What's The Twin Flame Soul Merge? Does It Happen In The Physical or Ethereal Realm?

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The Twin Flame Soul Merge refers to when the two divided soul beings incarnate in the two separate human bodies merge together and “reunion” takes place, thus the soul becomes one again.

I’ll explain… My dear and I were located very far apart when we initially connected, and our Soul Merge happened once we met in the physical. This is how it goes for most. However, I’m open to the fact that it’s very possible to experience a Twin Flame Soul Merge without having ever met physically or even a Soulmate Chakra connection for that matter. I’ll tell you why…

Twin Flames are two halves of one soul incarnate in two separate human bodies: one half male energy and the other half, female energy. Twins are in their 3rd and final incarnation. During the first two incarnations, the soul being was incarnated as one whole soul being; as one person, either a male or a female. During incarnation number one, the soul was not yet divided, and the soul being was incarnate as a male (or a female.) During incarnation number two, the soul being is still a whole soul being and is not yet divided, and is incarnated as one person, a male or a female (typically, if they were a male during the 1st incarnation, they will be female in the 2nd.) Then, we reach this, the 3rd and final incarnation…

During this, the 3rd and final incarnation, the soul is split into the two halves: one half male and the other half female energy. Therefore, the twins are YIN AND YANG. One will typically possess all of the ABC traits while his partner will possess all of the XYZ traits, for example. During this 3rd and final incarnation as divided soul beings, these twin flames embark on their journey to union.

The purpose of the journey to union is to achieve union and the purpose of the union is the Divine Mission which is the reason why twins exist in the first place.

Twins connect in the physical realm when both are ready. How will you know when you’re both ready? Divine Timing ensures an accurate, seamless connection in the physical realm. This physical connection refers to 3-D connections including communication, and not necessarily being in close physical proximity to one another.

In MOST cases, the soul merge occurs the instant the twin flames connect in the physical 3-D realm and touch one another in the physical such as a hug or a hand shake. While telepathic communication and great empathy exist between one another prior to this aspect of connection, this physical 3-D connection is usually when the Soul Merge takes place.

Is it possible to experience a Soul Merge prior to physical connection? Well, let’s look at this spiritually and practically as well as scientifically.

While I am not God and cannot speak for Him, I don’t see why that isn’t possible. After all, anything is possible. On a side note, I came to this incarnation still carrying with me certain pre-birth memories and a mission so to speak which was communicated to me long before birth, that I have carried with me all of my life and didn’t talk about with really anyone until the past few years. This “message” if you will, referred to creation, to origin. While I can engage in such gifts, I did not “download” or “channel” my purpose, message or mission later on in life as I keep seeing many others claim to have done. I was born simply knowing what it was, and more so, the meaning behind why and why we exist at all. It was daunting, this “meaning of life,” so to speak, but I realized pretty young and early on that I was required to complete my purpose of assisting others back to truth and origin. I’m not alone; many other twins also carry with them certain pre-birth memories too. Since the last year of the Mayan Calendar 2012, most have been able to connect with one another via various forms of media with the interest of completing their Divine Mission. That said, I suppose God in His infinite wisdom put us all here at the right time. But I digress…

Everything is made up of energy, right down to the last grain of sand on the barely visible blade of grass stuck on the bottom of your shoe. Energy can be created, shifted and manipulated and changed. Once it has been created, you can’t dissolve it but you can shift or change it or shrink or grow it -and, CONNECT IT. This goes back to quantum physics and quantum mechanics. Soul energy is just that: another form of energy.

You see, I have seen first hand COUNTLESS Ideal Romantic Soulmate connections experience Chakra connections without having even ever set foot in the same country, let alone in the same room. The signs, syncs and symptoms of Ideal Romantic Soulmates and many other types of soulmate connections are practically identical to that of twin Flame, so there you have it. I have many friends I’ve never met in person but with whom I share ongoing telepathy experiences, for example. That also said, then I say, why not? Why couldn’t a Twin Flame couple reasonably experience the Soul Merge without having stepped foot into the same room?

I hope this helps! Blessings xo



Yes I completely agree with this statement that twin flame doesnot have to be in same place for Soul merge to happen as I experience so called Soul merge in one of the day of february month 2021,since I was unaware about the twin flame journey or let’s say the whole twin flame concept untill I experience mystic signs and symptoms physically.I was so confused about the things happening within and around me.Thus I started searching things in internet,I was aghast when I suddenly found article on twin flame and that was first time how I came to know about this term and started digging deep on it.This person soul has merged within me after seeing him in my dreams continously for couple of weeks but to my surprise I have not met this person face to face in my past life. I accept his friend request in my social media site on 2012 february month even that was strange because usually I never accept friend request from unknown people but somehow I started seeing him in my facebook friend list and after couple of months I married to another person whom my relative introduced to me and he is my current husband.My husband is good person from heart and behaviour,he take very good care of us and look after us very well.I don’t know what God’s divinity has planned for us but this mystical experience happened in my life made me a change person.I sense any emotion occur or comes in me are in deep and stronge level mostly I can feel peace,joy and calmness in true form.

L Smith

I’ve been experiencing nausea for most of the year. It’s been particularly bad this morning. I’d had noticed that I feel like I’m losing my hearing over the past two years since our first hug in April of last year. He told me yesterday that he’s hard of hearing. I took me a few hours before the connection was made between my hearing loss and his hearing problem. We both have sleeping problems as well.

Venus Rising

Yes, the Soul Merge is absolutely possible before physical contact. My Twin and I are in the process right now and we are separated by an entire coastline. Actually, it started before I had even seen a picture of him or heard his voice, which I still haven’t heard. He’s a Self Aware and is wound a little tight, so he functions differently. He has his ways and that’s fine. Regardless, we are merged/merging now. He/his Higher Self is with me 24/7. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and just keeps getting better. There were some interesting physical symptoms in the beginning…nausea, dizziness. The one thing that floored me is how much better I could breathe! It felt like I was taking in pure oxygen! I’m used to it now, so it’s not quite as amusing as it was lol. I am never alone and we have an amazing relationship, even if me and his lower aspect aren’t getting along for one reason or another. He, especially, has a lot of healing to do still. But, this whole Journey is so amazingly beyond words….
At any rate, yes, very possible. ;)


This all happened with Adam and Eve folks. Think about it..They weren’t babies..They were complete adult human beings when created. God took the rib from Adam ..placed it in Eve..they became one..with one soul..one spirit with two bodies..This is an easy answer..We were intended to have this one soul..one spirit ..so we could be one…This was..placed in us..incarnate from the beginning…We will be with this person forever as one.

Amber Reyanne Pangborn

Ok I am trying to figure this all out. My husband of 10 years committed suicide and than both my parents had a very turbulent relationship but after 37 years of marriage had split but than both died my mom in feb than my dad in april and than i was pregnant soon after and i cant figure out if its my husband reborn or both my parents in union. She was born on my birthday Thanksgiving Day November 28 2019. I am trippin cause i know she’s one of them. Mean while i think i met my own twin flame and we are to be in union this life and his mother died when he was real little and we have same life experience and have to stand up to authorities. It is so so real they stole our kids and my first husband who killed himself was a correctional officer my new husband is El Salvadorian with a controlling mean family. I have been messed with and bullied by government and he his family and i am just tripping with the way times are going and second birth or coming of Christ I am really just overwhelmed with some of the reoccurring themes with the story and Jesus first coming

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