Where does the concept of Split Souls regarding Twin Flames originate?

I've received this question often and I've happened across much misinformation out there. I've decided that today, I'll teach you the origin of the concept of Twin Flames in general. It's my hope that you'll use this information with your gift of discernment, use it for the purposes of enlightenment and use it for your Highest Good. 

There is a lot of truth out there - along with lots of misinformation, so it's prudent to always use your own gift of discernment. 

Suffice it to say that just about anyone can write anything or say anything they want to, which is a bit unnerving. I'm not claiming to be the universal authority on Twin Flames, by any stretch of the means. However, much of what I've happened across appears to be combinations of regurgitated snippets of blog posts - which may or may not have been authored by actual Twin Flames in the first place - along with bits and pieces of half-truths and an awful lot of confabulation as a result of some extremely vivid imaginations.

I've even happened across a self-proclaimed past life regressionist who isn't a Twin Flame at all who actually claims that she coined the term, "split soul." (I'm assuming that said regressionist has not yet seen The Kabbalah which was written long before any of us ever walked this earth, or read any ancient texts at all, let alone read anything that Plato has ever written.) Said regressionist also claims that we Twin Flames (and lots of souls for that matter) were somehow originally extraterrestrial beings shot through the cosmos in a flaming placenta, but I'm mentioning this as an example of how really, really bad misinformation can sometimes end up infecting the minds and hearts of people. 

While I, too, enjoyed studying the works and teachings of Dr. Brian Weiss and took the post-seminar photo opp, I would never in a million years post such things on the internet and claim to have "coined the terminology" that has been around for centuries upon centuries discovered around 1200 CE. That would be misleading and just wrong on so many levels. I'm not going to mention the name of the person to whom I'm referring, for that would also be very wrong, as her intentions might actually be in the right place. We have no proof that she's doing this and spreading said misinformation in the interest of selling her products and services. As a spiritual counselor, I must first say we should never judge another. I'll simply say, please always use your own gift of discernment when researching the subject of Twin Flames. This rings true regardless of what you learn or read, and whether it's related to the subject of Twin Flames or not.

What is the actual definition of Twin Flame?

Twin Flame is a new age term which, by definition, refers to the "split soul," or "divided soul," which originates as one whole soul being. It is said that the term itself was originally coined by those who happen to follow The Kabbalah due to the definition, and also by those who sought enlightenment of the soul, regardless of religion.

Twin Flame by definition means two halves of one original whole. In other words, one whole soul being, which was divided into the two halves; one half Divine Male energy and the other half, Divine Female energy. Yin and Yang. Two perfect compliments to one another.

Originally, the term Twin Flame began as the new age label for the above. Prior to the term Twin Flame, the labels Soul Twin and Twin Soul and also Twin Soul Flame were also used. These terms were all unique but meant and defined exactly the same thing: Twin Flame. Today, we use the term Twin Flame to define this blessed division of the soul entity. 

The concept of Twin Flames has been discussed throughout history.

Twin Flames is a new age term however it is not at all a new concept. Twin Flames and the concept thereof has been discussed throughout history. For example, the concept of "soul splitting" or "split souls" dates back at least to The Kabbalah and perhaps even before, and The Kabbalah is deeply rooted in religious and spiritual mysticism. Since the beginning of time, man has sought to understand his relationship to G-d as well as his relationship with his own soul. In the Kabbalah and in The Zohar and The Talmud, we learn about "soul splitting" and intended, matched "mated souls" which are one half of the same soul origin.

Plato spoke of feeling that his own soul was "split" or "divided" from the original and that his "half twin" (Twin Flame in today's terminology) was somewhere in existence.

In Greek Mythology, humans were originally created with 4 arms, 4 legs, and a head with 2 faces. Zeus, the Greek God "father of them all" and most imposing figure who ruled all from above, split them into two halves; one divine male and the other divine female, condemning them to search for their "other half" here on earth.

Edgar Cayce who was known as the "sleeping prophet," also spoke of this concept of Twin Flames. Cayce said, “There lived in this land of Atlantis one Amillius, who had first noted the separations of the beings as inhabited that portion of the earth’s sphere or plane of these peoples, into male and female as separate entities or individuals.” 

The author, A. B. Curtis, writes about his grandfather who, in 1929, returned from an expedition to the sacred Mayan temple where he experienced a unique esoteric communication and vision. It's described as cosmic beings having revealed important knowledge. “Wherefore, each single thing becomes two opposites; the inside of a thing parted from its outside, the up of a thing separated from its down,the going of a thing separated from its coming, the lost of a thing separated from its found. As result of this impairment, great longing pulls between to wind the spring that moves the world.The first division would be man himself, each part forever seeking its twin. Hard work for those who think love is a game to win. They will, of course, continue to defeat themselves until remembering.”

Author and actress Shirley McClain claims, in her book entitled Out On A Limb, that during a channeling session with Kevin Ryerson, that she was given information regarding her incarnation as a Twin Flame. Apparently during her session with Ryerson, who was known for his psychic and channeling abilities, was told by Spirit that she had been incarnate with a "Twin Soul." McClain inquired as to what this meant exactly to which Ryerson responded that it was too detailed to explain, and that he wanted to explain to her about "soul mates." Ryerson explained that "Soul mates were actually created for one another at the beginning of time. They vibrate at exactly the same electromagnetic frequency because they are identical counterparts of one another." 

I could reasonably list other examples of references to Twin Flame however, I'm fairly confident that you get the idea here. The concept of "soul splitting" and having two soul beings which originate from one whole soul energy is not a new idea at all. 

What do the most ancient texts say about this concept of Twin Souls and mated souls which are intended to come together?

When we look at the idea itself of Twin Flame, we're referring to intended mated souls, basically. So, we of course want to look at ALL of the information that we possible can. After all, knowledge and enlightenment is a good thing. So, we look to the most ancient text and scripture to become enlightened.

The Kabbalah is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between human beings and G-d and all that G-d created. is intended to "fully enlighten the soul of it's Jewish readers," however reasonably anyone can read it. The Zohar is the foundational works of The Kabbalah itself. In The Kabbalah we learn of the concept of our soul and the relationship with G-d and of course origin and creation.

You might feel an intuitive pull right now. You might want to speak up and say, "Guess what, Helena! I already know that the Divine Mission and purpose of the Twin Flame has to do with truth and origin and goes back to creation!" You're right. The Divine Mission which is said to be the purpose behind why Twin Flames exist in the first place is deeply rooted in Truth, Origin and of course therefore, in Creation. There is also a school of thought that the Twin Flames as we know of the subject are the 144,000 Israelites, and I'm sure you have seen the 144,000 around as it pertains to this subject of Twin Flames, but that's another subject for another day.

I will quote Chabad on The Kabbalah:

“Come and see. All souls that are in the world include both male and female."

The seed of light that establishes the soul comes from chesed and gevura of daat.

Chesed is the male aspect and gevura is the female aspect.

The souls also issue from the union of Zeir Anpin with Malchut, and these are also male and female counterparts in the spiritual world.

And when the souls issue forth [from the treasury of souls in malchut, they emerge as male and female, and after [they have descended to the physical world each separates and goes its own way.

The male part manifests in a male body and the female part in a female body. If a person merits through behavior worthy of his soul they join together again as one unit. His wife is his true “soul mate” meaning that they are actually the male and female aspects of the one soul.

They join together as one unit in everything, in spirit and in body.

This is as is written, "And G‑d said, 'Let the earth bring forth a live soul in its type'." What does "in its type" mean? This is the spirit of that person that came into his “soulmate” who is of the same type as he is. And what is "the earth"? This is as in the verse, "My essence was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and finely wrought in the depths of the earth."

Then we have from The Talmud: “Forty days prior to the formation of a child, a Heavenly Voice cries out saying the daughter of so and so is destined for so and so,” and from this teaching it appears that scripture recognizes the concept of “soulmates.” 

The Holy Zohar teaches us that no soul is complete without the other as it pertains to male and female divine soul counterpart energies.

It also teaches us that the divine male and the divine female energies are two halves of the same soul.

There is also an interesting point with regard to reincarnation of souls as it pertains to these divine male and divine female counterparts which comes to us as a secret revealed to us in Sha'ar HaGilgulim:

It’s said that most male energies must reincarnate for rectification of their souls, and that the female energy of the soul entity reincarnates however the female energies actually rectify their souls in Heaven, yet females reincarnate to assist the soul of their mate which is their other half, according to this law. 

In other words, male energies reincarnate to rectify their souls through work and it's the divine female halves who reincarnate as well, but as assistants in some way to their mates.

If you are destined as mated souls, then you will unite and there will be nothing that keeps you apart or from achieving union with that other half of your soul being.

It is further said: “Match-making is difficult for The Holy One as it can be compared to the Parting Of The Red Sea.” It says that when we were formed, we were in short, one big soul. Forty days before conception by His hand he split the soul into the two separate parts: male and female aspects / counterparts. For lack of a better term, we say "the other half." This goes back to the original statement from The Talmud, above.

I could speak of The Holy Bible as it pertains to love and soulmates, however it does not speak of "split souls," and this article is specifically addressing "where the concept of split souls originates." I don't want readers to see this and get the wrong impression and say to themselves, "Self? Oh, no! I'm not a Jewish Mystic so how does this effect me," and get all worried because they haven't read The Kabbalah and they're not Jewish. This is NOT an article all about religion, it's simply addressing the subjects pertaining to how the concept of Twin Flame originated, that's all. It's merely enlightening and interesting, that's all it is. It's just an article that I thought might be interesting.

That said, the concept itself is very ancient and has been around since long before I walked this earth. I should also add that yes, every soul being (meaning all persons) have a mate, regardless of whether they're a Twin Flame or not and regardless of whether or not they have met said mate and regardless of whether they happen to decide to connect with said mate. We make various soul connections for many different reasons ranging from enlightenment to learning to evolution to romantic partnerships and so on. There is NO ONE in this world who is somehow "destined to forever end up alone," and I want to mention that as well because that is a concern I hear of quite often. My goodness, no. Everyone has a life and the ability to live it well. That also said, I hope you will enjoy your life and enjoy living it to the fullest. 

I wish you all of the highest blessings in your paths. xoxo

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Hi, thank you fid your articles. Can you please post some information regarding twin flames that are same gender. Non sexual, both heterosexual. I have, without doubt, been on a TF journey, and it has been excruciatingly brutal, though brought me back to recognition with my soul after months of pain and seeking to understand. This coincides with a spontaneous spiritual awakening after the death of a loved one. . Most information is regarding romantic relationships… which mind was/is not… I just know I’ve had all the experiences of this journey but without the sexual side..

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