Question Submitted: What are twin flame dreams & what do they mean?

Hi there! How are you? And yeah, that's that same picture of me I posted on Facebook a few days ago and yes it is. Purple unicorn hair, I mean.

It was a totally unintentional shampoo accident (other blonde women will know exactly to what I'm referring) and I realize lavender locks doesn't help you take me seriously so I've decided to go ahead and author a fun post. Since I have purple hair and all. 

Speaking of unicorns, while you may dream about your twin flame from time to time, you may think that twin flames who share dreams is like finding a unicorn because it's a rare thing (for some folks.)

Actually, it isn't all that rare at all when you really think about it. Sharing a dream with your twin flame or dreaming about your twin flame isn't all that rare.

Some might even view this as a twin flame synchronicity or sync for short.

Once we've experienced Kundalini Rising it becomes even more common to have a dream about your twin flame. This is because the sacred energies that awaken during Kundalini Rising for twin flames can bring brand new, powerful.

In case you haven't noticed there's a lot of twin flames out there. Chances are if you're reading this, you've met your twin flame! Well, of course. And if you have, then you may have stumbled upon this article because you want to know what twin flame dreams are and the meaning behind your twin flame dreams.

Personally, I view certain types of dreams as enjoyable but to me, sometimes dreams can bring a message to us. While most dreams are basically just whatever we've been exposed to over the previous days or weeks that get all mixed up and spewed forth in the dreamscape, some dreams can hold more meaning than others. This is especially true regarding dreams about our twin flame, our life partner. 

Twin flame signs and synchronicity are everywhere too and can show up in dreams as well. Try watching YouTube late at night, you'll catch the twin flame ads between videos. There's always some gorgeous, young deliriously happy glassy-eyed twin flame couple overdosing on happiness, talking up their intense eye contact, powerful connection, magnetic pull, unconditional love and undeniable passion. They often speak of the signs and syncs (and dreams) that they have. After all, we begin to notice the synchronicity and divine guidance in our everyday lives as well as our dreams when on a spiritual path.

Interesting stuff! 

If you're a twin flame you probably see twin flame signs whether it be by happenstance or some trippy internet algorithm based on your search history. 

Some twin flame dreams can have meanings and can be like a message. Maybe someone comes to tell us something. Maybe they're glimpses, given to us for a reason. 

If you happen to have a dream that you are able to recall upon waking, it is possible that the dream may have contained divine guidance. Divine guidance can come in many forms, but in regard to dreaming it is when we receive information and enlightenment through our dreaming experience. 

It's important to use your discernment when you're interpreting your dreams. This is especially true regarding your twin flame dreams. For example, if you see in a dream that you're being told to do a certain thing but you feel doing that thing wouldn't yield a very good result, then it's obviously your discernment that is guiding you to be mindful. 

For example, if you dreamed that you were supposed to randomly confront your twin flame with whom you've been separated about your feelings and about how much you miss them, you'd use logic and reason. You know that if you reach out to them and say, "Hey, we're twin flames! I want to tell my twin flame that we are twin flames! I want to say we're twins! Don't you understand?" What might happen? Would they be surprised? Confused? Annoyed?

Obviously, if you're in the separation stage then you wouldn't go to them with any chasing behaviors, for chasing during the running and chasing stages causes guessed it! More running on their part.

So, instead of acting on your dream you'd use your discernment. You'd use your intelligent, logical mind to deduce what the dream really meant. That said, dreams of your twin flame can mean many things, not just that you should reach out to them. 

If your dream takes you to a wonderful place where you get the inner sense that you're traveling, this for example might represent the path that you're currently on with your twin flame -or, it may be just a whole bunch of mental and emotional hokus pokus being released whilst asleep in your dreamscape. But it's up to you to discern. It's up to you to interpret. It's up to you, because it's your dream. 

it's said that some dreams bring synchronicity, signs, even the divine guidance. If you use your careful discernment and take into consideration the type of dream it may be (such as wishful thinking dreams, visitation dreams, lucid dreams, dreams of divine guidance, and so on) then you'll be able to interpret the meaning of your dreams.

There are many types of dreams.

  • Wishful thinking dreams
  • Visitation dreams
  • Lucid dreams
  • Dreams of divine guidance
  • Astral Projection (travel)
  • Random dreams
  • Prophetic dreams
  • Glimpse dreams 

It isn't uncommon to have dreams that are glimpses of one's past life, or a past life with someone else, or even a glimpse of a certain situation in your present that you desire clarity about. For some, it's even possible to experience dreams of events yet to come to pass in the future. These are our prophetic dreams.

It's said that twin flame dreams are extremely powerful and meaningful to those who experience them. I have a memory of a dream that I had about my twin flame before we met, albeit it took place when I was just a small child. However, when I met my twin flame, I realized who he was. And, I realized finally what the dream I'd had was all about. It sounds wild (and it was) but when I connected with my twin flame, it all made sense. Those with whom I have shared my experience are at first surprised, but then they too begin sharing their personal experiences about the dreams they've had. 

So, it's my take that a lot of people experience dreams that are profound and meaningful to them. Everyone is unique, so your dreaming experience will always be unique to you -a very special and personal experience.

Have you ever experienced a dream about your twin flame? 



@Gerda It’s my take that some dreams can be prophetic, yes. It sounds like your friends were absolutely speaking accurately and correctly. Proud of them! And of you, too! Once activated and awakened so to speak, I believe that this can additionally open us up to receive insights from our Higher Self, at Source. Have you experienced a Kundalini Awakening aka Kundalini Rising by chance? While I won’t go into it here on the forum, you may have also awakened the sacred energies. Blessings xo


helena I have dreams about my twin all the time almost every night! I think that’s us talking in the 5d it feels legit real! I had a dream over and over before my twin came in to my life . I was talking to my friends about it and everyone was saying it was going to happen. sure enuff it all happen like my dream. is this like prophecy?

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