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Get To Know Helena

Helena has assisted thousands across the world in reaching their goals and has been featured on top networks such as Keen and the AN Network where her nickname originates. Now, Helena offers relationship coaching and spiritual guidance to the public which can be scheduled through this website.

If you're seeking someone who will just tell you what you want to hear, Helena is not the choice for you.

Official Biography 

With assisting others in her DNA, Helena is an adviser and writer, and is intuitively gifted. On her paternal side, Helena is the 48 year-old granddaughter of Mamie G. Johnson, a schoolteacher and is the niece of Miss Elizabeth Johnson, also a schoolteacher for whom the garden memorial was created for the wonderful work she did for the Bethesda School in Georgia between 1917 and the early 1940's. Helena grew up as the middle child of her parents who were two beautiful ideal soul matches, married for 32 years. On her maternal side, her mother is a retired professor and schoolteacher. Helena has one brother, one sister and she also has a young daughter. Helena was born in Atlanta, Georgia and spent much of her childhood in the southern United States. Due to her passion for culture she has lived in many other parts of the world including Dubai, UAE. Helena now resides with her beloved, "Neal" which is a pseudonym to protect his identity, in the suburbs of New England. However, our Florida number which is also able to receive text messages will remain the same for your convenience. 

Helena has intuitive gifts stemming from her maternal side. Helena simply refers to this as being "empathic," but this basically means that she sometimes senses things that others do not. While other women in her family have enjoyed spiritual gifts, Helena is the first in her family to engage in her abilities.

Following a near-death experience, her abilities manifested. After a successful career in more traditional relationship coaching she began working full time for the AN Networks through COS specializing in the areas of love and relationships and was given the title on their site, "Master Elite."

Helena eventually decided to leave the networks due to the disagreement when her supervisors decided to increase her rate, to embark on her independent path, taking a break from the networks and work in general.

In October of 2015 this website was born of her desire to assist others, naming it after the dying plant she'd found and gave to her beloved to bring back to life which still thrives in their garden today.

Helena's Knowledge & Experience:

  • Love & Relationships
  • Knows about: Chakra, Reiki, Esoteric Energies
  • Understands: Law of Attraction and Manifestation
  • Interpretation of: Synchronicity, Dreams and Numerology
  • Enjoys using oracles such as Tarot 
  • Master Elite, AN Network
    Scheduling Your Appointment:

    Scheduling your session with Helena is simple, confidential and convenient. Helena is available for private sessions exclusively by voice platform. For international clients, Skype is available. Voice sessions are equally as accurate and meaningful as in-person.

    Read Me Page 1 details Helena's process and appointments. 

    Read Me Page 2 details how to prepare for your appointment.

    Session Hours
    We do our best to accommodate your schedule. Helena's clients are located all over the world so sessions are conducted by appointment at various hours of the day and night. To keep things simple on our end we schedule based on our time zone (EST/EDT)
    You may connect with Helena's official Facebook page 
    Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., EST/EDT
    Saturday & Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., EST/EDT
    Call or Text:  941.405.7087 (mobile)
    Call Toll-Free:  888.850.0885
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