis85     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     4/20/2017     GingerB     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I had my reading roughly 2 weeks ago. It was very informative and thorough with a lot of different areas covered and questions answered. I asked for a timeline and everything she predicted has already come to pass so I'm thrilled! Will definitely be back!

Twin Flame Readings     4/17/2017     Samantha     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     4/14/2017     Moonbeamsandunicorns     5 STARS

MESSAGE: I'm amazed! You were so right about Mike. He messaged me literally three days after you did my appointment. I didn't believe it when you told me but now that it's came to pass I'm a believer!  It was crazy the way you just suddenly said 'there's a man called Mike who can't get you off his mind and he'll reach out to you within a few days.' I never told you about Mike because I hadn't heard from him in almost a year so I don't know how you knew about him but everything you said would happen happened! You said you saw travel and he asked me to come visit him in Maryland and I'm going! Everything you said down to the littlest detail is happening now. I'll keep you updated. 

Psychic Readings     4/13/2017     Circles_OnStars     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     4/11/2017     Geek11    5 STARS

Psychic Readings     4/8/2017     Johanna     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Knowing Helena is like having my own personal love mystic in my back pocket. Each session is more revealing than the last. She sees right into my situation and right into my heart. Cannot thank her enough!

Twin Flame Readings     4/6/2017     Retroactive     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     4/5/2017     946455     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     4/1/2017     Pastafreak     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     03/31/2017     Carmen     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you for working me in ! Excellent session as always & very helpful !!

Twin Flame Readings     03/27/2017     Pia2212     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     03/25/2017     OverTheTop     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Things are still smooth sailing, handling any disagreements with ease. Knowing and understanding how the other person is hard wired helps tremendously. I can't express my gratitude strongly enough. 

Psychic Readings     03/22/2017     Gravity_1111     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks again, Helena!

Psychic Readings     03/21/2017     Alfred     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     03/18/2017     Katherine W.     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     03/15/2017     JoeyW1976     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena's predictions always come to pass according to the time line she gives me. She helped me stop my twin flame from running away and helped me express my emotions in a way that has helped my relationship. Much appreciated.

Psychic Readings     03/13/2017     Jillian     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     03/11/2017     Jun-Dok     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     03/09/2017     J. Depp     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     03/07/2017     Gravity_1111     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     03/05/2017     MelanieG     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I didn't think it could get any better but things have continued to improve so thank you. I appreciate your help and advice so much and having you in my corner in such a blessing. xoxo

Psychic Readings     03/02/2017     JamesJ_Oleander     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     03/02/2017     Carmen     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks for working me in as usual! You're totally right about that situation with Christopher! I said what you told me would work and it did! You're amazing!

Twin Flame Readings     02/27/2017     Archangelmichael     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     02/25/2017     Melanie Pratt     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     02/24/2017     Twin_Jenni     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     02/21/2017     Tushpush_32     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Awesome!

Twin Flame Readings     02/19/2017     Melissaandjohny     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     02/17/2017     Joannah1987     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Can't thank you enough for helping me get on the right path. You saw right into my heart! I'll definitely keep you posted on my progress. Thank you!!

Twin Flame Readings     02/15/2017     StaceyL.     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Without Helena's guidance I wouldn't have gotten back together with my twin. Such a relief this separation and running is finally over! 

Twin Flame Readings     02/11/2017     Carmen     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     02/10/2017     Jill106     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     02/08/2017     Elizabeth     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks again!

Twin Flame Readings     02/05/2017     Chris_11     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     02/05/2017     Rosie1     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     02/03/2017     Emilee     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     01/23/2017     Marlee92     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     01/22/2017     DanTheMan     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you.

Psychic Readings     01/21/2017    Emilee     5 STARS 

Twin Flame Readings     01/19/2017     Chris_11

MESSAGE:  Thank you again Helena! Your predictions happened again on schedule. I feel like we've come so far in our relationship and I couldn't have made it this far without your help. Much love and thanks, Chris

Twin Flame Readings     01/17/2017     Carmen     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     01/16/2017     Carmen     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     01/13/2017     Lastone     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     01/11/2017     Carmen     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     01/09/2017     Angels_Healing     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Awesome thank u so much.

Twin Flame Readings     01/08/2017     Sarah94     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  The most amazing reading with Helena so far to date! Everything she said happened on the timeline that was given. Followed her advices to the letter and it all happened the way she described it would. So happy!

Twin Flame Readings     01/05/2017     OverTheTop     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     01/04/2017     Carmen     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     01/02/2017     Melanie Frank     5 STARS


Twin Flame Readings     12/30/2016     StarlaS     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Your insight really cleared up a lot and confirmed everything I needed to know. I can't wait to see your predictions come to pass. I'll definitely be back! 

Psychic Readings     12/23/2016     Jillian     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     12/21/2016     Jillian     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     12/17/2016     Christina R.     5 STARS 

Psychic Readings     12/16/2016     Gwen     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     12/13/2016     Melvin     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks!

Twin Flame Readings     12/08/2016     Sarah94     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     12/06/2016     Tyler-221     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     12/06/2016     Steve-o     5 STARS 

Psychic Readings     12/04/2016     Gwen     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks I appreciate the insights.

Psychic Readings     12/04/2016     Energyup11     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     12/02/2016     Michelle Lemke     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     12/01/2016     Steve-o      5 STARS

MESSAGE: Syncs are going crazy! Energy's way up! Can't thank you enough!

Twin Flame Readings     11/30/2016     Michelle Lemke     5 STARS

MESSAGE: I left you a full review online but just a note to say hey and thank you!

Twin Flame Readings     11/30/2016     Emily1011     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Ali texted again and jeeps at it but I'm not giving him the time of day. Saving room for my true twin. I appreciate your help. 

Psychic Readings     11/29/2016     Portia777     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     11/28/2016     Lastone     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thank you

Twin Flame Readings     11/26/2016     Meatball_1976     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Syncs are going crazy. Even syncs that we have pets with the same name. All's going great! Things are smooth sailing as silk knock on wood! Give your Meatball a kitty cat kiss! Woof woof xxxooo

Psyhcic Readings     11/24/2016     Tommyknockers     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     11/23/2016     Abbiespuppies     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Awesome as usual thanks !

Twin Flame Readings     11/22/2016     Cassidy222 5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     11/21/2016     Cassidy222     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     11/18/2016     BIF1952     5 STARS

MESSAGE: He called like you suggested he might then sent a text. I'm thrilled but concerned. I lost the paper with my notes. Should I set up another appointment or can I respond and just send what I have from memory? Thank you for all your help!

Twin Flame Readings     11/15/2016     Oldebaltimora     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     11/14/2016     Marlee92     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     11/12/2016     Jun-Dok     5 STARS

MESSAGE: dear was helpful many thanks

Missing Persons     11/10/2016     Charlotte Bergman     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     11/07/2016     TwinFlameLover     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     11/05/2016     Carmen     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     11/05/2016     Dantheman     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thank you so much.

Psychic Readings     11/02/2016     Carmen     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/31/2016    Jill106     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/28/2016     Morrie     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena advised I start using techniques to increase the chakra vibe with my twin. It seems to be working because twin is stalking my page! Even came by my work to check on me. We've reconnected and I've never felt more secure. Thank you.

Psychic Readings     10/26/2016     MelanieFord     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/24/2016     Jill106     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/23/2016     Jun-Dok     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Very happy

Twin Flame Readings     10/21/2016     H_23     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  She helped me remove negative energy that was seeming to be following me. I can report there have been changes and all for the positive. 

Twin Flame Readings     10/19/2016     Elizabeth     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/17/2016     JoeyW1976     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/15/2016     JKalp     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     10/13/2016     Jun-dok     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/11/2016     JoeyW1976     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/11/2016     Lisalaw     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/09/2016     Elizabeth     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     10/02/2016     Celesta92     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Hellena was able to pick up on a lot of things without me giving her info about me and my situation. I just got engaged to my twin and things are moving forward so fast. I feel like I'm in a dream. Hope I don't wakeup!

Psychic Readings     09/30/2016     Meatball_1976     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     09/29/2016     TheDayAfter     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank You!!!!

Twin Flame Readings     09/27/2016     JKalp     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Just a heads up got the promotion and we're moving to Phoenix. I'll keep you posted!

Psychic Readings     09/24/2016     Celesta92     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Hellena got a lot of stuff right without me telling her to much, just a little about my relationship. She saw my relationship changing and something really specific he was going to say but in my heart I didn't believe it was going to happen. Not 2 days after that he proposed so needless to say I freaked out and called Hellena to tell her the news. As an engagement present she gave me a reading about what our future holds and told me things about my life and career no one knows but me and him. Obviously I'm more then satisfied with her services! So thank you Hellena!

Twin Flame Readings     09/20/2016     Portia777     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     09/18/2016    Blueberry Hilll     5 STARS 

Twin Flame Readings     09/16/2016     Nicole24     5 STARS  

Twin Flame Readings     09/14/2016     Overthetop333     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I can't believe it's finally come to pass! It was amazing working with you and I hope to keep in touch! Thank you for making my reunion faster. It's been a hard journey. I'm happy to be "graduated" now and in union!! Peace xo

Twin Flame Readings     09/11/2016     Jenny_F     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     09/09/2016     Jenny_F     5 STARS

Missing Persons     09/06/2016     Mikaela     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks for being willing to work with the others we hired and our local police. I feel you hit on several key points and without that information, we wouldn't have been able to locate him as fast as we did. I hope you're right on about what's to come. Can't thank you enough!

Psychic Readings     09/03/2016     Cecil Burke     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     08/29/2016     Overthetop333     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     08/28/2016     TwinFlame11:1    5 STARS

Psychic Readings     08/26/2016     Stoney     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you!

Twin Flame Readings     08/22/2016     Emily G.     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     08/19/2016     Vikingrulz11     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     08/15/2016     H_23     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     08/14/2016     H_23     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     08/12/2016     H_23     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     08/07/2016     Oleander     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     08/02/2016     Michael66     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     07/27/2016     Eric V.     5 STARS

Psychic Mediums     07/23/2016     Jill106     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     07/20/2016     OverTheTop     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Since we last spoke things are going well between us. No fights to speak of. He's being calmer too. I'm so relieved. Thank you for your guidance. 

Twin Flame Readings     07/19/2016     JIll106     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  He called like you said he would but I made a mistake and answered him right away. I think I got over excited. I think I need another reading to fix this. I should have followed your advice and done what you said. 

Psychic Mediums     07/17/2016     Morrie     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     07/14/2016     M. Overton     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Just a quick note to say you were right because what you said really resonated well with me. The timeline you gave me came to pass in just 4 days. I truly appreciate all your help.

Twin Flame Readings     07/12/2016     Pastafreak     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     07/09/2016     Tushpush_32     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thank you for the reading. 

Twin Flame Readings     07/02/2016     Nicole24     5 STARS

Psychic Mediums     06/28/2016     Retroactive     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     06/25/2016     MelanieG     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thanks again, things are really improving. Thanks to your advise. 

Twin Flame Readings     06/21/2016     Steve-o     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     06/172016     Melissa11     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     06/17/2016     Sarah94     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thank you!!

Love & Relationships     06/14/2016     Meatball_1976     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I've been seeing tons of syncs lately and I didn't realize seeing all these really meant I was needing to get myself on the right path, the right direction. This whole time I was seeing and experiencing these signs I was assuming, apparently totally incorrectly, that these were some sort of confirmation that I was on the right path. Helena took some extra time with me to explain how to correctly read them. I followed what she told me and now everything's falling into place. Lucky I learned this all when I did, no more wasted time! All's falling right into place perfectly!

Twin Flame Readings     06/07/2016     Nicole24     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     06/03/2016     Nicole24     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     05/26/2016     Tommyknockers     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thank you Helena for being honest with me. Since our reading most of what you said would come to pass did happen. I'll be looking forward to our next appointment.

Twin Flame Readings     06/11/2016     Darknight74     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  It occurred to me I've had countless readings with you but never left a review. Here's one you can add to your site because you've helped me so much throughout the past months. Well, everything you told me about him was accurate and he said the exact words you used, word for word. I had no idea he was really feeling this way. Because of what you'd told me, I knew exactly how to respond to him. I feel like we're really on a good path now. Thank Neal for me too. :)

Psychic Readings     06/05/2016     Tushpush_32     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     06/02/2016     Retroactive     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you sooo sooo much!! This is gonna sound crazy but then again maybe not. I tested that secret manifestation trick you taught me and the next day I got my period. It's been 3 years since I got it and I can't believe it happened. I made an appointment to see my OBGYN and you were so right. We have a chance! So thank you. It's like a dream.

Twin Flame Readings     05/29/2016     Pastafreak     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     05/26/2016     Karma_22overload     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Hey Helena just wanted to let you know things turned around for me over the last few days since my reading. We'd had a bad fight over the same stuff I mentioned to you. I remembered what you advised and I followed your advise to the letter, and I'm thrilled to report that he has totally changed his behavior. Now he's texting me more regularly over the course of the day, setting aside time for us to spend alone time and he even asked if I'd go with him to visit his family in Denmark. Feels like the relationship has taken a turn for serious commitment. I can't thank you enough!


Love & Relationships     05/22/2016     MelanieG     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     05/16/2016     Jenni1993     5 STARS

Psychic Readings     05/12/2016     Jenni1993     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     05/07/2016     Celestialawakening     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you again Helena this time the predictions you made came to pass within the timeline you said they would. I am getting better at manifesting using the writing process. I called him back on the same day we talked and he came through just like you said he would. Can't thank you enough!

Love & Relationships     04/26/2016     MelanieG     5 STARS

Twin Flame Readings     04/17/2016     Celestialawakening     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you Helena because I appreciate your insight. Just wanted to confirm for you that you were right on about the date he was calling. He called on the day you predicted and I followed your advice, didn't answer right away. I used the manifestation candle you suggested for meditation and he did ask me for the weekend just like you said he would. All your predictions came true so I'll be calling back. Thank you.

Psychic Mediums     04/11/2016     Carmen     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thanks for working me in on short notice!

Love & Relationships     04/08/2016     Blueberry Hill     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks for your help and advice on my situation. I'll be sure to stay on track. !!

Love & Relationships     04/06/2016     Carmen     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thanks for getting me in on short notice! I have to say this was the most uplifting reading I've ever had. I needed this reassurance like you wouldn't believe. You're a lifesaver!

Psychic Mediums     04/01/2016     Eric V.     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks for spending extra time, I want you to know you really helped me. Hope you'll get this note. 

Love & Relationships     03/29/2016     Johanna     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     03/26/2016     888overit     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  This was my first reading with Helena. She was able to pick up on stuff I didn't tell her about. Her manager receptionist lady was super helpful too. Than you.

Love & Relationships     03/15/2016     Silenceunderthesun     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     03/13/2016     Twin_Jenni     5 STARS

Psychic Mediums     02/27/2016     Johanna     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     02/21/2016    MelanieFord     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks a million Helena

Psychic Mediums     02/20/2016     Ericsunder     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  This was my first try with a psychic so I didn't now what to expect. My girlfriend recommended we go together. Helena saw stuff about us both no one else would have known unless we'd told her. I know my girlfriend didn't tell her anything. I'm usually skeptical but this was a legit psychic experience. I totally want to do this again soon!

Love & Relationships     02/19/2016     Candy*11     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks again!

Love & Relationships     02/15/2016     Candy*11     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena is the only reader I trust anymore. I was lead down the wrong path by so much bad information. Her predictions are accurate but she did something for me. She restored my faith.

Love & Relationships     02/12/2016     CTmama     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  My 1st time with Helena. I wanted to wait until her predictions came to pass before I left a review. She read my energy and used numbers and cards during the reading. I liked how she came up with names of people I know and was accurate about it. She predicted I'd get a call from someone specific I didn't tell her about, and a few days later it came true! I don't know how she knew about him. She also told me out of the blue to say something very specific to a certain person I hadn't mentioned yet and her advice worked. I'll definitely be back!

Psychic Mediums     02/10/2016     Circles_OnBlack     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     02/06/2016     Emily1011     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you again! Ever since our first reading I got on track and everything is happening so fast. Thank you!!

Love & Relationships     01/22/2016     Sanj77     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     01/20/2016     Courtney_Lynn     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Hi Helena thanks for everything!!! You were right about him reaching out to me first. I woke up to a text from him what do I say back? 

Love & Relationships    01/17/2016     Emily1011     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I rarely leave reviews on anything but this is definitely one of those times that someone actually deserves mine. I've been reading with Helena Roman, LRMT weekly for the past 3 months for a total of 12 Twin Flame readings. During our first reading and each reading thereafter, I wrote down the timeline she gave me along with her predictions. One by one, I checked them off as they happened just as she said they would. I am now looking at a paper with 38 check marks! Helena is absolutely the real deal and I'm hoping her agent will post this on her website, as I cannot recommend her highly enough. I've read with many psychics and Twin Flame coaches who claimed they could help me but Helena has been a miracle worker and her advice and predictions have never failed me. I also recommend her to anyone in need of coaching. Helena's coaching techniques have helped me quickly and painlessly reunite with my Twin Flame. 

Love & Relationships     01/14/2016     Sanj77     5 STARS

Psychic Mediums     01/11/2016     Platinum     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena helped me realize I just needed to learn manifesting and so far I manifested a new job and found a better reliable car I could afford both within two weeks of classes with Helena so I'm very happy. I also followed her advice on how to manifest lotto winnings and she was right because out of the twenty scratch off's I bought for only one dollar each I had five winners and more than tripled my money I invested so I know she's really psychic and I'm very happy. 

Love & Relationships     01/11/2016     Angels_Healing     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  It's me, Marci, I took your twin flame manifestation webinar. I established a new account on your site so I can enter your contests and get more readings. As a fellow twin flame coach I have to say thank you for all your advice about starting my business. Now that I'm in union I'm excited to start coaching and helping others.  I feel this is part of my calling and my mission with my twin is to stop global warming. We're working on branding a new line of eco-friendly products for the home. You've helped me so much! As soon as our line is ready, I'd love to take you up on your offer to list our products on your site! Helena, you've really changed our lives. I don't know how I can ever thank you enough except to submit this review. 

Love & Relationships     01/09/2016     Sohappy     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks Helena!

Love & Relationships     01/04/2016     Sohappy     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank u Helena! 

Psychic Mediums     12/31/2015     Portia777     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     12/29/2015     TwinFlameGemini11:11     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thanks!

MESSAGE:  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to submit a review. You've read for me for the past seven months several times a week so I should have done this sooner but my schedule is just so busy. Thanks for all your help. If it weren't for your help I'd still be struggling with Mike. I feel like it's your energy that brought us back together, that you had something to do with the fact things are going as well as they are now. You say it's all me and my gifts coming in but I know I'd still be stuck in a bad place if it wasn't for your help. You've also been right about everything so far, including what I needed to change in order to make it to full union. Now that I'm here, I feel it's all because of you. Thank you so much. I don't know where I'd be without all your help and support. ((Hugs!!))

Love & Relationships     12/13/2015     Gravity_`111     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     12/05/2015     Socrates_Above_1977     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  This was the first time I actually got a timeline from a psychic reading that was accurate! I'll admit being a cautious skeptic when it comes to things like this because I've been disappointed in the past. I've heard many things from many psychics but this was by far the most amazing. The call arrived on THE DAY Helena predicted. Her words were "It feels like there will be a shift within the next 8 days but I keep getting a number 3. I feel like it will be 3 days from right now you'll get a call or he will reach out in some way and the shift will begin and be in full swing by day 8. When you add 8 and 3 you get the Numerology sign 11 so I know this is accurate information." Boy was she ever accurate! On day 3 the call arrived, by day 8 our relationship was reconnected and there is a major shift happening in our relationship! I'm speechless and amazed. I can't thank her enough!

Psychic Mediums     11/26/2015     Portia777     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thanks!

Love & Relationships     11/17/2015     Samantha Black     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thank you!

Love & Relationships     11/09/2015     Gravity_111     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I never leave reviews but I've been using psychics off and on for about a year, you're the most accurate so far. I tried your ritual you suggested and within 2 hours he texted! I don't know if it was your magic on your end or if it was just luck but down to the hour you predicted is pretty damn amazing! You said something about manifestation so I think that's what I did. 

Love & Relationships     11/03/2015     Angelhealing     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Really accurate, excellent and No sugar-coating! Didn't just say what she knew I wanted to hear. Helena really gets into people's thoughts and can tell you exactly what you need to do to get what you want. 

Love & Relationships     10/30/2015     Jill106     5 STARS    

MESSAGE:  Very accurate. Didn't tell me what i wanted to hear but very good.

Love & Relationships     10/19/2015     TheDayAfter     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  If I had only listened to you! You told me the exact date he would call and he called exactly when you said he would. I wish I'd taken your advice. If I had listened to you instead of listening to my gut instincts, I'd be with him right now. He even confirmed that by telling me, "If you hadn't done that, I'd probably still be interested in you." I wish I had listened like before! I'll definitely be calling for for every major decision from now on. -Monica

Psychic Mediums     10/18/2015     Member914477     5 STARS

Love & Relationships     10/18/2015     Cutiepie     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you for being very patient with me and telling me everything. I so enjoyed our conversation. You picked up on the situation quickly and knew exactly what was going on with the situation. I appreciate the insight and will definitely let you know what is going on with me. You were very quick and straight to the point. WILL BE BACK....BLESSINGS. 


Psychic Mediums     10/16/2015     Jill106     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you!


Love & Relationships     10/16/2015     Linda_64     5 STARS

MESSAGE: I'm writing this review which is long overdue. I sent it to Helena in a text message so she could add it to her site. I've been reading with Helena for more than a year, working on a relationship issue. Her predictions and timelines are frighteningly accurate. She told me word for word what my boyfriend would say, and tonight he called and used the exact words she told me he'd say during the reading. Word for word. She also predicted the date he would commit to me as "by the 16th of October" and tonight it happened at midnight on October 16th! I never believed in psychics so much as I do now with Helena. Within a few minutes of hanging up with her, the phone rang (it was him as predicted.) Thanks to Helena's advice I'm starting my new life! With him! Best reading ever! 


Psychic Mediums     10/15/2015     Sage1212     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Very positive and informative. Thank you for remembering me from a while ago! Thank you for your reading and guidance!


Love & Relationships     10/15/2015     TwinFlameLove     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you so much Helena! Breathing easier and thinking positively as well as what we discussed. I appreciate your insight and guidance beyond words, I will keep you posted. 


Psychic Mediums     10/14/2015     Lastone     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Very nice. 8 months have what I want.


Love & Relationships     10/13/2015     SRB19     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     10/09/2015     Blonde11     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Hi Helena, I will remember what you said about not letting greg into my heart . New man coming within 3 months please go for him much better man for me. Great transitions with career go for it. You will do well. Sorry had to go. I loved talking to you. Please tell me about the reiki. Thank you.


Psychic Mediums     10/05/2015     None1472     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Moving her to the top of my list! She is the real deal, quick and accurate. I will call again! A million stars to Helena.


Love & Relationships     10/05/2015     Abbyspuppies     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  It happened like you said so your prediction came true! He texted! I responded with the words the guides told you to give me to send to him. We have a date planned for next Wednesday after work. So happy and excited!! 


Love & Relationships     10/03/2015     Chris_11     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you Helena! Your predictions came to pass exactly on schedule! I'll definitely be calling back to give you an update. But then again, you're psychic so you'll probably know! Thanks ever so much! Much love and thanks, Chris


Love & Relationships     09/27/2015     Moonspice1976     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Whenever I'm confused about anything, I know I can call you for fast accurate answers. During our most recent reading you gave me a ritual and some advice that's supposed to help me attract my soul mate and it worked! I met a great guy and for once, I don't have to do all the work in the relationship. It feels so good. Your predictions came to pass when I followed your advice. Thank you for all you've taught me! I'll definitely be calling soon to give you an update!


Love & Relationships     09/25/2015     Ivy_Angel     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I've been working with Helena on dealing with my karmic soulmate husband and my long distance twin flame. As a tarot reader and medium myself, I can read others with no problem but when it comes to reading for myself, I need a little help. Helena has been here for me through all my struggles. She helped me see the differences between my 2 relationships and taught me how to handle them, especially when it comes to communication. You'd be surprised at what a difference it makes when you know what someone is thinking and feeling, and know exactly how to communicate with them. 


Psychic Mediums           09/21/2015     Shana27     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena has been helping me for many months with my relationship issues. We are working together to get through a painfully difficult separation period with my twin flame. I sometimes get off track but Helena always helps guide me back on track to make the right decisions when it comes to my relationship. If it wasn't for her advice, I'd be lost. Thank you Helena! 


Love & Relationships     09/19/2015     TwinFlameLove     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  So sorry I ran out of funds. Thank you, Helena for the information and guidance. I will complete my tasks and speak to again when I am able.


Psychic Mediums    09/14/2015     GLC4     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  You're the best!! Predictions came to past right on time! Did what you advised & he's reaching out again! It's so amazing to just lean back like you said & let him do all the work! Your advice showed me how to "inspire him" to want to reach out to me!! Thanks so much!! 


Love & Relationships     09/07/2015     CrystalHealer_11    5 STARS

MESSAGE:  So glad I called! Thx also for adjusting your schedule to fit me in! xo


Love & Relationships     08/26/2015     Portia7777     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     08/22/2015     Jenn     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Your timeline was spot on as usual. Thanks for all your help & insight!


Psychic Mediums     08/19/2015     Coral_54     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena held my family's readings for a paranormal investigation. Helena's readings are usually done by phone, but for my unique situation she made the drive to our home. Ever since a family member passed away, strange and scary things have been happening in our home, causing family members a lot of stress and worry. One family member had incidents happen outside the home as well. The readings lasted several hours each visit over a period of two days, during which time she was able to put my mind at ease regarding a possible "attachment entity." Helena took the time to explain what was happening in and around our home (and also what wans't happening.) She used several divining tools and performed a cleansing ritual and reassured us that there was nothing to fear. I would highly recommend Helena's services. Sincerely, C. R.


Love & Relationships     08/07/2015     HeavenScent1987     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Hi Helena I'm so glad we got a chance to read my cards. I will keep you posted. Thanks again. Hope to see you soon.   


Love & Relationships     08/17/2015     Basketcasetears     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Thank you!


Love & Relationships     08/06/2015     Basketcasetears     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks Helena!


Psychic Mediums     07/29/2015     Gardinablooms     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     07/05/2015     Lightfoot11     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  This was my second reading with Psychic Helena. For this reading she used energy, tarot cards and remote viewing. She used remote viewing to see someone else and confirm things I'd suspected all along. The cards and the energies showed I'm still on track and so far, all Helena's predictions have come true in the time frame she said they would. She always has great news for me. I'll definitely be calling back!


Love & Relationships     07/01/2015     Lightfoot11     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I found Helena online when I had a relationship emergency and my regular psychic wasn't available. She confirmed time frames and things my other reader said without having to give her information! So far all Helena's predictions have come true!


Love & Relationships     06/19/2015     ThreeKings     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks for all your help! 


Love & Relationships     06/03/2015     Sandy1964     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena revealed details about my situation no one could have known. I asked her if there was anything I could do to change the final outcome and she gave me specific instructions, what to say to a certain person in order to create the shift. I followed her advice exactly and it worked! Her predictions came to pass in the timeline she gave me. Thank you Helena!


Love & Relationships     05/29/2015     Someday1     5 STARS   

MESSAGE:  Thank you for your help!


Love & Relationships     05/19/2015     Member349271     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     03/30/2015     Sage1212     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Excellent reading! Psychic Helena has an incredible ability into seeing into my situation and is able to explain what is going on! I appreciate the support and guidance as well! Thank you!


Love & Relationships     02/25/2015     Healing Herald     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  It is like calling an old friend. You are so talented and have such a great vibe. Thank you so much for all your help and insights. Picked up on uncanny details again. Have a blessed day. 


Psychic Mediums     02/25/2015     Novella69     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena is incredible. She predicted I would have two job opportunities and was so specific it was kinda freaky because it all fell into place literally days later. Wow.


Love & Relationships     02/22/2015     Shermagne Marie     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     02/22/2015     TwinFlameLove     5 STARS

MESSAGE: Sorry, I did not finish was I was saying. I will contact you again soon. Thank you, Helena.


Love & Relationships  02/21/2015     Hawaii Connection 12     5 STARS



Tarot Readers     02/21/2015     Member13884682     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     02/19/2015     CindyVes21     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Great advice on how to get his attention. I ran out of minutes can you send more!


Love & Relationships     02/18/2015     Healing Herald     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Well, I was shocked and amazed by her ability. She is the real deal and is very, very talented. Her ability to pull out personality traits and details out of thing air about people is astounding. She is a true healer and psychic advisor. Thank you so much for all that you shared tonight. It was a special reading. 


Psychic Mediums     02/18/2015     Member914477     5 STARS 


Love & Relationships     02/17/2015     Sandros     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  CALL HER!!! GREAT predictions...WOW! 


Psychic Mediums     02/17/2015     Rosequartz     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I think she may be very gifted and superb but for me she was not able to proceed with divined info. She was unable to properly convey the divined info due to my talking over her and not allowing her to get one single word in, edgewise. When I call for a psychic reading, I should probably not interrupt the advisor, preventing her from doing her job in the first place. I sincerely apologize for not allowing you to speak, Helena. I promise to never do that to another advisor. [Edited by original author via email.]


Psychic Mediums     02/16/2015     Member19305618     5 STARS


Psychic Mediums     02/16/2015     Member67617361     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     02/15/2015     Girl From Ipanema     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  I stayed on waaayyy longer than intended, the info coming was just too good. Picked up someone important from past, and gave great advice about the situation at hand. Thanks so much! 


Love & Relationships     02/13/2015     Sandros     5 STARS



Love & Relationships     02/13/2015     Jasmine27     5 STARS

MESSGAE:  Thanks Helena for telling me exactly how to handle my situation. And for putting my mind at ease about him. Amazing!


Love & Relationships     02/13/2015     Member13884682     5 STARS


Psychic Mediums     02/12/2015     Ruthalicia     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thanks so much.


Love & Relationships     02/09/2015    Nicole     5 STARS 

MESSAGE:  I am so grateful to Helena for taking the time to give me an "emergency" reading on Saturday night. She was so on point with everything she said and blew my mind with her accuracy. It literally brought me to tears. Her kind words and encouragement will stick with me and keep me motivated and hopeful for what my future brings. I will be going to her as often as I can for her advice and guidance. Thank you again Helena!!! You have an amazing gift!!!!!!


Love & Relationships     02/08/2015     TwinFlameLove     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you, Helena. Sorry, I ran out of funds. I will call again when I can. I truly appreciate all of your insights and assistance with my situation.  


Psychic Mediumship     02/07/2015     JSmart45     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     02/02/2015     Be-shy-no-more     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Amazing Lady! She was able to tell me how to deal with my guy and what he wants in a relationship. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. The knowledge was invaluable cause I was able to talk to him and understand his needs along with reinforce how we matched his needs when the time came to end things. We ended being friends and I feel that he may return cause he knows that his needs were met with me.


Psychic Mediumship     02/07/2015     Member14818703     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     02/03/2015     Traveleena     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     02/01/2015     Patty-Cakez     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you for your insight! I highly recommend Helena! She picked up on my reading very fast! I'll definitely call her back after my updates! Once again thank you so much Helena! 


Love & Relationships     02/01/2015     Member326311     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     02/01/2015     Yogi15     5 STARS


Love & Relationships     01/24/2015     TwinFlameLove     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you, Helena! Very informative reading and so very helpful to my situation. I feel a lot better than before I spoke with you and will keep you posted on all that we discussed. Again, THANK YOU!!! 


Love & Relationships     01/21/2015     Danceswithwolves76     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you. I'm lucky to have you in my corner :) 


Love & Relationships     01/18/2015     AKLilacs     5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Really like Helena's insight. She is so helpful. I appreciate all your help.


Love & Relationships     01/15/2015     Danceswithwolves76     1 STARS (Corrected To 5 Stars)


Dream Interpretation      01/13/2015     Sandos          5 STARS

MESSAGE:  CALL HER! She is amazing.


Love & Relationships      01/07/2015     Lubov1111    5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Fantastic reading and connection! Master Helena was able to see into my situation and explain why things are the way they are. She also provides guidance and assistance to what needs to be done. Unfortunately I ran out of funds. I would have wanted to hear what else I need to do. 


Love & Relationships      01/07/2015     Lubov1111    5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you for your insight into my situation. A very good reading! 


Love & Relationships      12/25/2014     TwinFlameLove    5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Sorry, I will have to call you back tomorrow if you are available as I ran out of funds. Would like to talk more. Thank you so much! 


Love & Relationships      12/06/2014     SANDI    5 STARS 

MESSAGE:  Thank you. 


Love & Relationships      11/02/2014     D.B.    5 STARS


Love & Relationships      10/17/2014     MEMBER3826    5 STARS   

MESSAGE:  Amazing truly care thank you. 


Dream Interpretation       11/07/2014     ROBYN    5 STARS


Love & Relationships      11/02/2014     MEMBER3826    5 STARS       

MESSAGE:  Accurate read. Good advice how to handle a situation.  


Love & Relationships      11/1/2014      D.B.    5 STARS   

MESSAGE:  Loved her felt a strong connection right away she read my situation with total accuracy very cring very honest very helpful THANK YOU Helena.


Love & Relationships      10/27/2014   MEMBER4862     5 STARS


Love & Relationships      10/18/2014   COURTNEY   5 STARS


Love & Relationships      10/16/2014   COURTNEY   5 STARS


Love & Relationships      5/23/2014     S.K.W.    5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Thank you Helena, I hope nothing has changed like you said.


Love & Relationships     1/22/2014     MEMBER5723    5 STARS


Love & Relationships    1/19/2014      A.L.    5 STARS

MESSAGE:  Helena picked up on the energy around me without having to give any information.