Love Relationships, Soulmates & Twin Flame

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Covering Subjects Such As...

  • Is he/she my Soulmate? Twin Flame? If not, then who is?
  • How do I manifest my ideal romantic relationship?
  • What is the best path to the love I deserve? 
  • Any & all situations pertaining to the subject of Love & Relationships.

    Learn More About Twin Flames & Soulmates:

    Twin Flames, who are always learning, growing and evolving are said to be two halves of a single love energy; one half Divine Masculine and the other half, Divine Feminine energy. In other words, one's "other half" as it pertains to an intended unconditional love and connection. Some also use the term Twin Flame to describe one's life partner interchangeably with Soulmate. Helena interprets this as "bashert," or romantic life partner . The connection between Twin Flames is extraordinarily intense, pure and is unconditional. Each couple, their set of experiences, their journey and union is unique to each. The Twin Flame path can be the most fulfilling love experience. It's Helena's objective to offer assistance to those who feel they will benefit. Please Note: Helena believes that if your relationship is meant to be, it will come together in Divine Timing whether or not you make a purchase here.