IMPORTANT TO PLEASE NOTE: We are not a psychic shop, doctor's office, mental health facility or "fortune teller." This is the personal homepage for Helena who offers metaphysical, intuitive, spiritual & coaching services. Blessings xo



Helena has assisted thousands across the world in reaching their goals. Helena has been featured on top clairvoyant networks and counseling services such as Ask Now, Keen and others.

While some prefer to enjoy regular sessions addressing various aspects of their situation, Helena is a bit different than most in her field. She is often able to "graduate" her clients after only one or two sessions because anything that needs to be revealed during your session always will be. To ensure this is the case for you too, please take excellent notes during your appointment. Appointments used to be much shorter but to make it so that clients could get what they needed in one or two sessions versus having to schedule multiple sessions, the appointments have been since adjusted to the time increments available on the Shop Sessions page.

If you're looking for someone who simply validates what they think you want to hear, Helena isn't the right choice for you. With her compassionate style, Helena uses only the most accurate methods with focused guidance and counseling to help you achieve your goals.


With teaching and assisting others in her DNA, Helena is an internationally acclaimed medium, lecturer, spiritual counselor and author. On her paternal side, Helena is the great-granddaughter of Mamie G. Johnson, a schoolteacher and great niece of Miss Elizabeth Johnson, also a schoolteacher for whom the garden memorial was created for the wonderful work she did in Georgia between 1917 and the early 1940's. Helena grew up as the middle child of a her parents who were two beautiful ideal soul matches and married 32 years. On her maternal side, her mother is also a professor and schoolteacher. Helena has one brother, one sister and she also has a young daughter. Helena was born in Atlanta, Georgia and spent much of her childhood in the southern United States. Much of her family still resides in the south where she often spends time. Due to her passion for culture she has lived in many other parts of the world including Dubai, UAE. Helena now resides in Union with her Twin Flame in the suburbs of Western Massachusetts. However, our Florida number which is also able to receive text messages and voicemail will remain the same for your convenience. 

Helena is a 4th generation clairvoyant on her maternal side. While other women in her family have enjoyed these spiritual gifts, Helena is the first in her family to engage in her abilities as a part of her profession. Following a near-death experience at the age of two years, her abilities manifested when she was a young child and, after a successful career in more traditional spiritual relationship coaching she began working full time for Spirit Now and the AN Network through COS in the year 2012 and was offered the title on their site, "Master Elite." In the year 2014 Helena decided to leave the networks due to the briefly publicized disagreement regarding their rate increase which Helena felt were too high. At that time, that rate was increased by the company to $14.99/per minute to connect with Helena as Master Elite. Helena felt that while she felt strong in her capabilities and was flattered that the network felt her expertise was valuable, she felt that only celebrities and people of certain means could afford such a high rate. "We are supposed to be helping people. Excellent help should not be so expensive. Everyone deserves happiness, and you shouldn't have to pay fifteen dollars a minute to get there," were her words to her supervisors. She made the decision to leave and embarked on her independent path and created this website, and since that time, Helena has conducted thousands of sessions, assisting people all around the world.

 Helena is a personal and spiritual coach, an ordained minister through ULC, Seattle, and is a certified Reiki Master and instructor through ISR Bath, UK. (Please note that Helena no longer sells Reiki services. Distance Reiki is sent at no additional charge post-session at the clients' request.) Helena also assists the International Twin Flame Association (ITFA) Helena is also lead investigator for Psychic Reading Radio. Helena offers her services free of charge to government and law enforcement agencies, and on a case-by-case basis for missing and exploited persons and animals.

Sessions are offered to the public which can be purchased through this website. 

Helena's Credentials & Knowledge Are Power On Your Side!

  • Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience
  • Spiritual Guides & Universal Synchronicity Messages 11:11
  • Twin Flame, Soulmate and Soul Connection Typing & Coaching
  • Numerology, Astrology & Remote Viewing
  • Personal & Relationship Coaching
  • Energy, Chakra & Telepathic Soul Connections
  • Manifestation / Law of Attraction & Rituals
  • Tools of Divinity: The Rider-Waite Tarot, Celtic Runes, Crystals, Copper Dowsing Rods, Crystals, Candles
  • Reiki, ISRP, Bath, UK (LRMT: Level III Reiki Master Teacher)
  • Ordained Minister, ULC, Seattle, WA
  • Voted Master Elite, AN Network, 2011-1014
  • Host, Psychic Reading Radio, 2015-2017
    Helena is pleased to offer the following Soulmate and Twin Flame Union Ceremony Services. Please inquire directly.
    • Wedding & Event Planning Services
    • Ceremony Officiant
    • Vow Creation / Authorship & Contributions
    • Ceremony & Bridal Attire Services

    Scheduling your session with Helena is simple, confidential and convenient. Helena is available for private spiritual sessions exclusively by voice platform. For international clients, Skype is also available. Voice sessions are equally as accurate and meaningful as in-person. Please see our Read Me 1 Page for full details and our Read Me 2 Page for session preparation. These can be accessed from our drop down menu in the top corner and there are also links to these pages, just below.


    Read Me Page 1: FAQ & Information About Our Processes: 

    Read Me Page 2: How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Session:


    Session Hours:
    We do our best to accommodate your schedule. Helena's clients are located all over the world so sessions are conducted by appointment at various hours of the day and night. While we accommodate your schedule and timing needs, to keep things simple on our end we schedule based on our time zone (EST/EDT)
    Customer Service Phone Hours:
    Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., EST/EDT
    Saturday & Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., EST/EDT
    Phone:  (888) 850-0885 or (941) 405-7087
    Skype: Our Skype user name is Helena Roman