Thank you for your confidence in me! I'm looking forward to assisting you! This page has been created to answer all of your questions. Should you have any other questions please feel free to contact us directly.
PLEASE NOTE:  Within about 24 hours of making your online purchase for a session, you'll receive an email from my agent and manager, Sandra, through which she will help you schedule your upcoming appointment with me.
Please Note: Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am unable to
- Respond personally to each and every email that I receive though I do try to respond to each one. 
- Provide mentorship or advice to those seeking to develop their abilities.
- Consult on personal situations without an appointment.
Q.  How do I inquire about an appointment?
A.  The best way to inquire is via email and my manager, Sandra Staplefeld, will be happy to assist you. 
Q.  I'd like to enjoy a no-obligation consultation before making a purchase, how is this possible?
A.  While the consultation isn't required prior to purchasing an appointment, I feel it helps you feel confident in my ability to assist you. You may request your free consultation by contacting us via EMAIL. 
Q.  Okay, I feel ready! How do I purchase my session?
A.  Personal appointments are available through this website on the Shop Services & Sessions Page here  
Q.  Which session should I choose?
A.  For your convenience we have two basic collections: Love & Relationships for anything related to matters of the heart and General for everything else. Please select the category that best correlates with your situation. 
Q.  How much time do I need?
A.  Most find the 30 minute option most cost-effective and more than sufficient, however we also have longer options available should you feel your situation requires more time.
Q.  What's the 15 Minute Update Session option in the General category?
A.  This option is available should you desire an update appointment from a previous session from either category. It's a shorter, more cost-effective option preventing you from having to buy a full session. It can also be used for a shorter 1st time appointment or be used for adding additional time. It's also the session we give you as a "thank-you gift" when you refer a friend who becomes a client. To learn more about our special offers please click here
Q.  Are there ever any additional charges?
A.  No, absolutely not. If a call goes over time which occasionally happens, you will not be charged. Any unused time leftover after session will remain in your account until you're ready to use it. To schedule unused time, simply respond to your original confirmation email.
Q.  What can I expect from my experience?
A.  This experience is all about YOU and will be uplifting, enlightening and empowering. It's my objective as your friend and coach to assist you in gaining clarity and the ability to confidently navigate your relationship situations.
Q.  Can I add more time to my appointment?
A.  Please keep in mind that most people do not require additional time, and our objective is to be both time and cost-effective for you. If you feel more time is necessary please inquire first to see if adding additional time is possible. 
Q.  How do I schedule my appointment?
A.  Once you've made your purchase you'll receive your receipt and order number via email. Shortly thereafter you'll also receive an email from my agent, Sandra, through which to arrange your appointment. Thereafter you'll receive a confirmation email which also includes your instructions for attending or calling in for your appointment.
Q.  How do we conduct the session?
A.  Sessions are conducted either voice platform or email. Voice is highly recommended as it allows for our conversation to flow more easily.
Q.  I am an international client. How will we connect?  
A.  We have our toll-free number however, there are still a few areas where dialing isn't free (please double check with your specific carrier.) For locations which aren't covered we use Skype 
Q.  Can you accommodate my schedule?
A.  Yes. To keep things simple on our end please let us know what time you prefer based on the our time zone which is EDT. The easiest way to check your time zone is here
Q.  How do I prepare for my upcoming session? 
A.  Other than being in an area of good reception absent of any distractions, there isn't much needed on your part to prepare. We have a few suggestions which will help you get the most from your session here
Q.  Where did you learn about Soulmates & Twin Flames?
A.  It's my understanding the concepts have been around forever, and everyone has their own interpretations. You're welcome to use whatever terms you prefer. My knowledge is based on my research and experiences.
Q.  What are your abilities and areas of specialty?
A.  I am an intuitive coach specializing in the area of love and relationships. This means that I possess a deeper level of intuition and can sometimes sense things on levels which others may not, and I sometimes use my abilities in my process. My objective is to help you navigate your situation. Please keep in mind I'm not a mind reader, and all statements I convey during your appointment are strictly opinion, are for entertainment purposes only, are not considered psychic readings/fortune telling and should never be taken in place of properly licensed mental health, medical or legal advice. You may read more about me here
Q.  Can you tell me what type of connection I'm dealing with?
A.  I'm well versed on the subject of meaningful soul connections and can offer an opinion. I'm able to offer coaching and advice. Please keep in mind I'm not a licensed mental health practitioner, and if my opinion is that you're dealing with a toxic relationship or that you would benefit, I may at times suggest you seek out traditional therapy in order to best navigate your situation. 
Q.  Can you help me reunite with my lost loved one?
A.  Regarding broken relationships and separated loved ones, that is part of my specialty. If the relationship is meant to be, that is one of my favorite aspects with which to assist. I've never claimed to "magically reunite twin flames or soulmates," however I understand there are some who claim to do this. I can listen and advise as any relationship coach, however I do not sell things like mind reading, spells or ongoing "twin flame packages." My objective is to help you navigate your situation by offering proactive coaching and advice within our single appointment. 
Q.  Can session time be divided or gifted? 
A.  The time is yours to use however you choose. Some might use half for themselves and gift half to a friend, or choose 60 minutes and enjoy 30 now on their own and enjoy the 30 minute balance later on in a second session with their partner present to participate. 
Q.  Can I record my session?
A.  It's recommended you take good notes which is always more than sufficient. Due to regulations we are not allowed to permit audio or video recording or reproduction of sessions or content in any form of media at this time. 
Q.  What this is not:
A.  This service is not a psychic hotline, fortune telling service, medical or mental health service or financial or legal advice. This is not licensed advice of any kind. We do not sell or provide spells, fortune telling, predictions, magic or curses so please do not ask. DISCLAIMER: Our services and content of this website are for "informational purposes only" and "entertainment purposes only." The only thing available to purchase is time. If you feel you're having a medical or mental health emergency please contact your doctor or go to your nearest hospital emergency facility or dial 911 immediate emergency assistance. 
Q.  Can you offer help with spells / curses?
A.  While I'm willing to listen and consult on the subject, I do NOT sell spells, magic, anything of the like, nor have I ever done so, so please don't ask. For whatever reason, I've been getting a lot of requests for this sort of thing which seems extremely odd. 
Q.  What are your terms of service/privacy policy?
A.  You're encouraged to read our terms of service and privacy policy and content/blog disclaimer pages on this site. You must be of the age of majority (18 years-old) to use or make a purchase through this website. This website is for entertainment purposes only and should never be taken in place of properly licensed medical, mental health, financial or legal advice. Your experience and happiness are important to me. If for some reason you're unhappy with me or the content of this website, please come to me directly so that I can make it right for you. 
Important To Please Note:  All purchases of are final and non-refundable. Any unused time in your account whether newly purchased or time left over after an appointment will remain available to you to use. If an appointment goes over time, you will not be charged. There are no additional charges or fees related to making a purchase. To schedule an appointment for unused time, please email us directly. We will on occasion, at our own discretion, refund purchases of services which have not yet been scheduled. Please note: there is a $50.00 fee for all canceled, refunded or partially refunded purchases. Please keep this policy in mind prior to making your purchase. 
Q.  What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
A.  We understand schedules are busy and can change so if you need to reschedule please simply respond to your appointment confirmation email to let us know. Please do not "no show." 
Q.  What if I "no-show" for my appointment?
A.  Please DO NOT miss your appointment. As stated above, we are happy to reschedule your appointment as much as needed as long as you reschedule within 3 days or more of the date of your existing appointment. It only takes a moment to reach out to us to let us know that you need to reschedule and it costs us a lot to have a hole in our schedule such as a no show. It's the client's responsibility to keep their appointment. We do not send out appointment reminders and in order to conserve your privacy, we don't call you if you fail to call in. If you fail to call in for your appointment then we have no choice but to list it as a "no-show." We will be waiting for you to call in at your scheduled time. Please mark your calendar for your appointment, check your time zones, have our call in information handy and if needed, take a moment to reschedule within at least 3 days of your existing appointment so that you do not become a no-show. **Clients who cannot call in due to technical issues or illness are not considered no-shows and we ask that you don't abuse our policy.
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