Welcome to our FAQ page. Here, you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. To submit a question of your own, please send us an email at
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am unable to:
*Personally respond to every email that I receive.
*Provide mentorship to those seeking to develop their intuitive abilities.
*Consult on individual cases without an appointment.
Q.  Which session should I choose?
A.  For your convenience, we have divided the sessions into 2 basic collections: Twin Flame / Soulmate for anything at all related to the subjects of love and relationships and General Sessions for everything else including career, family, etc. Sometimes, you will want a combination of all of the above. Sessions are based solely on time, so select the amount of time you feel suits your needs. Because anything that needs to be revealed during session always is, it doesn't matter what the title of your session is but we have the 2 categories for 2 basic primary subjects. If you select the General Session but also want to look into love a little bit, that's okay. If you choose the Twin Flame option for love but also want to look into your career a bit, that's okay too. Because this is a metaphysical coaching service, by law we are also required to state that our services are for coaching and entertainment purposes only. During your session you should be prepared to learn about yourself, your situations and those close to you (think in terms of an art teacher coaching you on art perspective, theory and technique.) 
Q. Is this a psychic hotline?
A. NO. We do not offer psychic hotline services. I left the networks behind years ago. I offer personalized counseling and coaching (teaching) on the subjects of spirituality and my specialty is assisting Twin Flames and Soul Connections and the subject of love and relationships. You'll definitely be learning during our time together.
Q. Is this a mental health or medical service?
A. NO. We do not offer mental health or medical services of any kind. While we have always made this clear on the site, I want to stress that if you are suffering with a mental or medical illness please go immediately to your nearest medical emergency facility or hospital. PERSONAL COACHING AND SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE SHOULD NEVER BE USED IN PLACE OF MEDICAL CARE. 
Q. Is this a service for "fortune telling?"
A.  NO. We do not offer "fortune telling." If you're seeking fortune tellers, please look elsewhere. 
Q. Where did the name Sage Style originate?
A.  It originated from the big, beautiful sage plant in the garden. One day, I was trimming back the plant. Someone said, "You have some real sage styling there!" I loved the plant so much, I decided to use the name. It's also my nickname (along nicely with Helena.) 
Q.  What are the differences in the session options?
A.  As stated above, the primary difference is TIME. However, for everything love and relationships which as you know by now is of course our specialty, we recommend the Twin Flame/Soulmates category and for anything else, we recommend the General category. For your convenience, we also have the 15 Minute Update option available in the General category for those who would prefer a more brief update style session on a subject we have previously covered. Please keep in mind that purchases for services are sales that are final, however it can be exchanged for other services available and given or transferred as a gift to someone else should you so desire. 
Q.  What is the 15 Minute Update Session option in the General category?
A.  For your convenience, the 15 Minute Update option is exactly what it sounds like! Sometimes people who have already enjoyed a session would like to have a few more things covered later on. Since hardly anyone ever needs a second 30 minute or longer session, I came up with the 15 minute option. Sometimes questions or issues pop into one's mind after the session is over (which is why it's always advised to write your subjects, issues or questions down beforehand so that everything gets covered.) Other times, people achieve a certain goal but then decide they want some guidance on how to make the most of it. Or, even still, maybe you just have one quick situation or you want to add time to your current session. The 15 minute option comes in handy for our clients for any and all of the above. 
Q.  How much time do I need?
A.  Again, sessions are based on time so estimating the correct amount of time is very easy to do. While we'd love to sell lots of long sessions, MOST PEOPLE find that the 30 minute option is more than sufficient for both General and Twin Flame sessions, so this is what we recommend to most everyone. If you have many questions and subjects to cover or are having others attend your session with you then the 60 minute option might be best suited for you so that everyone in attendance receives what they are after. You do save some money when you purchase longer sessions so if you should choose one of these options, any unused portion will remain in your account until you're ready to use it.
Q.  How do I arrange my appointment?
A.  Making your appointment is easy and convenient. Once you purchase your session here through this secure site, you will immediately receive your receipt and a copy will also be conveniently emailed to you. You'll then contact us to schedule your appointment. The best way to schedule your appointment is via email. My agent and manager, Sandra is also happy to assist you. We can accommodate almost any schedule as clients are located all over the world, and we schedule our appointments based on the Eastern Standard time zone.
You can check your time and date with ours here: using our location as Massachusetts, USA as a reference point. At your scheduled appointment time you will call in for your appointment using your selected method arranged at the time you scheduled your appointment. 
PLEASE NOTE: When calling us you may need to leave a message as we can get quite busy in here. If you have a scheduled appointment, we will be standing by at your scheduled time awaiting your call and will pick up. Our phone numbers to call in at your scheduled time are down at the bottom of this page as well as on your emailed confirmation.
Q. How do I prepare for my session? 
A.  It's recommended to be in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere absent from excess background noise or distractions. It's also recommended to have a pen and paper handy to take notes during your session. To get the most out of your session, it's an excellent idea to make a quick list of the topics or questions you'd like to cover beforehand so that way, everything gets covered. If using a mobile or wifi phone, please do be in an area of excellent reception. 
Q.  How do we conduct the session?
A.  Phone sessions are equally as meaningful as in-person. I like to offer a variety of ways through which to connect for our sessions, as my clients are located all over the globe. Most choose the voice option by phone and we also have Skype voice available. Please remember that it is your responsibility to call in for your appointment at the scheduled time. Please let us know your preference at the time you schedule your appointment.
Q. I missed my appointment. Now what?
A.  Please DO NOT miss your appointment. It is your responsibility to keep your appointment and we do not send out reminders. If you must reschedule your appointment please give us as much notice as possible. We can reschedule your appointment as needed with no trouble as long as notified at least 3 days before your appointment. We ask that you give us a minimum of 3 days notice if you won't be able to call in for your appointment. If you no show (meaning that you fail to call in at your scheduled appointment time with no prior notice) then your appointment will not be rescheduled. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule as we have many people who have purchased their sessions who are waiting for a sooner opening. Even if the bluebird of happiness impales your car whilst driving, a no-show is still a no-show and it only takes a moment to alert us on our end of situations that preclude you from keeping your appointment. That said, please mark your calendar now and add us to your contacts for your upcoming appointment. Emailing us the day before asking what number to call isn't the way to handle your schedule. PLEASE ADD OUR INFORMATION TO YOUR SCHEDULE NOW. We do not use the various multiple calendar apps, however you're welcome to use whatever you like to remind yourself. I recommend you should invest in a wall calendar and a wrist watch if needed. I realize I sound silly but we've had people email us asking for our email address and call us requesting our phone number. It's ALL right here. Please write it down.
Q.  I am an international client. How will we connect?  
A.  Many of our valued clients are located all over the world so we've established our toll-free number for you. There are a few areas in the world where dialing our toll-free number isn't free, so for these locations we recommend using Skype. The Skype user name is Helena Roman. When you schedule your appointment, simply let us know which method you prefer using for your appointment so we can be ready for you. **Please double check with your provider regarding any international calling rates. Please keep in mind that all appointments are scheduled cased on Eastern Standard Time. To check the correlation of your time to ours please visit Time & Date at: using the location as Massachusetts, USA / Eastern Standard Time to compare to your location. 
Q.  I am an international client who has selected Skype. How do we connect?
A.  At your scheduled appointment time, you will simply dial us from your Skype using the VOICE option. Please note that we use the voice option and never the video option. This is due to energy overheating our devices which can result in connectivity issues so please use the voice option. 
Q.  My call dropped during session, now what?
A.  We apologize in advance. If a call drops during session, please first ask if I can hear you and wait 5-10 seconds because it may not have dropped. If you do not hear a response on your end, please simply hang up and wait 3 seconds then ring us right back. We will be waiting for you to do so. 
Q.  Where do you conduct your sessions?
A.  Sessions are conducted - rain or shine - in my beautiful, private garden park area outside where the energy is especially high and clear so you may hear birds chirping in the background or "outside sounds." (Don't worry, I take cover in the weather.) One way I encourage energy learning for you is through signs you see. Because signs present throughout your session and sometimes afterward and on some occasions even before, I like to track the signs and messages that I receive on your behalf. There is no additional charge for this, as I do this simply as another way to enhance your experience so that you get the most out of your experience. And, because it is a fun way for you to learn.
Q.  How long will I have to wait for my appointment?
A.  Appointments fill quickly and are scheduled based on first available openings. Typical wait time depends on availability with the average wait time varying quite a bit. While we are in demand, we know your issues are important so we try to accommodate you as soon as possible. If you can be flexible in scheduling this helps greatly. While some advisers aren't in demand and have no waiting period at all, I will say there is usually a waiting period of a couple to a few weeks. We are normally always scheduling several weeks in advance.  If you want to know how long the waiting period is at present, PLEASE ASK. 
Q.  Do you offer customer service?
A.  Making sure that you are pleased with your experience here is very important to me. For your convenience, you are also able set up your own account where you can view your orders, update your preferences and read your favorite articles. My agent, Miss Staplefeld, is also available to answer any questions you may have. We also appreciate your feedback.
Q.  What are your abilities and area of specialty?
A.  I am a precognitive clairprescient with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. In short basic language, this means that I possess a deeper level of intuition and can sense things. I use my abilities in my process. My specialty is love and relationships. 
Q.  What can I expect from my experience?
A.  You're encouraged to introduce whatever it is that you're interested in discussing. It's my objective as friend and adviser to empower you with clarity and confidence. Most people find it helpful to have their list of topics and questions on hand so we can ensure everything is covered. I will also never ask you to purchase subsequent sessions, spend money on anything extra including products or buy additional services from anyone including myself. I used to work with a company that wanted me to "set future appointments" with everyone, whether they needed it or not. I felt this was so wrong (and still do) so I do not request subsequent sessions. I am not trying to turn you away; you're welcome to be a return customer, I'm just saying that chances are, you won't need multiple sessions. Sometimes it's best to wait a bit to ensure it's something you truly feel you need. 
Q.  Do you specialize in Twin Flames?
A.  My specialty is love and relationships including Twin Flames and Soulmates including typing your soul connections. I'm a Twin Flame in Union with my own Twin Flame who can also be present during your session by request. Please ask about his availability in advance. Helping you achieve the fulfillment in love that you deserve and making the journey as effortless and enjoyable as possible is the goal. 
Q. Can you tell me if he/she is my Twin Flame or Soulmate?
A.  Yes, we look at many criteria including the Soul Connection of you and that of the person you feel is your Twin Flame or specific Soulmate. We type the connection(s), look at the different paths you could take including the others who may be around you, and we additionally reveal information necessary to your situation as well as insights that will assist in guiding you to the shortest, most effortless path to union with your beloved. 
Q.  Can you help me to reunite with my lost loved one?
A.  Yes, and quite successfully depending on your situation. Regarding broken relationships and marriages, or separated loved ones, that is part of my specialty. Even if you think your case seems impossibly difficult and draining, taking your intended path is of course important to you. If the relationship is intended to be, that is one of my favorite aspects of relationships with which to assist. We go over the various paths you could take along with the end result for each once we determine which relationship choice is best for you. It will ultimately be up to you to listen to the information conveyed and to follow any instructions I may offer you in order to help make your path the most enjoyable, uplifting, enlightening and effortless experience possible. 
Q.  How many appointments will I need with you?
A.  I'm pleased to be able to say that I'm often able to "graduate" my clients rather quickly, often after only one or two sessions. This means you should be able to get on the correct path within one or two sessions. That said, please do take good notes during our time together. (Taking good written notes is very important and I cannot stress this enough.) I make it a point to ensure you have everything you need as far as answers including what you need to begin making shifts to achieve your goals so you can begin seeing results right away. Many advisers will go just so far then schedule subsequent sessions. I like to get everything covered during one when possible so at the risk of sounding redundant, please take notes and please take the advice I offer you if you feel it's right for you.
Q. What do you mean by following instructions?
A.  In short, if I offer advice to you it is intended to help you and not intended to hinder you. Once, someone was very excited because she knew her boyfriend was set to propose. I advised her not to go out with him one certain evening. This was the evening she was scheduled to introduce him to her friends at a get together at a restaurant, so she really wanted to go. While I advised against it with good reasons explained to her, she went anyway. During the evening she ended up having a few too many drinks and a disagreement with him which resulted in her throwing a drink at him, accusing him of things he wasn't doing and as a result this caused delays in their relationship. Long story short, she should have canceled the evening or held it at a different location (one absent of alcohol on this particular occasion.) But, she didn't want to listen to my advice. I'm not saying that not listening to my advice is going to ruin your relationship, not at all. I'm saying please use common sense and use any coaching or advice that I offer you to your highest good. You should always do what feels right to you.
Q.  Do you offer more traditional marriage & relationship coaching?
A.  Traditional relationship and marriage coaching for singles and couples is offered on a case-by-case basis, even if you're the only one who wants to mend the relationship or attend the session. Please note that I am not a licensed psychiatrist, social worker or medical professional and we do not accept insurance. The type of therapies I offer are of the coaching variety as described above, which would include the "I want to get back together with my ex or stop my divorce from happening" type of coaching. **If you are struggling with a psychiatric or medical issue please see a proper medical doctor or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.
Q.  Do you offer personal life coaching?    
A.  Coaching is always included in your session.
Q.  What if I waste my time during my session?
A.  It's advised to use our time together wisely. Our Read Me 2 Page details how to do so. Wasting your time can come in several forms including talking about everything under the sun except the reason you requested a session, or talking over me when I'm trying to answer your questions. (While I encourage your questions and it's ((definitely okay to interject and request clarification if you need to)) it's also important to receive any feedback or insight I have to offer you, too.) Wasting time can also look like game playing. For example, if you ask me about your "romantic relationship," but erroneously describe him as, say, your brother, while simultaneously having your neighbor's dog on your mind with the intent just to see my reaction, I'm going to focus on your neighbor's dog for a good time. It's your session and you're allowed to use it as you see fit, however it would be prudent to not waste your valuable time. If I were paying for a session I'd certainly want whatever advice the adviser was offering and I'd also take good written notes.
Q.  Can I have others present during my session?
A.  Yes, of course as long as it's not distracting for you. There is no additional charge for others to be present and participate. Please let us know at scheduling if you'd enjoy having others attend.
Q. Are there ever any additional charges?
A.  No, absolutely not. The session rates are clearly stated on the website and you will never receive any additional charges.
Q.  I have minutes left over after my session, what does this mean?
A.  Sessions are based on time. Your purchased time is added to your account. If after a session ends you still have even one minute left over, it remains in your account. Minutes never expire, so any leftover time will remain in your account until you're ready to use it. To use it, simply contact us to schedule your appointment. 
Q.  I received a store credit, what does this mean?
A.  It's just our way of saying thank you! Please see our Special Offers page for more information.
Q.  Can I add more time to my session?
A.  If before your session starts you'd enjoy adding more time to your session, you're welcome to do so, so long as time permits. PLEASE CONTACT US IN ADVANCE TO ENSURE THAT TIME PERMITS BEFORE PURCHASING ANY ADDITIONAL TIME. 
Q.  Can I record my session?
A.  Due to regulations and federal law we do not permit audio or video recording of sessions or reproduction of sessions or content in any form of media at this time.
Q.  Are my sessions confidential and private?
A.  Your privacy is very important to us. Your sessions are confidential, secure and private. 
Q.  What is your exchange, return or refund policy?
A.  Your happiness is important to us! Sales of services are final but can be exchanged for other services offered. Your session can also be given to someone else as a gift if you so choose. Many of our clients purchase sessions of, say, 60 minutes keeping 30 for themselves and gift the remaining 30 minutes to a friend. Please contact us directly to make changes to your existing order. Changes must be made within three days prior to your scheduled appointment time. If for some reason you don't like your session please contact us as your input helps us improve. Please see our terms of service for full details and our customer service number is (888) 850-0885 or (941) 405-7087 and our email for customer service is
Q.  Why don't I receive many site emails & advertisements from you?
A.  Excellent question and I appreciate your asking it. This may sound odd, but I believe in being forthcoming. While we do have email sign-up available, you will only receive standard updates. Occasionally I'll send out articles that are particularly interesting or maybe a special offer but no ads or "click bait." I see so many "Twin Flame Guru" sites with free downloads, kits, e-books, and they send emails...All. The. Time. Why? They deal in volume and profiting from repeat business. I do not deal in volume, I like to try to solve people's problems preferably within 1 or 2 sessions. The more one patronizes click bait, the more money they make. I gauge my own personal success by the successes my clients enjoy. I KNOW THAT THOSE WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER WILL FIND ME so I don't advertise. I let the universe do its grand work organically. 
Q.  Are you a witch, and do you sell spells? 
A.  I get this question often. While I do know all about spells, Wicca, Witchcraft, Hoodoo and Voodoo, and I have studied for three decades on so many subjects, and I can tell you all about them because I have learned a lot, I am most certainly not a witch. I don't sell spells, curses or any of the like. Also, I do nothing that would harm another living being and I highly recommend that you don't cause intentional harm either. Manifestation (such as Law Of Attraction) processes are just fine. I enjoy teaching them and no, I do not charge odd fees for such teaching. Manifestation is a different animal from "spells." Anyone can learn the Law Of Attraction and use it to their highest good. You may manifest your ideal love, happiness, fulfillment, your perfect job, etc. Please however, do not ask me to sell you a spell as I do not sell these types of services. 
Q.  Where did you get your nickname?
A.  I get this question often too. During my college years because I looked like a certain character in a movie, and when I worked for a specific company they requested that I choose a nickname (everyone had to) so I just stuck with the one I had my whole life since college. Some laugh but I still think it's pretty. The Sage part came from my favorite plant. 
Q.  How do I contact you?
A.  We have several easy. convenient methods of contact for your convenience. Phone, email, Skype and Facebook to name a few. Please scroll down for the list of our contact information. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!
Phone: (888) 850-0885  or  (941) 405-7087
Email: or
Skype User Name: Helena Roman
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