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Our new "isolation" stuck at home offer...

At Checkout All Regularly Priced Sessions Will Automatically Discount To 39% OFF Your Order Through April 15th. We just extended this offer as of April 17th to continue on through April 30th 2020. You're welcome. :)

NOTE FROM HELENA:  Yep, we rarely ever have discounts other than our Referral Offer (see below) as you know because I'm usually booked out in advance however, with everyone stuck at home, we've received more than a few requests for this discount. I've also noticed the need for spiritual guidance & advice on the subjects I specialize in has ramped way up recently so here you go...you're welcome. :)

Please keep in mind that due to high demand, this is a one-time use per person code and we're trying to get everyone scheduled in as soon as possible with everything going on. So, if you're finding yourself stuck at home wishing for some love & relationships / Twin Flame guidance, here you go. This code becomes active on April 3rd and expires on April 14th. We wish you many blessings. xo

Referral Offer:

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UPDATE: We no longer offer referral credit discount codes! We now make it more simple and even nicer for you by giving you free a 15 minute session when you refer a friend who makes a purchase of a 30 minute or longer session! So, if your friend purchases a session make sure they let us know that it was you who referred them so you get your freebee!



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12/23/2014 - Facebook Holiday Giveaway Winners:

Polly Anderson

Christine Wanker

Marla Gish

04/15/2015 - Spring Facebook Giveaway Winners:

Marlene Sanchez

Tristan Blacksmith

Richard Grimes

06/17/2015 - Summer Drawing Giveaway Winners:

Valerie Conner

Nina Livingston

Marcia McDonnald

Louis Perez

Michelle St. James

Lisa O'Donnell 

10/24/2015 - Trivia Contest - Michele Meader

10/24/2015 - Giveaway - Robyn F.

10/31/2015 - Giveaway - Kara Vicalvi

11/11/2015 - Giveaway - Kim Le

12/07/2015 - Giveaway - Nina Devon

12/09/2015 - Giveaway - Justin Walsh

12/22/2015 - Giveaway - Donna Bowman

12/24/3015 - Giveaway - Louisa Law

12/31/2015 - Giveaway - Darren Reznik

02/14/2016 - Valentine's Day Giveaway - Gillian Lake 

03/01/2016 - Terri Wilson - Anniversary Giveaway

03/01/2016 - Angie Kitts Miller - Anniversary Giveaway 

03/01/2016 - Kris Richard - Anniversary Giveaway

03/01/2016 - Rachael Bernadette - Anniversary Giveaway

04/15/2015 - Dawn Krueger - Twin Flame Giveaway

11/21/2017 - Name withheld for privacy - $25.00 Gift Certificate & Home Kit

11/21/2017 - Name withheld for privacy - $25.00 Gift Certificate 




Contest disclaimer: Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enter and to win. Limit: one winner and one prize package per drawing. Gift certificates and gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. Prizes, gift cards and gift certificates must be redeemed within twelve (12) months of receipt.