Will The COVID-19 Coronavirus Be A Pandemic?

A lot of people have been asking me this question. So, I'll address it here today.

First, the proper disclaimer: I'm not a medical doctor and no spiritual advice of any sort, from me or from anyone else, should ever be taken in place of that which comes from your own licensed medical professionals. By medical professionals I'm referring to someone who actually attended medical school or legitimate, accredited medical training such as a physician, a nurse practitioner and so on. You get the general idea here. If someone reading this is experiencing a medical situation or emergency, please contact your medical professional such as your primary care physician or go to your nearest medical emergency facility such as your local hospital emergency room or dial 911 or 999 depending upon your location, for immediate emergency assistance. 

Now, I will address your question...

I asked my dear love, since he's a medical doctor and people have asked his opinion. **His words should NOT be taken as medical advice or medical information. 

His words to me were, verbatim: "We just don't know everything yet. Right now, this is a virus similar to the flu and yes, I'd consider this a pandemic right now, because it kind of already is. However, at this moment the flu technically kills more people than coronavirus but they are saying not to compare the two yet. Right now, they've isolated cases and those cases are under quarantine and self-quarantine. There are also travel blocks in place. But, new cases are popping up all the time. People believe that the face masks protect them from the virus. Actually, they more or less help the virus from spreading. Air can still filter through the masks at the sides. Masks do help prevent spreading of the virus. Washing hands and using any antibacterial stuff can't hurt. Most people who will get this virus will probably not experience much beyond mild cold and flu-like symptoms. And, they say that if someone gets this virus, it's unlikely they will get it twice. The people who are really at risk are the elderly, people with compromised immune systems, smokers, people who are already sick, people with diabetes, the CDC has a chart regarding who is at high risk." He also added that Israel might have made some progress regarding the research for a vaccine of some kind because apparently in northern Israel at the Migal Galilee Research Institute they have made some discoveries they referred to as a "breakthrough" when they were researching coronavirus in birds, as the structure patterns are extremely similar. 

He is concerned, definitely, but he's not stocking up on bottled water and sealing the windows up just yet. He did put in an extra order for face masks from the medical supply though, as they're becoming harder and harder to come by. He has a mask specially designed for him based on the measurements of his face, designed by the hospital. I went on Amazon the other day to see if they had any in stock for the general public and the "good ones" were nearly $60 for a pack of 25. My daughter who works in a pharmacy says people have been coming in constantly asking for masks and "they're on back-order for months," according to her. That said, there are also places online which one can visit to learn how to make their own face mask, should one feel the need to ever do so.

There's speculation on this subject in general: where did it originate?

Is this actually some type of biological warfare, some crass attempt at population control, bats at the wet market in China, a plague from G-d, an accidental slip from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and so on and so forth and the list goes on. Last night over pillow talk, we discussed the possibility of a Wuhan employee in China could have reasonably not properly sanitized, gone to the street market for lunch or grocery shopping and caused an outbreak. In short, anything is possible but speculation doesn't solve the actual problem.

What will, at least in our opinion, at least ASSIST the problem is taking proper precautions. Here's the link to the CDC website for this purpose: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html 

All of this though begs the question, should one be careful? Yes. Of course be careful. Use common sense. If you're sick in any way at all, or if you show any symptoms at all, stay home. Why? If you are sick and have this virus, then that way it's contained and you can take proper precautions and measurements. If you're compromised in your immune system due to being sick with a cold or flu, then you'll have less chances of getting even sicker by being out and about. Even teachers and workers who "can't really take a day off" are staying home when necessary. When in doubt, ask your doctor!

Please stay safe, well and healthy out there. We wish you many blessings. xoxo


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