How do I move forward and live my own life well to achieve a happy & fulfilling life?

There are of course laws and rules of the earth that we must live by. These rules are pretty basic and prevent us from basically going into mayhem and ruining all that was created. You know, killing this planet and accidentally doing ourselves in, in the process. I think this earth has been around a pretty long time, so we've done a decent job at keeping it around but this also begs the question whether or not one is actually choosing to live their life well. And, how to be at least somewhat happy whilst doing so. 

So, how does one find happiness? Where does one even begin?

In a previous post, I explained how it's important to live one's own life well and not to sit and simply wait around for something such as one's relationship to just... magically materialize. Why? Because when we practice waiting, we get more waiting. When we move forward, we create momentum. We create action. This creates shift and shift brings us what we desire.

This is as simple as a process of dieting to lose weight: less calories in / more calories burned will equate to weight loss. But let's think about how many people actually struggle with something as simple a formula as weight loss...a lot of people struggle with weight loss even though the formula is extremely simple. Ironic, yes?

The formula for creating a happy life and moving forward within that life is just as simple as the formula for weight loss yet people tend to struggle with this too. So, let's see what we can do to make this easier. 

Please don't take this as a religious lesson, although I will be pointing out some stuff from ancient texts. The thing is, the stuff from ancient texts happens to be added into this tried and true method for happy lives, so I'd be remiss if I didn't list these too.

First, Story Time:

Back in the day in 5th grade, I had this teacher who drove me batpoop crazy. Her name was Mrs. McDonnald. She was set to retire 3 years before she taught our class back in the day, so to 10 year-old me she seemed just ancient. She also had a voice like nails on a chalkboard. I'd heard that term before but I'd never understood it until then. But I digress... For some reason she was extra hard on me. All year long. I cried about a million times. Also, that year I was the new weird kid having just moved to Florida and I was such a nerd. I was absolutely bullied to death. They call it bullying now, but back then it was just "a scapegoated kid." But weirdly, I was always ironically also assigned to welcome the "new kid" in school, whomever it was at the time, and guide them in through the process of becoming acclimated. It was the toughest year of my life. And, I was pretty sure Mrs. McDonnald hated me more than she hated the Florida heat (which was an awful lot.) On the last day of school, we all lined up for the award ceremony. First, I received the chorus award. Of course I did, everyone in chorus got one and my mother had called Mrs. Charles and asked her to let me in the chorus in the first place thinking I'd somehow make friends that way (she was wrong.) I then received the art award. Of course I did, everyone who entered the city's art competition that year got one too. I'd won the blue ribbon for the "pen & ink" drawing of a Victorian mansion using a dip pen. No big deal. Then they announced the 5th grade graduation. Of course I "graduated," everyone in 5th grade did. No big deal.

Then came the Citizenship Award. This one came in a frame, a real plaque. The principal stood there and said, "every year there are two students, a boy and a girl from each class who are hand-selected for going out of their way to do extra good work for their fellow students." They called the boy. Josh. No doubt, he was the most popular boy in class. Then they called me. I sat there because I wasn't expecting it and then someone pushed me forward. I listened again. Yep, they called my name again. Wait, really? This had to be one of the kids' mean tricks. I walked up and received my award. I looked carefully, was it my name? Yes. Wow, I got a real award! I was so happy. I looked down at the sea of people and saw my teacher who I thought hated me. She winked at me and smiled. AT ME! She liked me! My teacher really liked me!

I thanked her for the award - 3 times. On 3 different days. I just couldn't believe it. She called my mother to say, "Your daughter thanked me 3 times. Those kind of manners come from the home. Your daughter is a good person. That's why she got the award. Despite her pain and her suffering at the beginning of the year in moving to a new place, she always helped others. Now is the end of the year. She deserved it." (I still can't believe I got it, there were so many other kids who were far cooler and nicer, and had way more friends but she chose me and it made me feel good.) 

This teacher used to stand in front of the class and for some reason she would always say the same thing. "G-d helps souls willing to help themselves." That was her answer to everything. I wasn't religious. Prayer wasn't allowed in school, nor were we allowed to really speak like that even back then if I recall correctly. My teacher didn't care though; she just said what was on her mind and on her mind (apparently a lot of the time) was how to live your own life well and to help yourself because G-d helps those willing to do so. And so on...

They say G-d helps those who help themselves so I suppose that yes, this is a way of helping one's self (moving forward toward a happy life.)

Apparently in the 5th grade I was getting up everyday, getting dressed, having breakfast and brushing my teeth (sometimes) and going to school even though I didn't want to. I didn't want to because it was HARD. It was so hard, I cried. Actually, I cried an awful lot. But I went everyday because that's what we did and I tried my best to help others. I did so without really thinking about it because well, that's just what we did. In the end of it all, as hard as it seemed at that time, I was "rewarded." I received the Citizenship Award Plaque for the 5th grade. I struggled myself, but I put forth the effort and in the end I was rewarded.

I realize this is a very silly analogy, but if you can take your mind back to that age and imagine what it was like being picked on (if you ever were) and still doing the best by others though struggling, then you'll see how relevant this analogy really is to daily life. 

In other words, sometimes we live our lives not even realizing that we are doing good things. Things that seem difficult happen for good reason and while it seems tough at the time, we are rewarded in the end.

So, how exactly does one practice moving forward with a happy life and do so whilst also doing good and decent things?

I'm asked all the time about how one should live their life, what's right from wrong, and so on and so forth. People living on earth here tend to find themselves in some of the most peculiar and sometimes even uncomfortable situations. (Myself, absolutely included!) The thing is, I'm not the one to really ask and I judge no one for any reason. I know that I sure wouldn't want to be judged, myself. But still, people have questions so I should provide at least some answers, right? I'll do my best here. The thing is, I'd be a lousy spiritual counselor if I didn't at least touch on this subject. 

So first, we'll cover the 10 Commandments that people have asked me about. You guys know them. These are the "basics" of what most people tend to live by whether they're spiritual or not.

Here are the 10 Commandments as they appear directly from Bible online, with a short explanation of each.

  1. You shall have no other gods before Me. (This means do not put any other before G-d.)
  2. You shall make no idols. (In other words, don't worship any other "things" or practice idolatry. There's many schools of thought on this. Some religions pray to saints and practice these commandments, while others think this falls under this commandment. Some religions worship items versus G-d and so on.)
  3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. (This means don't take G-d's name for granted or invoke the name of G-d (notice how I'm spelling G-d here. Swearing by saying "__ damn it!" would be an example.) 
  4. Keep the Sabbath day holy. (Remember to keep the holy day the holy day.)
  5. Honor your father and your mother. (Respect your elders / parents. They've been around a long time, they probably know a thing or two.)
  6. You shall not murder. (Do not kill anyone, it's bad luck.) 
  7. You shall not commit adultery. (Self-explanatory.)
  8. You shall not steal. (Self-explanatory.)
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (This means do not lie. In all ways possible, be truthful. Be truthful to yourself and to others.) 
  10. You shall not covet. (Don't be envious. If someone else has something you want, it's okay to admire it but don't try to take it away from them or try to steal it or be envious of them for having whatever that is.) 

Gee thanks, Helena. We already know the 10 Commandments because we went to Sunday school back in the day. But is there anything else?

We are familiar with The 10 Commandments and The Golden Rule especially, all about "do unto others," and so on. But are there any other thoughts? Ideas? laws? Anything else ever written on the subject? In other words, we all tend to try to live our lives trying to do the best we can and the best by others. There are some things I've come across which might be of interest to some. 

I will quote directly from Chabad online the 7 Noahide Laws:

  1. Do not profane G‑d’s Oneness in any way.
    Acknowledge that there is a single G‑d who cares about what we are doing and desires that we take care of His world.
  2. Do not curse your Creator.
    No matter how angry you may be, do not take it out verbally against your Creator.
  3. Do not murder.
    The value of human life cannot be measured. To destroy a single human life is to destroy the entire world—because, for that person, the world has ceased to exist. It follows that by sustaining a single human life, you are sustaining an entire universe.
  4. Do not eat a limb of a living animal.
    Respect the life of all G‑d’s creatures. As intelligent beings, we have a duty not to cause undue pain to other creatures.
  5. Do not steal.
    Whatever benefits you receive in this world, make sure that none of them are at the unfair expense of someone else.
  6. Harness and channel the human libido.
    Incest, adultery, rape and homosexual relations are forbidden. **Please see second paragraph, below.
    The family unit is the foundation of human society. Sexuality is the fountain of life and so nothing is more holy than the sexual act. So, too, when abused, nothing can be more debasing and destructive to the human being.
  7. Establish courts of law and ensure justice in our world.
    With every small act of justice, we are restoring harmony to our world, synchronizing it with a supernal order. That is why we must keep the laws established by our government for the country’s stability and harmony.

"These laws were communicated by G‑d to Adam and Noah, ancestors of all human beings. That is what makes these rules universal, for all times, places and people: Laws made by humans may change according to circumstance. But laws made by The Creator of all souls over all of time remain the same for all people at all times. If we would fulfill these laws just because they make sense to us, then we would change them, according to our convenience. We would be our own "god." But when we understand that they are the laws of a supreme G‑d, we understand that they cannot be changed, just as He does not change."

** Now, about that "forbidden homosexual law," please don't take the article as judgement of any sort (remember, this is from Chabad.) I am absolutely not judgmental and I also know this was written a long time ago. The CCAR, the Reform movement's rabbinic counsel, took an early and active role in fighting for gay rights. In 1977 it drafted a call to decriminalize homosexuality and to end all discrimination based on sexual orientation. In 2015, the Reform movement issued a resolution expressing support for transgender rights, and months later, the Conservative movement issued a similar one. In addition, many Jewish institutions — including summer camps — have begun taking steps to accommodate and welcome those who identify as transgender. To me, that is good news to hear as everyone should feel welcome, accommodated, comfortable and loved.

Um...Helena? I didn't come here for a Bible lesson. I realize you're a spiritual counselor, but have you suddenly become some born-again Christian or something?

No, we're definitely still Jewish. Thanks for asking, though. This is definitely not a Bible lesson, not a scholarly Talmudic lecture. Don't worry. I'm simply quoting ancient texts. Research is knowledge. Knowledge is power. I'm giving you this research, knowledge and power for you to use for your Highest Greater Good. 

Believe me when I say, I understand where you are coming from because I grew up in "The Bible Belt" of the south half the time and had religion crammed down my throat in the most invasive, annoying ways you could possibly imagine. Once, some random man even accused me of actually being a devil because I was listening to a Billy Idol tape on my Sony Walkman (remember those?) Another time someone told me I was going to hell for not being "properly baptized" which made me cry and caused my dad to threaten to sue but that's another story in itself... Another time back in the day, my best friend attending a private "Christian school" was promptly expelled when he dyed his hair pink because the school played judge, jury and executioner and labeled him as "a gay punk kid." He was simultaneously booted out on his rear-end along with another friend of mine and guess whose parents took one of those kids into their home when his own parents kicked him out for "playing non-Christian secular music" on his radio? Yep, mine did. Those people who expelled my two friends and left one homeless sure weren't acting very "Christian" at the time. I'm not against Christianity or any religion whatsoever...however, this is definitely NOT a Bible lesson. You'll see this momentarily...just hang with me.

Okay, fine. I'll keep reading. But living a decent life without murdering, killing, swearing or stealing isn't all that hard, Helena... really? That's all you've got?

Actually, no. You're right, I have a little more. The thing is, there's also something called TEMPTATION.  Have you ever seen that old cartoon with the guy who has an angel on his right shoulder and the devil on his left and both are barking instructions at him simultaneously? It's of course intended on television as a joke, but it's more real than people think.

How is that?

I'll give you an example. Not all that long ago, N came home and told me not to get too excited but that he had "big news." This news was, that he had a staff employee in his office whose boyfriend knows how to "legally" jailbreak the Amazon Fire Stick. Suffice it to say that we have a Fire Stick and it can oftentimes be a royal pain because half of what we want to watch is some sort of paid subscription. Apparently, this person knows how to do this and everyone in the office is doing it, so he wanted to know how I felt about having our Fire Stick modified too. 

I hit the roof.

Well, I didn't scream or yell or throw a fit but I was having one inside. I simply presented it as a question: "Wouldn't that be exactly the same thing as stealing?" 

I followed with a brief explanation of how each app, book and movie and so on, on the stick is owned by someone, and potentially even a small business. While it might seem like "no big deal" to take something from "big box Amazon," if everyone took something - let's say if everyone with an account on Amazon took just one book, just one movie or an app that's supposed to be purchased - how would this impact the system as a whole? Plus, jail-breaking a stick can cause viruses and we know what has been causing Alexa to act up (even our Alexa got a joke virus that makes her say insane stuff back to us, for example.) Modifications cause this kind of thing. Stealing is wrong. This would be a form of stealing. Suffice it to say, he decided not to jailbreak said stick.

Every single day, we're faced with new opportunity.

Whether it's an opportunity to help another or if it's an opportunity to jailbreak an Amazon Fire Stick, we have what I call "opportunity."

There are High Vibe and Low Vibe Opportunities.

These opportunities that we usually spot when they're "High Vibe Opportunities." This is because High Vibe is easier to notice or spot versus their Low Vibe counterparts.

What in the world is a High Vibe Opportunity?  By High Vibe Opportunity, I mean things like helping an elderly person across the street, letting someone with fewer items go before you in the line at the checkout, smiling kindly at a stranger. There's definitely something to be said for The Butterfly Effect, I agree.

The Butterfly Effect refers to the process through which each and every action we make - thought or physical action - has a cause-and-effect result which creates a sort of Domino Effect of events. In other words, each thing we do causes a result and those results cause another result. If a butterfly flaps it's wings on one side of the world, a tsunami can occur on the other and so on...

And yes, definitely the concept of "Pay It Forward" also exists.

Pay It Forward refers to when we receive something positive in any way, we want to always return the favor in some way so to speak. For example, if someone does me a favor and allows me to cut in front of them in line because I have fewer items than they, I'd reasonably do something nice for someone else in response to having been treated well in the first place. Basically, it's incentive to keep the Golden Rule going forward.

So as you can see, High Vibe Opportunities are really easy to spot and we've sort of trained ourselves to notice them and act on them. We can even give ourselves a little pat on the back when we take one.

But what the heck is a Low Vibe Opportunity?  Glad you asked! These are way harder to spot and relate back to that little "devil" sitting on the shoulder in the aforementioned cartoon. Low vibe opportunities are exactly what they sound like; chance opportunities which are of a lower vibration. because they're on a lower frequency, we don't always notice them. 

An example of a lower vibe opportunity would be the Amazon Fire Stick jailbreak offer. Everyone's doing it, everyone in both of N's offices have done it and it's usually something easy breezy, might even seem like a gift and might be something kind of difficult to resist. Wait, Helena! Something really easy that comes to me yet it's somehow also difficult to resist? You mean like that temptation you mentioned way earlier in this long-winded rant?

Yes, grasshopper... You're finally catching on!

Everyday we're tempted in some sort of way and often in ways we barely notice. It's not really a cartoon devil or Jiminy Cricket who represents one's conscience as Disney presents to us, in that old children's song although it might as well be.

Lower Vibe Opportunities are oftentimes more valuable because they are little things that come to us that might feel really good and look even better, but they are actually not positive at all. 

These opportunities come and are difficult to spot for they're shaded in darkness. They're oftentimes extremely tempting. We've previously discussed how dark things can easily masquerade as beings of "the light" which is why if you've read my stuff in the past, you've probably come across my saying things along the lines of, "Be careful because when you practice to commune with anything of the other side including the dead, anything can hear you, anything can answer and respond to you and anything certainly will. While you might THINK you're talking with your Great Aunt Gertrude, and it might LOOK light, bright and sweet, it very well may not be and chances are that it's not. But I digress...

When we happen across Low Vibe Opportunities, these are things along the lines of situations which may look and feel really good to us. They might even feel like a gift. We might even be giving gratitude for whatever it happens to be because it's just so darn wonderful. 

An example of this might be a situation where maybe you've always wanted a date with some particular person and that person is unavailable because they're married, but they suddenly decide to ask you out. While this might seem like G-d is finally smiling down on you, your HEART is saying something else to you. Your heart (that aforementioned "angel" on your right shoulder so to speak) is saying, "No, don't do it because you know that they're married and they have a propensity to cheat on their spouse and you already know this, and because you know this you also know they're going to end up breaking your heart. Stay away, you have a gut feeling so listen to it!" But that "devil" on the other side is saying things like, "Come on, it's a gift from G-d and you're finally getting your chance with this person like you've always wanted! Come on, say yes! You know you want to!" 

It's a tough situation at best, isn't it? You finally have what you've wanted but you know within your heart it isn't right because you have "tested" that opportunity and felt it within you. We've discussed testing our instincts in this previous blog post here: 

So, you look at the big picture and then you start feeling even more confused. You will initially view this as being "stuck" in a scary situation. However, there is a different way through which to see this. In other words,you can actually view this as an opportunity. It's an opportunity - whether it's a High or Low Vibe Opportunity, to make the right choices for YOU. In making the right choices for you, you'll by default also make good choices (goes back to the cause-and-effect) for others as well. That said, if course you make good choices!

The High Vibe Opportunity stuff is easier to spot and you probably handle those perfectly well all the time. Good for you!

The Low Vibe Opportunity stuff is a bit harder to spot, but usually yields a more positive and productive result for the Greater Good.

Easy breezy...

But what about the bad things I may have done? Does "the devil" really make people do bad things, possess people or what if one has "sold their soul" to the devil? What if I have done bad things without even realizing? Is there any hope? What happens? 

Believe it or not, I've actually had people come to me with real worries and genuine concern about some of the choices they've made. And believe me, as a spiritual counselor I hear an awful lot. Totally understandable. You see, I don't want you to feel badly about your past choices because you cannot change the past. Don't borrow guilt or trouble. Instead, move forward with the mindset that you'll from now on make all of the RIGHT choices versus poor ones. There's no sense in beating yourself up over something that cannot be changed. If time machines existed, we would all be traveling back through time attempting to remedy mistakes or perceived error. 

Remember, no one is perfect and no one expects anyone to be perfect. To think in that light would simply be unrealistic. There is only one perfect being. That is G-d and we are His children. He created us and for good reason. Our lives have purpose: to learn, grow, evolve as souls and while we're at it, to do as much good as we possibly can during the process. We have discussed Life Purpose and The Divine Mission. We have discussed purpose and mission as it pertains to romantic relationships (Soulmates, Twin Flame, etc., etc.) People speak of the result of The Divine Mission as being "Raising the Universal Vibration resulting in unconditional love, peace and healing, the world over." Yes, this is a wonderful idea! Another set of words to describe exactly this is, "To live one's own life well whilst also moving forward within it, keeping The Creator in your heart at all times and in result, all good and positive work you do including is in His name." People talk about The Divine Mission as in, "Leading the masses back to Truth, Origin and Creation." Well, what exactly so you think this means? What exactly is Truth, Origin and Creation? It doesn't mean to have a Past Life Regression and meet all your dead relatives although how entertaining it sounds. I love the idea of remembering. However, what we really mean when we speak of The Divine Mission is the message. As I've said before: It isn't helping other Twin Flames along, it's not your favorite song and it isn't selling things or buying things that you believe will get you closer to your ideal romance. It's leading the masses back to Truth, Origin and Creation. What do you think this refers to? It refers to Truth and Origin and Creation. (Think about your own truth of your creation and origin as it pertains to Creation by The Creator and you'll have a sudden epiphany.) 

But what about bad behaviors?

In the ancient religious texts, "the devil" is actually a fallen angel named Lucifer. In the story, he was G-d's favorite and was named Lucifer which meant "light bringing" or "morning star." This was the devil's proper name before falling from grace. In Christian tradition, Lucifer is better known as satan who rules the underworld of hell torturing lost and condemned souls with his pitchfork and "hell" is described as "a total absence of G-d." And NO ONE wants to be in a complete and total absence of G-d.

Personally, I do believe that temptation does in fact exist. And, I'm always receiving that question about pacts made with the dark side or the devil. People playing with witch craft, talking to satan asking for favors and so on. First of all, I don't believe that it's possible to "sell one's soul" to the devil because your soul was never yours to sell in the first place because it was created by and therefore has always belonged to G-d. However, since temptation does exist it's reasonable of course then to say that it's possible to lean toward negativity or "the darkness," or to give energy to the wrong side. So of course, no one wants to do that.

But where did all of this stuff come from, anyway?

I'll quote the explanation from Chabad for you...

Satan is a Hebrew verb meaning "provoke" or "oppose" and is used several times in the Bible as a verb. The first instance is in the story of Balaam, when Balaam decides to take the mission of cursing the Jewish People:

"G‑d's wrath flared because he was going, and an angel of the L‑rd stationed himself on the road to oppose him [translation of l'satan lo], and he was riding on his she-donkey, and his two servants were with him." 

In other cases, the word appears as a noun, "a provocateur." Generally, the title appears with the definite article—"the satan"—which means that it is not a proper name, just a job description. For example, in the book of Job, the satan appears as a prosecutor before G‑d:

"Now the day came about, and the angels of G‑d came to stand beside the L‑rd, and the satan, too, came among them…"

"Now the L‑rd said to the satan, "Have you paid attention to My servant Job? For there is none like him on earth, a sincere and upright man, G‑d-fearing and shunning evil."

And the satan answered the L‑rd and said, "Does Job fear G‑d for nothing? Haven't You made a hedge around him, his household, and all that he has on all sides? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his livestock has spread out in the land. But now, stretch forth Your hand and touch all that he has, will he not blaspheme You to Your face?"

Now the L‑rd said to the satan, "Behold, all that he has is in your hands; only upon him do not stretch forth your hand." Now the satan left the presence of the L‑rd."

From this passage, we see that G‑d created an angel to play the role of provocateur; that he is a messenger of, and subservient to, G‑d. He was not a fallen angel or sent to hell, where he began fighting G‑d; he was created to be a satan. Neither does satan spend his days stoking the flames of hell with his pitchfork. He is a presence on earth with a mission: to provoke people to disobey G‑d's will.

Indeed, the dualistic notion of a powerful anti-G‑d figure that fights with G‑d for the destiny of the human race is incompatible with Jewish belief. There is no power of evil independent of G‑d; otherwise this would imply a lack of G‑d's all-inclusive control and power. To quote the Book of Isaiah:

"…from the place where the sun rises until the place where it sets, there is nothing but Me. I am G‑d, there is nothing else. [I am He] Who forms light and creates darkness, Who makes peace and creates evil; I am G‑d Who makes all these."

Obviously then, the satan is not an autonomous force who opposes G‑d and recruits people to his militia. Rather, the satan is a spiritual entity that is completely faithful to its maker. For example, regarding the Biblical story of the satan's particularly aggressive attempt to seduce Job to blaspheme, Rabbi Levi declares in the Talmud:

"Satan acted for G‑d's sake. When he saw how G‑d was so focused on Job, he said, 'Heaven forbid that G‑d should forget His love of (our forefather) Abraham!'"

The Zohar compares the satan to a harlot who is hired by a king to try to seduce his son, because the king wants to test his son's morality and worthiness. Both the king and the harlot (who is devoted to the king) truly want the son to stand firm and reject the harlot's advances.

Similarly, the satan is just another one of the many spiritual messengers (angels) that G‑d sends to accomplish His purpose in the creation of man.

This is not the satan's entire job description. The Talmud sums it up saying that the satan, the impulse to evil ("yetzer ha-ra") and the angel of death are one and the same personality. He descends from heaven and leads astray, then ascends and brings accusations against humankind, and then carries out the verdict.

However, the above-mentioned passage in Zohar (The Zohar is the foundational works of The Kabbalah) concludes that if one does succumb to the urging of the evil inclination, he is "giving energy to the other side."

This means, that an act defying G‑d's will grants those forces that hide G‑d's presence—at His bidding—additional strength to hide G‑d from us even more. This presents itself as even greater internal and external challenges for one to experience and identify with the truths of G‑d and His Torah.

What is an example of this, exactly?

One extreme example of this would be Pharaoh, who enslaved the Jewish people in Egypt. Though G‑d told Moses to command Pharaoh to free the Israelites, He stated that, "I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants" in order to ultimately punish the Egyptians with the ten plagues. As a consequence for his earlier oppression and abuse of the Jewish nation, his ability to abandon his evil ways was made even more difficult, to the point that he seemed to have lost free choice, and his vision and ability to repent was completely impaired.

There is nothing that can ultimately stop one who truly seeks to return. Pharaoh, too, was therefore still capable of overcoming this block, and ultimately repenting. Thus, even when someone seems to be completely possessed by the satan–as divine retribution for his earlier misdeeds, not by choice of negotiation with the devil—he is still not sold, and can overcome his instinct and impulse to act satanically. To become completely sold with no hope of redemption would be counter-productive of G‑d's intent, and could not exist.

Pay attention here, please:  Regardless of where you've fallen, you are never sold to these impure forces, and your soul can wrestle free and recommit to serve G‑d with sincerity and passion. The axe of earnest remorse can bring down any wall, whether preexisting or created by your actions, clearing the way for you to come home to your true self.

So as you can see, one's objective is to live one's own life well and not move toward negativity, as difficult (and hidden) as it may sometimes seem. 

I've done bad things, is there hope?  Absolutely. See above.

I just want to move forward and live a safe and decent life but I want to be happy too. How can I do this?  Make the best choices for yourself as well as consider how said choices may impact those around you. 

I'm faced with temptation constantly, how do I handle this?  Simply remind yourself that you're living a positive life. G-d never gives us any more than we can handle. The meaning of life for most people has at least a little something to do with learning and soul evolution. Understand this and understand that no one's perfect, and if it you have "tested" your thoughts, feelings and choices as described in the previous (linked above) post, you will make the right choices for yourself.

How do I rid myself of burden and stress?  Simply release it. Again, everything goes back to making good choices and stress is just a part of life. There are numerous methods through which to release stress. And yes, G-d will take from you, your burdens. But people struggle and say, "But I have asked! I'm not getting a response!" Look and listen more closely. He will take your burden and stress away. You REALLY CAN rest your head knowing that you will be safe and okay. You give yourself permission to relax, then give it up to The Creator, and then rest your heart and mind. Trust me when I say that He will absolutely give you the ability, knowledge, control and power and insight to handle whatever it is that you need to handle, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT HAPPENS TO BE. You just have to ask, give it up, and then rest knowing this. 

That sounds way too good to be true, is that really true?  Yes. Surrender it to G-d. Whether it's love issues, work, family stuff, finances, you name it. He gave us the ability to manifest through proactive and positive action (which I've described in this lengthy post) and does not hate you (which I have hopefully also explained here.) Be willing to help yourself (as described in that old saying.)

How do you know this is true?  I could go on and on regarding faith, but you probably already have heard stuff along those lines before. I'll put it this way: Everything happens for a reason. You've probably read my writing in the past and are reading it now. You happened upon this writing for a reason too. Interesting, no? Well, if you have read my writing in the past then you may already know that to this life I brought with me some pre-birth memory. I remember The Creator and I remember the message. I have written about this in other places, and remember knowing that I had some "thing" I needed to "get done," and that this was my last shot in order to do so. That's just me, though. I was told in that memory, that life is all about learning, evolution and growth and you've hopefully learned something new today. We take soul knowledge, experience and positive growth back up with us. Yes, G-d is real and exists. Scientists have been trying for years to prove or disprove this concept. 

Have you ever seen the film, 'I Origins?' It's one of my personal faves. It's about life, reincarnation and what we bring to this planet as souls and of course, it is also about the concept of mated souls or "Twin Flames." The film itself is a giant metaphor that teaches us to follow ourselves to reach Origin. Origin is Creation and The Creator. One of my favorite lines in the film is when the Divine Male tells his Divine Female that he is a scientist. She says, "Really? What kind of scientist?" So he begins to share with her all about his work and research and she interrupts him with asking, "Why are you trying so hard to disprove G-d?" To which he answers that he doesn't believe in G-d or faith, rather, he believes in facts and science. By the end of the movie (although I won't add too many spoilers) his mind has changed because you can see that while he has a little bit of "proof" that maybe there is a G-d, he isn't sure but really wants to believe. Is reincarnation real? Personally, I like to think it is but no one is absolutely certain. I have pre-birth memory which I brought with me here, but that's just me.Maybe we get 3 chances, maybe we get 100 chances or maybe it's just this one. If it is just this one, then time is DEFINITELY OF THE ESSENCE. 

That said, live your own life well. Move forward, enjoying this life you've been given because it's a gift, believe it or not. While life may seem difficult or painful, we learn from each experience. These experiences are technically pretty short-lived in comparison to all of eternity. There is where everything will really matter.

Anyway, I hope that this helps enlighten you and helps some readers to not feel so lost. I wish you many blessings. xoxo

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Thank you, Helena! xoxo, Judy

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