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This is the information you'll need about your session & our processes.
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am unable to:
*Personally respond to every email that I receive.
*Provide mentorship to those seeking to develop their intuitive abilities.
*Consult on individual cases without an appointment.
Q.  How do I make an inquiry?
A.  The best way to make an inquiry is via email: and my agent and manager, Sandra Staplefeld will be happy to assist you with any inquiries.
Q.  How do I get my session?
A.  The way to get a session is through this website through the Shop Services & Sessions Page here: by clicking on the category of your choice.
Q.  Which session should I choose?
A.  For your convenience we have two basic collections: Twin Flame / Soulmate for anything related to Love & Relationships and General for everything else. Sessions are based solely on time. During a Love & Relationships session we occasionally do delve into other topics and during the General session we occasionally delve into the area of love, should you so choose. Please simply choose the category that best suits the primary subject matter that you want to cover during your session. **For those seeking the Twin Flame / Soulmate love and relationships assistance we recommend the 30 minute option as most find 30 minutes is more than sufficient time and is also the least expensive, cost effective option for you.
Q.  How much time do I need?
A.  We recommend the 30 minute option as most find it more than sufficient, however we also have longer 60, 90 and 120 minute options available should you feel you have a particularly difficult or long situation. If you're undecided, we recommend the 30 minute option. 
Q.  What can I expect from my experience?
A.  This experience is all about YOU. There are no restrictions on the number of, or what questions you can ask or what subjects you can introduce during our time together. Anything that needs to be revealed during session always is. We use tools of divinity during session however you may request that no tools be used. You're also welcome to have a list of questions or topics that you want to cover. It's my objective as your friend and adviser to empower you with clarity and confidence as well as teach you about what you're experiencing, and to assist you in achieving your correct path including the fulfillment and love that you deserve. Situations regarding Soul Types, Twin Flame and Soulmate Connections, Chakra, creating shifts or changes, Numerology, your Life Path, Life Purpose and Mission and how they interconnect with the paths of others, meanings behind your Universal Synchronicity, Signs and Dreams and Manifestation are just some of the things that people tend to like to cover. Hopefully this gives you somewhat of an idea.
**There are 2 subjects that by law, I am not allowed to address: I am not allowed to act as an attorney by giving legal advice and I am not allowed to act as a medical doctor by giving medical advice. 
Q.  What is the 15 Minute Update Session option in the General category?
A.  The 15 Minute Update option is available should you desire an update from a previous session from either category. This option may also be used for updating or adding additional time to existing orders.
Q.  Can I add more time to my appointment?
A.  Please keep in mind that most people do not require additional time. If you feel that more time is going to be necessary, please inquire first to see if adding more time is possible. To add additional time you'd make the purchase online in the amount of time you desire and that time will be added to your existing appointment. 
Q.  How do I schedule and arrange my appointment?
A.  Once you purchase your session here online you'll immediately receive your receipt and order number and a copy will also be conveniently emailed to you. Shortly thereafter you'll receive another email from my agent and manager, Sandra Staplefend, through which to schedule your appointment. Your scheduling email will arrive from the following email address: Once you have selected your date and time, you'll receive a confirmation email which will include your easy instructions to call in and attend your appointment. 
Q.  How do we conduct the session / How do I call in?
A.  Sessions are conducted exclusively by voice platform. Voice sessions are equally as accurate and meaningful as in-person. Our direct phone number is (941) 405-7087 and our toll-free number is (888) 850-0885. For international clients who happen to be outside our toll-free coverage area we also have Skype available. Skype is a free calling option available around the globe. Our Skype user name is Helena Roman. For the hearing impaired we comply with your TTY device and operator. Please let us know your calling preference at scheduling. Please add us to your contacts so that it's easy for you to call in at your scheduled time. 
**For Dubai / UAE clients and for international clients outside our toll-free coverage areas for whom Skype is unavailable, please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate you via a different option. 
Q.  Do you still offer sessions by email or text messaging?
A.  We do, however we've noticed that so much more can be covered during your session through voice because speaking is far faster and more efficient than typing. Also, having your session by voice gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive extra clarity about the information and answers you're receiving. This helps to ensure that you won't need to schedule subsequent or follow-up appointments because you'll be able to cover everything most efficiently. To receive the most from your session we highly recommend voice.
Q.  I am an international client. How will we connect?  
A.  Many of our valued clients are located all over the world so we've established the toll-free number. There are still a few areas where dialing isn't free (please double check with your carrier) so for these locations we recommend using Skype. Skype is a free process for worldwide calls. Our Skype user name is Helena Roman. Please add us to your Skype contacts before your session begins so that it is easy for you to call in at your scheduled time. 
**For Dubai / UAE clients and for international clients outside our toll-free coverage areas for whom Skype is unavailable, please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate you via a different option. 
Q.  Can you accommodate my schedule & time zone?
A.  Yes, we accommodate your schedule and timing as we have clients located all over the globe. However, to keep it simple on our end though, please let us know what time you prefer based on the our time zone. Our time zone is EST/EDT. The easiest way is to check here: 
Q.  How do I prepare for my upcoming session? 
A.  Other than being in an area of good reception absent of any distractions, there isn't much needed on your part to prepare. We so have a few suggestions which will help you get the most from your session. Please visit our Read Me 2 Page here:
Q.  What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
A.  We understand that scheduled are busy and can change. Within at least 3 days of your appointment please let us know and we will help you select a new appointment. The easiest way to reschedule your appointment is to simply respond to your appointment confirmation email. You may reschedule your appointment as many times and as often as needed, just please don't "no-show." 
Q.  What if I "no-show" for my appointment?
A.  Please DO NOT miss your appointment. We are happy to reschedule your appointment as much and as often as needed to accommodate your schedule as long as you reschedule at least 3 days before your appointment date. Rescheduling is fast and easy. The easiest way to reschedule your appointment is to simply send us an email by responding to your appointment confirmation email. It's the client's responsibility to call in at the scheduled appointment time, we do not send out reminders and in order to conserve your privacy we don't call you. If you do not call in for your appointment then we have no choice but to list it as a "no-show." No-shows are not rescheduled without exception. Please mark your calendar for your appointment so that you don't become a no-show.
Q.  How long will I have to wait for my appointment?
A.  Appointments fill quickly and are scheduled based on first available openings and we try to get you in as soon as possible. We typically schedule 3-5 weeks in advance due to exceptionally high demand. As of right now we're scheduling at 3-4 weeks out for 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions. The 15 Minute Update Sessions for those who have enjoyed previous appointments can often be worked in within 2 weeks as they're of shorter duration. To know the current wait time please inquire. The best way to inquire is via email: 
Q.  What if I need a sooner appointment?
A.  Appointments fill quickly and are scheduled in advance due to extreme demand however once your appointment is scheduled we have a list in case a sooner opening becomes available. Sooner openings happen when someone changes an appointment or happens to no-show. You're under no obligation to take a sooner opening if it's offered, however if you wish to be placed on this list this is a time when we would be contacting you by phone should an opening become available. Please let us know at scheduling if you'd like to be placed on the list for a sooner opening.
Q.  What are your abilities and areas of specialty?
A.  I am a precognitive clairsentient with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and am an intuitive spiritual counselor specializing in the areas of love and relationships; specifically, Soul Connections including Twin Flames and Soulmates. This means that I possess a deeper level of intuition as an empath and can sense things on levels which others may not. I use my abilities in my process. And of course, I occasionally engage in the art of Mediumship. You may read more about me here:  
Q.  Do you connect with the dead as a Medium?
A.  Occasionally during session this will happen naturally, organically. I don't make a practice of connecting with the dead purposefully nor do I sell sessions for the purposes of connecting with those who have passed on. My specialty is love and relationships and normally Mediumship isn't something that occurs during session however it is something that will sometimes happen during session. It's not something that I invite nor is it something that can be controlled, blocked out or turned off, so I'd be remiss if I didn't apprise you of the possibility that it may happen during session. This happens with people whose loved one's residual soul energy is still connected with this realm. 
What it doesn't sound like: "Hello, can I speak with great Aunt Agatha? Are you with us, Auntie? Okay then, now Great Aunt Agatha is here!" 
What it does sound like: "I see a woman in a blue car, she's young, I'm getting the number 28. She has light hair and she's slumped over in the driver's seat with her eyes half open. Now she's appearing with a lot of people, looks like a hospital and she's wearing a traditional looking nurse's uniform. I believe she's trying to tell me she was a nurse in life and that she was taken to the hospital where she worked after the car accident that took her life."
The above example of what Mediumship sounds like when it occurs with me happened during a session. The person had called about their love life however a friend with whom she worked who had passed away in a car accident en route to work still had a residual soul energy tie to the caller. Basically what happened was that this soul decided to take the opportunity to deliver a specific message to her friend who was still with the living. Again, it's not invited nor initiated, it simply occurs naturally and should this happen during your session, please do write down whatever the message happens to be.
Q.  Do you specialize in Twin Flames?
A.  My specialty is love and relationships including Soul Connections such as Twin Flames and Soulmates including typing your Soul Connections. I'm a Twin Flame in Union with my own Twin Flame who can also be present during your session by request to offer the divine male perspective. He enjoys participating. Please ask about his availability in advance. 
Q.  Can you tell me if he/she is my Twin Flame or type of Soulmate?
A.  Yes, we type the Soul Connection(s) in question (sometimes there will be more than one, especially if someone is currently married or partnered) and look into the different options and paths you can take regarding these connections. Most have an objective to ultimately unite with their correct, intended partner as effortlessly as possible.
Q.  Can you help me to reunite with my lost loved one?
A.  Regarding broken relationships and marriages or separated loved ones, that is part of my specialty. If the relationship is intended to be, that is one of my favorite aspects of relationships with which to assist. It's important to remember to take good notes and that following advice greatly improves your path, timing and outcome.
Q.  What do you mean by taking good notes?
A.  I am a spiritual counselor and coach who possesses certain intuitive clairsentient, claorvoyant and clairaudient gifts and abilities which I use in my process. I consider myself a messenger of sorts, and it's important to take the information that I convey and use it to your highest good. Taking good notes ensures that you can revisit the information you receive at a later date in the future and use it to your highest good. Taking good notes also helps to ensure that you won't need to purchase subsequent or follow-up sessions. Sometimes we think we'll remember something but instead, we remember it in a different way than it was conveyed. Example: If after your session something comes to pass and you remember, "I think Helena said something about that but I can't quite remember what she said to do in this situation," and you don't have your written notes to which to refer back, you might not remember the details that you want to remember. This is when good written notes comes in handy. You'll hear, "It's important to write this down." 
Q.  What type of advice will I receive?
A.  While I'd never advise you to do anything negative, dangerous or silly (like eat three pounds of mashed potatoes naked under the next full moon while chanting a special mantra) I absolutely will be offering you advice. This can include communication techniques, positive and proactive action and manifestation to help you achieve your goals. It is of course, always up to you should you want to take the information and advice that you receive under advisement. I do my best to prevent changes for the negative by offering the advice that can be used to one's advantage for the positive. We also look into the areas of one's free will and common sense. Remember, I am just a messenger and an adviser, it will be up to you to use this to your highest good. For example: If I suggest that you say something specific to your partner at a certain time, I have done so for good reason. If instead, you decide to say or do the exact opposite and simultaneously punch them in the face, how would this impact your path and energy? No one should have to tell you in advance that those types of negative, low-vibrational actions would result in impacting you in some way. That said, while you're never obligated to take anyone's advice including mine, please take good notes and please use the information that you receive for the highest good. (And please don't punch anyone in the face!) 
Q.  How many appointments will I need with you?
A.  I'm pleased to be able to say that I'm often able to "graduate" my clients rather quickly, often after only one or two sessions. This means that you should be able to get on your correct path quickly. Anything that needs to be addressed and revealed during session is, so please take good notes and do take the advice and information that you receive under advisement.
Q.  Can session time be divided or gifted? 
A.  YES, the time is yours to use however you choose. Some might use half for themselves and half as a gift for a friend. Or, they might have one session now and use the balance of their time at a later date. Please let us know at scheduling if this is something you'd like to do.
Q.  Where do you conduct your sessions?
A.  Sessions are conducted - rain or shine - in my beautiful, private garden park area outside where the energy is especially high and clear. I enjoy taking in any synchronicity and signs we might receive on your behalf during session and conveying them to you.
Q.  Can I record my session?
A.  We recommend that you take good written notes which is always acceptable and more than sufficient. Due to regulations and federal law we are now allowed to permit audio or video recording of sessions or reproduction of sessions or content in any form of media at this time. We recommend taking good written notes so you can revisit the information you receive later on. Please visit the preparation page for your upcoming session here:
Q.  What this is not:
A.  This service is not a psychic hotline, a mental health or medical service or facility, a service offering legal advice or legal counsel, or a fortune telling service. We do not sell spells, witchcraft, curses, voodoo or any associated types of services so please do not ask. Spiritual guidance and advice should never be used in place of proper medical and/or mental health care. By law in some areas we are also required to state that our services are for "entertainment purposes only" and that no advice or guidance of any kind should ever be used in place of other types of professional services. If you feel that you are having a medical or mental health emergency please contact your medical doctor and/or go to your nearest medical hospital emergency facility or dial 911 or 999 for immediate emergency assistance. 
Q.  Are there ever any additional charges?
A.  NO, absolutely not. If a call goes over time which occasionally happens, you will not be charged. Any unused time leftover after session will remain in your account until you're ready to use it. To schedule unused time you will simply send an email to to arrange the session.
Q.  What is your exchange, return or refund policy?
A.  Sales of services are final without exception so please be absolutely certain that you do want this assistance. Our policy and terms are clear here and on this website: If you choose not to use your session, your purchased time will remain in your account until a time when you decide to use it or gift your time to someone else. Unused time does not expire, and can always be gifted to someone else should you so choose. Sessions can also be exchanged for other sessions and services offered on the website as well. Please contact us directly to make changes to an existing order. If you've purchased a physical product that is defective in some way please contact us immediately for a prompt replacement. 
Q.  Why don't I receive advertisements from you?
A.  While we do have email signup, you will only receive standard updates or information regarding your appointment. I DON'T ADVERTISE AS I BELIEVE THAT THOSE WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM MY ASSISTANCE WILL FIND ME NATURALLY, ORGANICALLY. I prefer to let God and the universe do the work. 
Phone: (888) 850-0885  or  (941) 405-7087
Skype User Name: Helena Roman
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