When In Doubt Move Forward & Live Your Own Life Well

If there's anything I've learned in my time (and I've had a pretty long time here on this earth) it's that the best way always is to live one's own life well. 

I see many people who tend to stagnate in relationships. Not just different types of Romantic Soulmates or even Twin Flames, but many people in general become stagnated in their lives for a number of reasons. Maybe it's an intense connection that's really tough to get past and you end up comparing everyone you happen to try to meet to that particular person. Maybe it's that you're in some process of learning or evolution. Or maybe it's just a really, really intense connection that seems to linger. The list could go on forever.

I've also heard of people being told that they need to basically wait on having any happiness in their lives. That to me is just wrong. On so many levels. People deserve happiness EVERYDAY. 

The thing is, when we are extremely connected with another person and that relationship doesn't seem to want to manifest the way we'd like it to, for whatever reason, it's very easy for one to become stuck in that mindset. So we end up thinking to ourselves, "I feel like I'm supposed to be with this person but I can't have it. Nothing else can measure up." This is especially true of certain types of romantic and catalytic soulmates. I've certainly experienced my share too. Believe me, I get it. So, how does one exactly move forward?

The thing is, it is said that when we wait or practice anything they refer to as being of a lower vibration, such as waiting, needing, yearning, missing, and so on, this sends a sort of "complaint" to the Universe. It's said that the Universe cannot hear "negatives." This makes total sense because whenever we practice the Law Of Attraction, we know that Like Attracts Like and we also know that the Universe is said to be unable to hear words like "Can't, Won't, Don't," and so on. So, when we are trying to manifest something like being on time we would theoretically say "I will be on time for work," versus saying the negative form of the same thing which would sound like, "I won't be late for work." 

That said, it makes perfect sense that we would need to use the positive, high vibration versus low vibration in order to create that Like Attracts Like result in our favor. So, it just stands to good reason that when we practice waiting, needing and so on, then we get more of exactly that. Like really does attract like. You know that old saying, "When it rains it pours?" It means that when you already have something, you always receive more of it. 

I'll give you a silly example but it's so accurate.

I had this friend in college who worked as a bartender. There was a big glass tip jar on the counter. I think it used to have pickles in it. Anyway, I'd take her to work and I'd always watch as she started her shift and we'd chat. She'd always dump a bunch of single $1.00 bills and a couple of larger bills like $5 and $10 toward the front so they could be seen. When I asked her why she responded, "Because tips attract tips. Like attracts like. If this jar stays empty, and I've tried it a few times, it hardly ever gets any tips. But when it looks like people are already tipping, people want to be like everyone else so they also add in a tip or even a $5 or a $10 if they're in a good mood because they can see them in the front of this jar here. You always have to start yourself out. With your windfall. Then the like attracts like." 

She was absolutely correct and I've written about how to manifest and create little windfalls before to gain your confidence, and then build up to your larger manifestation. She always ended her shifts with plenty of tips. 

Moving forward is similar. We might think that engaging ourselves in things that we enjoy such as hobbies, work, friends, spending time doing things that we like to do and so on really isn't such a big deal but it is. When your life becomes full, you will receive more fulfillment. 

I like to think of life as unique "boxes." We have a work box, a hobbies box, a family box and a love box and so on. Look carefully at your boxes. While you might have a pretty full work box, what does your hobbies box look like? By hobbies I'm just referring to the things that one enjoys on say, their days off to relax. What does your love box look like? Are you saving room for someone in particular who might not be available right now? Fill your boxes. I don't mean that one must go out and accept a date with every random stranger they meet at all. I'm talking about love in general. Certainly love pertains to more than just romantic relationships. But yes, if you're single and the person who has your heart isn't available right now, if it is something that you want to do, certainly go out and date if you want to! It will create positive momentum for you. Absolutely make friends and connections with positive people in general. Surround yourself with good people, good times and good feelings.

It's tough when we feel an attraction or attachment to someone and that someone isn't available for whatever reason. Perhaps they're in another relationship, or perhaps they're not emotionally available, or perhaps they are simply of the mindset that a relationship with you wouldn't work right now for any reason at all. Whatever their reason, it's best to always be understanding and respectful (well, of course because this is just good common sense.) And, it's always best to create positive momentum in your life - don't you deserve it? With that momentum comes positive energy and fun but also growth, evolution, and maybe even some learning or healing. Lots of positive can come from good momentum. It depends on the person. 

I know that these words likely contradict a lot of advice that others will give. I have seen others advise people to stand there waiting on their desired partner and "to tirelessly work on themselves" in the meantime. Hey, I'm not bashing self-growth or inner work, I'm a huge proponent for anything that makes someone feel good. So, if you want to do so, then by all means. I'm just saying that chances are...you are you and that there is nothing "bad" about you that "requires energetic fixing because you're somehow in some way bad." Chances are, you're a decent, nice person with plenty of empathy and a kind heart and a smart mind with tons of love to offer the right person in your life. I say, don't stand there waiting. Live your life. Enjoy living your life. You deserve pleasure and happiness. You don't just deserve pleasure and happiness in your life when the person you desire finally turns around toward you, you deserve happiness in your life every single day including RIGHT NOW. Just saying.

I know, there are certain relationships you might already have a sense of knowing about and are looking forward to. That's fine. That's wonderful! That sense of knowing resides within Twin Flames and many types of romantic soulmates too. I understand. Just don't hide under the couch until that happens. You can connect with your ideal either hiding under the couch and thinking that there is something somehow wrong with you, or you can have that whilst enjoying a happy, productive, wonderful life with lots of pleasure and fulfillment all around you. Personally, I like the idea of a happy and fulfilled life. That wonderful connection will then in turn, compliment it. 

I hope that this helps you. I wish you many blessings on your path. xoxo



Thank you this was beautiful to read I definitely needed to hear this
kind regards


I found your text, and especially thus one, at the exactly right time for me.

Thanks for the clear acceptance of the lasting TF-feeling that is so nice but also hard at the same time (I had to cut him of fully right now) and opening at the same time the ‘door’ for a fulfilled life in the future. Top! Niels


I found your text, and especially thus one, at the exactly right time for me.

Thanks for the clear acceptance of the lasting TF-feeling that is so nice but also hard at the same time (I had to cut him of fully right now) and opening at the same time the ‘door’ for a fulfilled life in the future. Top! Niels

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