What About Twin Flames & Soulmates During COVID-19? Should I Reach Out To Them?

A lot of people are asking about what's happening during this pandemic. Should they reach out to their Twin Flame in Separation? What will happen if one gets sick? Or dies? Today, I'll be addressing some of these questions.


The answer is specifically based on your situation. First, do not disrespect any boundaries that may be in place on their part. If they've specifically requested no contact and have blocked your ability to contact them, then this is a very clear boundary. If they want to contact you, then they absolutely will. If G-d intends contact in a situation where it's seemingly out of your hands to reach out to someone at all, in any way at all, trust in the fact that He will facilitate contact if He deems it so. 

If you have the ability to contact them, then you'll want to consider what your current situation is right now. Correct, no one is promised a tomorrow right now. So, the first thing one should do is to pray on it. What do you FEEL when you ASK about this? If you feel moved to reach out to them, then you can use this simple exercise to help you create your message and follow through.

1. Think about what you'll say. Write down what you plan to say to them. Remember, we will get more flies with honey than with vinegar. We will also get a positive response with positive words versus negative ones such as rhetoric. For example, "What's up?" may seem rhetorical while a message such as, "Hey, something reminded me of you today and I was just reaching out to see how you are, how are you feeling?" You might even take it a step further by creating complimentary communication. "Hey, I was working on ___ and you're really great at ___ so I thought I'd reach out and see if you could assist me...how are you feeling, staying healthy?" People are drawn naturally to complimentary validation. We also want to answer questions. Our brains naturally desire to respond to a question versus something rhetorical or a mere comment.

2. Once you have written down your message or what you plan to say to them, now think about how they'll respond. After all, you know them pretty well so you can anticipate how their response will look and feel. Write down exactly what you know they'll say in response to you, based on what it is that you've written in space number 1.

3. Now that you've seen their response, how do you feel about it? Assess your feelings. How will this communication possibly go forward into future communications? The foundation and "tone" is important. Now that you have written down how you feel, move to step number 4.

4. Now looking at all of the above, how do you feel about everything you have written? About their responses? Your overall feelings? Are you happy that you reached out to them? Maybe even relieved? Or are you feeling regret? Now look carefully at this writing. If you are not happy with your outcome, begin again at the top and create a new message. Keep doing this exercise until you have a communication that pleases you. Once you feel like the communication you've authored is safe, positive and the one you'll want to use, then you can begin your process of reaching out to them. 


I know, it's a huge step. The thing is though, while this pandemic is going to end, no one is promised a tomorrow. One thing that we are all (hopefully) learning to do in this time is to set aside things such as personal fear and the sin of vanity and pride. Pride is a green monster and vanity is pride's 1st cousin. They go hand-in-hand and they can dictate how we feel on so many levels. Do not let them win. Use common sense, but do not allow pride and vanity invite their other cousin named fear to your home or your heart. Yes, you can pray on it but always listen to your response from The Creator as well. Listening goes hand-in-hand with connecting to our Creator.

So, I'll leave you with this: "If not me, then who? If not now, then when?" 

I am not saying that you must contact this person professing your undying love. Seriously, relax. It's just a phone call or message. Is not the possible outcome only the scary part? Trust yourself. You may be pulled to not contact right now. This is okay. You may be pulled to reach out. This is okay too. Connect with your Creator and ask.


There are many schools of thought on this subject. After having studied at length, and after having researched to no end, I will describe this for you.

First, we are all souls. Each soul being is a little point of consciousness. We are all created by the same Creator, and I happen to call Him G-d but He has many names, many words to describe Him. I believe that He created us all and with intent. ALL have purpose (otherwise known as "mission" to accomplish) and ALL are intended to BE and to HAVE a mate. Twin Flame is the "new age" term for that mate; a female and a male energy who come together in a union intended by The Creator. In other words, your proverbial "other half." You have heard the term, "My other half passed away," or "My better half will be joining us at the dinner later on," and so on. The word Twin Flame is simply a word that explains one's proverbial "other half" and one's life mate. 

When we reach union with our Twin Flame, or our "other half," there's a meshing experience of love energy. How does this work? Well, our human bodies are made up of energy and our brains are also matter, so our brains are also energy. The thoughts that we create due to having brains are a form of energy too and that energy creates waves (such as we can see in scans and the like.) Our emotions are energy too, so our feelings of love connect with the feelings of love with them. Some call this the "soul merge" because it's as though these two beings are one another's proverbial "other half," so not they mesh together as one, and that "oneness" becomes the love energy. 


If you look carefully enough, you will see the stages of the Journey To Union. These "stages" are the same, or at least really, really similar, for all connections that we happen to make throughout our lives. The difference between the journey one will take in any connection as compared to the journey one will experience with their mate will be that in the end, one will unite with said mate. There will be some running and chasing (in most cases) even to the slightest subtle degrees. There will be stages of communication which might feel like push and pull. There will be a sense of "rescue" almost like "this person has rescued me from something," or it may be much more subtle such as "in their presence, I feel extremely safe like I'm just supposed to be here with them." The experiences may be very clear and defined, or they might be extremely subtle. Or, it might be a good mix. EACH EXPERIENCE IS COMPLETELY UNIQUE. So, this is why it's never good to "compare" your experience with that of someone else.

REMEMBER: Your situation and your experience with the one you love will likely be chock full of experiences which you need for your own processes, however G-d happens to see fit for YOU. I have people come to me all the time asking about whether or not their experiences "meet Twin Flame criteria." Yes, it's said that there are specific criteria, but remember, this is only ONE school of thought - regardless of whether or not it happens to be the most popular or general consensus. The ONLY person who can deem a relationship as "intended life mate" is The Creator, and His plan prevails. No one else's. That said, please don't practice comparing your situation with others because your situation will be unique to you.

Since we are all souls and points of consciousness, we are sentient beings. Our ability to sense and love and feel emotion is within us for a reason. We are intended to experience certain things (some good and some not so good) in order to become who we are, and in order to become our "best selves." When we are our best selves, we are able to live our own lives well and do right on many levels - including assisting others and including being the best life partner that we can be - and to do our part in this world for the Highest Good.

Remember, each thing that we experience is evolution and knowledge and growth that we glean and can take back up with us. While we are here, we are able to live our own lives well and do right by others. 


If your loved one is ill and you've received word that they've fallen ill, then my heart goes out to you. I believe that we all receive word about things for a reason. If you feel compelled to reach out, do so but always be kind. Be uplifting and enlightening.

FOR ONE'S MALE: Our males are more logical, analytical of logic and are also very visual. They like things clear and simple. For one's Divine Male, oftentimes what he will need to hear is something along the lines of, "My thoughts and prayers are with you and I'm here just in case you ever want to talk, and I'm here unconditionally as a friend. How is your health right now?" Of course you can use your own words, but Divine Males need to hear the words with clarity as they do not tend to "read into" words as much as Divine Females do. My recommendation here is to keep it reasonably brief but clear and concise and always kind and uplifting. 

FOR ONE'S FEMALE: For one's female, we female energies tend to like more emotional stuff but we're also more wordy and we are analytical too, although it's lending toward our feelings and emotions a bit more. Not that males aren't emotional! It's that we females are not so linear with our emotions and we can feel multiple things all at the same time. So, a message for one's female might look like this: "I was reminded of you today and heard that you have fallen ill, and I wanted to send a message letting you know that I'm thinking of you, and that you're in my thoughts and heart and prayers right now. How are you feeling?" Do you see how my words here are basically the same exact message for the male, but for this female, we've used more of the words that might resonate with her? 

Remember, this is not gender-specific, this is energy-specific. I have seen males who would resonate best with the female's message and vice versa, so always base your message on YOUR PERSON.

A NEUTRAL MESSAGE: We have some people in this world too who also might fall in between. In a case such as in between or neutral, you'll want to make your message positive and uplifting, and it might sound like this: "Hey there, I was thinking of you because I've heard you're ill, just wanted to check on you, how are you feeling today?" This is an even balance of male and female energy in the writing. But yes, of course do use your own words if you prefer.

Remember, each person is unique so their energy might lend to one or another, or might fall neutral so use the option that best suits you both. 


Nothing is more horrible than losing a loved one. This pandemic is like any virus because it doesn't discriminate and it kills. This is why we are, at least right now, trying to look at the bright sides of this pandemic.

It will change how we interact, because no one is promised a tomorrow. We will be more authentic and forthcoming with our thoughts and emotions, especially regarding our relationships with others.

If you have lost your loved one, then my heart sincerely goes out to you because I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling right now. The thing is, people are NOT promised a tomorrow right now, so this is the reason for this blog article. If you have lost your loved one, if G-d has called them home, please remember this is for a reason. We cannot fathom the vast intelligence of our Creator, and His decisions to us, may seem or feel unjust or painful and just plain not right. But, do not lose faith in your Creator. Understand that He knows best for you, and for your loved one and that when we go to become a part of origin and creation with The Creator, all pain and negativity slips away as we ascend toward Him. Then, as tiny points of consciousness, we actually become a part of that love and that light, and we long to be there. It's the most wonderful, all-encompassing experience one could possibly imagine. Things cease to matter, although our human brains as we ascend tell us, not to forget. As we travel toward that light it's as though it's a "love vacuum" and we long to be a part of that light. Then comes a feeling of "Oh yeah, now I remember, I'm going home." It feels like nothing one has ever experienced and I really cannot put it into words. Then, we are a part of it. I'm basing this from a pre-birth memory I've carried with me ever since I can remember. I was born with this memory. I also remember standing in front of The Creator and making certain choices about the life I was about to have, but I have already written about this before and I do not want to be redundant. Suffice it to say, it's where G-d is, and your loved one is there. 

It is okay to miss them and to cry. It's okay to mourn them. But remember, their little tiny point of consciousness is a part of this light and is secure and happy. Yes, you can pray for them. Yes, you can think of them. But your job here isn't finished. You have things to finish and to complete. Soul evolution and knowledge and understanding and things you need yourself, in order to be called home. You do not want to call yourself home, for only G-d can make this decision in His wisdom, no one else can do that. His love will comfort you and his wisdom will guide you - until the day you're called home. You can pray and connect with the love. 


DO NOT even consider suicide. I'd be remiss if I didn't post this warning. It will not get you back together with your Twin Flame or loved one who has passed on, it is NOT a shortcut to eternal happiness and it will not solve your problems. Trust me on this. Here is why...

If we "play G-d" and try to end our lives, then it's said that our soul, we actually "become" all of the pain and misery that we have ever experienced in our earthly lifetime and all the pain and suffering that we've ever caused anyone else...and once we do "become" all of this pain, suffering and misery, there is a complete and total absence of G-d. He cannot hear us cry in pain there. He cannot lift us out of that, for He gave us free will and we have made a choice. That choice is an eternal one. We cannot play His role regardless of the pain we are in, or regardless of the suffering we see in others. To kill ourselves or anyone else, we actually become these things for all eternity. Life here on earth is a mere blink of an eye compared to that time. Please trust me on this. I know that I sound crazy but I understand this and I am scared that people may want to harm themselves because they're lost and grieving. Please don't. You CAN ASK for your pain to be lifted. It will take some time but yes, your pain and loss and grief will dissolve and lessen over time, I can assure you. You won't forget. But you will not feel like this forever.

If you've lost a loved one, trust that you will not be alone. You can't see it right now, I'm sure. Right now, you're stuck in pain. That's understandable, and it's okay to feel pain. It's okay to cry, scream, hit something, yell, whatever you want to do as a catharsis. Or, find a creative outlet for your release. You will not remain alone though, and you cannot see that right now because of where your heart and mind is right at this moment. However, you will receive peace within your soul and you will not end up alone. You don't have to believe me, but if you choose to trust me you will be very happy that you did. 

I hope this helps you. I wish everyone many happy and safe blessings. xoxo


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Prianah Williamson

Hello, Before quarantine I was a chef but I lost my job due to the pandemic. I’m a introverted homebody so I dont have any texting buddies, I downloaded a dating app out of boredom and somthing made me buy unlimited access and just start swiping right on everyone and i ran into a picture of some guy. He was so handsome, so attractive to me so i SUPER LIKED him and we matched. This was on march 19th, we are now dating and to me it feel like I’ve known him longer than a month. When I look back I’m actually shocked by how little time it’s been, we spend as much time together as we can but he is a busy man. Somthing just seems odd about the whole situation. Before meeting I told him my birthday 8/23 and he was shocked and nervous because he always see my birthday.. for some time before meeting me he’d see my birthday numbers and he associated it with bad luck and after meeting him I’ve been seeing A LOT of angle numbers and syncs. When were together I feel we fit together like puzzle pieces. Literally when we’re cuddling, nomatter what way.. I can just flop onto his lap and be a perfect fit. we’d lay together in silence just staring into each other’s eyes, we’d be laying down watching tv and he sniffs my hair, no one has ever done that. It’s very Intimate and I’ve never experienced this feeling with anyone before ever and I’ve only known him a month. I’ve been looking everywhere for answers but he cant be my twin flame because these are our numbers. Life path, expression, soulurge and birthdate numbers. I feel like I’m being guided towards him and I don’t know why, and I don’t know if he’s experiencing the same.
LP 22
E 4
SU 1
BD 23
LP 8
E 5
SU 7
BD 1

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