What Do Numbers 1 & 7 Mean?

1 typically refers to an aspect of the 11 or 11:11 which means “pay attention.”

7 is God's/the creators number.

Seeing 1 and 7 together in numerology we always add to the single digit to get to the root answer meaning. 1+7=8 which is the number of infinity.

Seeing the 1 and 7 together or in a sequence typically refers to “pay attention / God or The Creator's plan / Infinity.”

Some might interpret this in the clearest possible meaning: “pay attention because you should engage in your divine mission or life purpose to participate in the creator or God's grand plan for the universe to achieve your goals and reach infinity with the creator.”

Usually people see these numbers repeating because twin flames purpose is their mission and if one does not engage in their life purpose or if one neglects their mission, eternity is harder to reach. The universe will always deliver messages when they are needed. You can keep track of your messages in a small notebook for reference. Reading tbrough a weeks worth of universal messages should result in a pattern, a larger message revealed.

All souls receive numerological universal messages. Spulmates tend to focus on romantic, earthly aspects while twin flames are more focused on the universal vibration and how tbey can improve it. So, it's important to open your mind beyond just what you initially see or experience when receiving a universal message.

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Interesting! My soul connection’s birthday is 17. I see the number everywhere. We also both live at a number 1 – I thought that was so cool when I realised!

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