Preferring personable individuality I'm a human being, not a sales "brand." I don't purchase ADVERTORIALS  or  "AS SEEN IN" LOGOS. I don't purchase SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEWS nor fake YouTube or Vimeo video TESTIMONIALS from individuals on Fiverr. I do not buy pretend MEDIA MENTIONS. Please don't ask.

In the interest of total transparency, I'd like to respond to something. You may have seen a recent online notice from a scam reporting site about me. Initially I was hurt to discover that someone thought such awful things having not first contacted me to discuss their dissatisfaction.

After probing further, I learned this site is itself a scam. It will not allow me to type a response to the "review" to help the customer, but rather offered to take it down if I pay $500. Another site mirror copied this in a similar way and their price is $2,500. Of course there is no guarantee they'll remove it, or not post another after I pay the blackmail. But I'm relieved to know that it isn't a real dissatisfied client or possibly a competitor again, as it referred to details that don't make sense.

I've been helping people through this site for many years, always doing my best for you, and have a remarkable track record of accuracy and connection. But I am not always perfect. Though there may be a rare client not completely thrilled with their session I'll always respond and try to make things right, so if for any reason you're unhappy it's my hope you'll come to me so I can do exactly that. I'm as genuine as the vast majority of my reviews will attest. Please do not be influenced by that scam of a site.

Prior to this I'd never advertised, preferring those who'd benefit from what I offer find me organically. I understand most don't bother to write reviews but I'm asking that if you enjoy your experience, please consider leaving me yours at any of the 3 reputable review sites listed below. 
I feel it's my responsibility your experience with my staff and site which are reflections of me, is no less than stellar. In the interest of ensuring your complete satisfaction I offer a free consultation prior to your appointment purchase. If afterward you feel we're a good fit and are confident in my ability to help you, then you're welcome to proceed with your purchase.
When sessions were far shorter, I had repeat clients who left positive repeat reviews which often came from the networks. Those have been archived (finally!) in an accessible document linked at the bottom of this page.

From Our Online Local Listing


Michelle Gomez  Everything she told me has come true. Very legit reading and she’s so very sweet. You’ll feel her kind energy as much as she’ll feel your. Highly recommend.

     Response from the owner  Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your sweet words! They mean so much to me. ♡ Blessings ♡

Ra Ka  Hands down, THE BEST, most COMPASSIONATE, yet STRAIGHTFORWARD psychic advisor I have spoken to!
Thank you Helena for your TIME

Dereck Schmidt  I used to not believe in psychics. During a stressful time I decided to look into mediums for some help. Helena's no-nonsense attitude about telling me the truth is what I appreciate most. The fact she's been freakishly accurate is what keeps me coming back. On several occasions she's told me things I didn't believe were true then a short time later I find out she was right! I don't dare make an important decision without her guidance. Her ability is uncanny., especially in regard to twin flame soulmate stuff. I'm a happy customer.

Jennifer Straub  Super session !!

Sugar Cookie  Described my situation without having to be told any information.

     Response from the owner  Thank you. I know you'll be with your love and he will commit to you properly before the end of the year. :)

From Our Online Yelp

Beverly G. 11/10/2020  Helena is the best one out there yet! I would recommend her to anyone who wants life and spiritual coaching. I chose to follow her advices and I am in a happy place right now. She has this calming and soothing effect on me, and I couldn't asked for anyone better. I had a few sessions with her and every single one has been outstanding!

Tom S. 3/28/2019  I contacted her about a relationship issue and was blown away by her accuracy. When things transpired as she said they would, I followed the advice she'd given me. I couldn't be happier.

A Few Examples of Messages of Gratitude

Michelle M, February 11, 2020
"Helena, I wanted to drop you a note to update you and THANK YOU for the reading you did for me a few months ago. just wanted to close the loop to let you know how incredibly useful your reading was. I read my notes from it. I'm on the right path! I will let you know when I meet my intended!! BIG THANK YOU for sharing your intutitive gift!"
J.S.  December 8, 2019
"Very interesting with the flash of vision you had seen of me. I Appreciate YOU Helena for EVERYTHING & overall."
Maria K.  July 18, 2019
"Thank you so much!"

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