What Does It Mean When My Life Path Or My Twin Flame's Life Path Add To 11?

I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and have been in union with my own Twin Flame for a long time so I'll try to help. I also studied numerology, specifically twin flame numerology for over 20 years so I'll show readers how to deduce their life path numbers as well.

In short, your Joined Life Path Number is a Number 2 meaning that your joined path and divine mission will have something likely to do regarding healing/teaching.

The fact you posted your question here is an example of just that in the sense that your question will help teach others. There will be more examples in your future when you are fully engaged in your divine mission.

Unless you're dealing with Master 11s or 44s, which require very specific birth criteria and are ascended masters who are not Twin flames, in numerology we look at the Life Path Number and the Joined Life Path Number.

LIFE PATH NUMBER FORMULA: Life Path Numbers are 1-9. The formula for reducing your birth date to get your life path number is easy: simply add to the single digit.

For example: Feb 4, 1974 = Life Path 9.

02+04+1974=27. Adding always to the single digit we again add 2+7=9.

JOINED LIFE PATH NUMBER FORMULA: The joined life path number is simply your life path number single digit added to their life path number. For example, if you're a life path 3 and they are a life path 2, your Joined Life Path Number would be a 5.

TWIN FLAME NUMEROLOGY: Often a set of twins will contain a life path 9 since 9 is the highest life path number referring to the last (3rd and final) incarnation. So, the twins will hsve a joined life path number of the other twin. For example: one being a life path 9 and one being a 5 = 9+5=14 = 1+4=5, back to the other twins original life path number. This usually points to whichever twin is the leading twin in the Divine Mission they happen to share.

If your birth date adds to an 11, which is pretty common, keep adding to the single digit = 2.

If you and your twins life path numbers add togerher to reach 11 — and thousands have life paths that do this, it usually means you're supposed to keep adding to reach that single grounded digit which would be a 2.


Each set of twins and soulmates for that matter, have a specific life purpose. In addition there is ONE CALLING which twin flames are intended to answer and that's their divine mission. The mission is the reason twins exist in the first place.

Nope, the universe did not create the two of you to make you fall in love and go through the twin flame journey for a good time, nor dud the universe put numerology messages in your path to get it's kicks. The numerology is part of the universal MESSAGES the universe is sending you.

The universe will keep sending messages and will keep throwing signs at you until you GET AND UNDERSTAND the message it's sending. If you're being followed by certain numbers such as 11s which 11s specifically mean “pay attention,” that means you should listen to the universe and do pay attention to the message it's sending. When you receive and understand the message it's sending, the numbers — including those pesky 11s will stop chasing you, for then you'll be on the right path.

EXAMPLE OF 11s AS MESSAGES: I recall a few years ago when i was stuck with my counterfeit twin flame…his name was PJ. The 11s were following me everywhere, including 22, 1:1, 11:11 and so on. Constantly, I was seeing them. Right around the time I started to connect with my true twin flame, even though I had no idea that he was at the time and even though I didn't like him much, the 11s stopped chasing me… of course I freaked out because I had taken comfort in seeing them. So, I asked the shaman. He replied, “Child, the universe does not have the luxury of time to send people confirmation of anything. Only warning you or delivering messages that hold importance to your journey, your path. You are finally on the right path so there's no need for the universe to try to get your attention by putting 11s in your path, for you're ALREADY ON THE RIGHT PATH. The universe only sends necessary messages. Time is infinite and should never be wasted. Don't insult the universe by wasting time an route on the wrong path. Follow your signs and remain on the right path.”

So, now, each time I see the 11s I know what it means. It means: PAY ATTENTION. It means I need to pay attention to my signs and pay attention to my path.

WHY DO I KEEP SEEING 11 & 11:11?

Psychics and gurus love to say that the universe sends 11s to confirm things in your mind. But as an Ascended Master now looking back, I'd be remiss if I didn't follow that statement with a question: “How many souls do you see who are supposedly going through the twin flame journey who are struggling, confused, or are stagnated in their situation — even though they have been watching the 11s?”

Yup, you guessed it! Just watching your 11s isn't good enough as the universe isn't your mind reader. Nope, you must RECEIVE YOUR SIGNS — INCLUDING THE 11s — AND FOLLOW YOUR SIGNS. If you are being presented with 11s it's a universal sign. If 11s are chasing you and appearing everywhere including with other numbers in patterns, this means the universe is trying to relay a message to you in the easiest to understand way it can do so. So, follow your signs.



Matt and I have Life Path 5..karmic or twin flame not too sure but it’s a very intense connection we have to take breaks because of ego but we’re also heavy into substances and haunt each other in dreams. .it’s horrible and wonderful..must be karmic but I’m stuck.


Do twin flames always have the same life path numbers?

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