A Personal Message From Helena:

Namaste and thank you for your purchase of your session and for your ongoing confidence in me as your friend, adviser, teacher and coach. I strive to be able to "graduate" you as quickly as possible which is usually after only one or two sessions, so let's make the most out of the time we have together. This set of instructions to help you do exactly that. I look forward to working with you! Many Blessings, Helena xo


OUR COVID-19 NOTICE:  Please see our Read Me 1 Page for full details. Currently all sessions are being conducted as usual via phone or Skype calls. Our thoughts & prayers are with you now. We may need to reschedule your appointment to a sooner or later time due to the current state of affairs. If you need to reschedule your appointment due to illness please contact us via email at to reschedule. Thank you!



Once you've made your online purchase you'll immediately receive your confirmation receipt and order number. A copy will also be conveniently emailed to you. You will shortly thereafter receive an email from my agent and manager, Sandra Staplefeld, who will assist you through the easy scheduling process.



Sessions are conducted at all different times to accommodate various schedules all over the globe, however we have specific office hours that we answer our phone for inquiries. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, EST/EDT. Please call during the above stated times. Email is the easiest method and our email address is as follows:



METHOD OF SESSION:  At scheduling, please let us know your preferred method. Please keep in mind that it's the clients' responsibility to call in or arrive at the scheduled appointment time and that in order to conserve our clients' privacy, we will never call you without prior permission. Please note that Helena is sick right now and is therefore unable to continue sending the complimentary Reiki any longer due to health constraints. Sessions will continue as normal via voice platform. Thank you.

Please Note Regarding In Person Sessions:  While we used to meet with clients in person, most sessions are at this point in time, conducted via phone. If you prefer to meet in person please make sure that you inquire first prior to purchasing your session. At this point in time, we no longer have the office locations in Springfield, MA and in person sessions and consultations are now typically conducted in Longmeadow, MA and Enfield, CT. 

For Voice (Recommended): Our direct number is (941) 405-7087 or toll-free (888) 850-0885. Since both numbers route here, you may use either one. The toll-free number is usually free to dial in most areas. (Please check with your carrier if it is free for you to dial.) If it isn't free for you to dial then you will use the free Skype voice option below.  

For Skype Voice (Recommended For International Clients Outside Our Toll-Free Number Coverage Area): Please check with your carrier if our toll-free number will be free for you to dial. If not, then we recommend the Skype option. Skype is a free app through which people can place voice calls. Please use the voice option, not video. Our Skype name is Helena Roman. Please add us to your Skype contacts before your session so that it's easy for you to call in at your scheduled time. 

SELECTING YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME:  Because we have clients located all over, we offer appointments to suit your scheduling needs. You'll let us know what general times and days typically work best for you. To keep things simple we schedule based on the EST/EDT Time Zone. Here is the easiest way to check what time it is where we are: 

CONFIRMATION: Once you have selected your method and appointment date and time, your appointment is considered CONFIRMED. Please remember that t's your responsibility to call or arrive at your scheduled appointment time. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please see below.



Please mark your calendar now as we do not send out reminders and we wouldn't want you to miss your appointment. If you must reschedule please give us at least 3 days notice because there are others who would enjoy receiving a sooner opening if one becomes available. We can reschedule your appointment as much as needed provided that you contact us within 3 days of your appointment to do so. Rescheduling is easy and only takes a moment. Failure to reschedule prior to your appointment and simply not calling in or not showing up results in a "no-show." A no show means that you never contacted us to reschedule and you simply didn't call in or show up. Please understand that we do not reschedule no call / no show appointments without exception. Thank you for your understanding. 



We understand that schedules can get busy. We go to lengths to be on time and be prepared for you. If you arrive or call in more than a few minutes late, this may cause you to lose time in your session. You don't need to be early, just be reasonably on time. If your appointment begins at say, 2:00 PM it's okay to call in at exactly 2:00 PM. We will be here waiting for you. 



Preparing for your session is easy. If calling in, other than being in an area of good reception free of noisy distractions and having something to take notes with and being on time, there's not much you need to do on your part to prepare. Here is the list of suggestions that will help you get the most from your session.

1. Paper & something to write with in order to take good notes - It's important to take excellent notes during session so that you can revisit the information at a later time. Since recording of sessions isn't allowed due to the laws, we recommend taking good written notes which is extremely easy to do. This is especially helpful if you're receiving instructions regarding turning your love life around, interpreting signs and synchronicity and taking notes about your life path. You'll be told, "please write this part down." 

2. Be in a safe, comfortable area of excellent reception free of distractions and excess background noise - If calling in, it's recommended to be in a comfortable location where you feel safe that is absent of any distractions or excessive background noise. The use of cellular phones with with regard to reception or wifi can greatly impact your experience so it's recommended to check and ensure your reception before your appointment. If you're having your appointment in a noisy grocery store with screaming children present for example, it's not going to be very easy to speak candidly, listen to the information you're being given and take good notes, is it? If you must be out of the home during a call-in session due to privacy, many like to sit in a quiet park area, a library, Starbucks, or anywhere that works for you. We've even had some call in from their car because it was comfy and quiet for them. We don't mind, as long as you're safe and comfortable.

3. We also look into the Numerology for you - Having the dates of birth for yourself and / or of the people you want to look into (if it's available) is always helpful regarding your Numerology, Life Path and Soul Path. While it's not required, it's nice for you to have the Numerology aspect included into your session. 

4. You do not need to send anything before your session - It is not necessary to send anything before your appointment. I realize that many people like me will actually request these things prior to appointments however I do not require them. If you have photos or something that you really feel you want to share, I don't mind and you're welcome to do so during session, it's just not required.

5. If you also want to receive Reiki - I still send Distance Reiki upon request at no additional charge after our session ends, so if this is something you'd like to request please feel free to do so. I've found that my clients who enjoy relaxing with meditation particularly enjoy this. I send in the evenings. Please let me know if you'd like to be added. There is also a blog post in the Free Advice Blog section with instructions on how to receive your Reiki. 

6. Please add us to your contacts and mark your calendar for your upcoming appointment BEFORE your session begins - It is best to add us before your appointment and mark your calendar for your appointment as this will help you be on time and not miss your session. For your reference, our contact information is available on both Read Me Pages, our social media pages, various places on this website and also in your confirmation email which contains the instructions for you to call in at your scheduled appointment time. Please save your final appointment confirmation email as it contains all your instructions for your appointment including all of our contact information. All of our contact information is also available at the bottom of this page.

7. Don't worry about yourself - Sometimes people worry that because they have had a tough day, maybe their energy is low or that they might hear bad news. Please remember that my job is to help you as a spiritual counselor and coach. That means offering you clarity, guiding you toward the direction of happiness, helping you achieve that fulfillment you deserve, and putting a smile on your face. Having your session on a day that you're feeling particularly low is actually the perfect time. As a matter of fact, I often hear things like, "I'm so glad my appointment was today because now I know how to handle [whatever needed handling] and I feel so much better now." There is also no specific date or time that is more or less positive for a session to take place.

8. Don't be afraid of what you might hear or learn - I hear people say things like, "I'm scared of hearing any bad news. I'm scared I've been wasting time on the wrong path. I'm scared something or someone is somehow blocking me. I'm scared I'll never get the situation or relationship that I really want. I'm confused because I'm experiencing a connection that I can't even put into words. I feel bogged down as though I've been cursed or something. I keep seeing synchronicity and signs or I'm having vivid dreams but I'm not sure that I quite understand what they all mean. I know what I desire, I just don't know how to get there." Don't worry, these are all normal feelings and this is a safe, non-judgmental space. I've even heard things like, "Help! I'm pretty sure there's a spirit in my house." During your session it's my objective to help you to gain clarity and understanding about what you're experiencing, why you're experiencing it and additionally, assist you in finding and/or traveling your correct path. In other words, to help you to become your best self and experience your best life to the fullest potential to the benefit of your highest good, as well as regarding those around you. If we see something on your path that brings a question to your mind, it's okay to ask for clarity. You can also expect to receive advice and learn techniques that you can begin using right away in order to help bring your desires to fruition. So, don't be afraid of what you might hear or learn because we take that and use it to your advantage for your highest good.


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


PHONE: Toll-free: (888) 850-0885 Or (941) 405-7087 

SKYPE: User Name - Helena Roman