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You've probably noticed that I've moved a lot of my writing and blog posts. This is because we don't want too much duplicate content on my blog. Reading the same stuff you've already read written by me isn't going to necessarily help you. Also, having my articles on multiple sites at the same time is not going to help you find the most relevant article to you. It will also cause my website to be full of way too much redundancy. So, we have decided to index all articles properly. You're welcome.

As you know I write an awful lot, and I tend to write for various websites and for various places including my blog right here.

Normally I save everything (because that's just common sense) because I work very hard to write well in order to assist you. Thus far, I've always saved it all right here. Makes sense, right? My writing should be in one place, and also able to be accessed in one easy location. 

However, if we have too much of the same stuff in multiple places, then people get confused with way too much stuff to try and filter through in order to find what they are looking for. For example, if you're looking for my writing on say, Karmic Catalysts then you'll have to filter through hundreds of blog posts in order to locate the one subject. Then, you'd have to reasonably filter through a lot of articles to find the one relevant to you. So, to prevent having to do this, I'm indexing my writing in a more simple and easy-to-use fashion. 

By the way, you've also probably noticed that my agent, Sandra, hasn't even yet gotten to updating my other pages of this site but it's not her fault, she's quite busy (we love you, San!) So, we're also still in the process of doing that project as well. It's quite a task. 

How To Find My Posts & Articles:  You will notice that on my blog, there's some posts that say "question submitted." Previously, there were thousands of these on my blog here but there were so many, we've indexed them at the original websites through which they were submitted. I respond to many questions through many different sites. That said, if you're looking for a question that you've submitted, look to the original website where you submitted the question and my answer will be right there for you. If you have submitted a question through this website here, it will still be available on my blog. 

How To Submit Your Questions Via Websites:  As you know, I answer many questions on many sites, so you can always submit that way. There should be a tab that one can tick that allows you to select people to answer your question. If you tick that tab with my name, then I can respond to your question that way.

How To Submit Your Questions Directly:  Or, you can also submit your questions via email to and it will show up here, answered on this blog. 

**Please note that due to time constraints, I am not always able to respond personally to every email that I receive. However, if you have a question that would be a good contribution to this blog and if your question and my response might assist others, it will likely end up here as a "question submitted" blog post.

Examples Of Questions:  Again, please consider your submissions carefully. Questions which will resonate with others that will glean answers that will assist others as well are excellent submissions. 

Examples Of Excellent Submissions:  

"How do I stop a cycle of running and chasing in the Runner / Chaser Stage of the Twin Flame Journey To Union and how do I prevent becoming stagnated? I feel as though I'm on a hamster wheel, so how do I create this shift?" 

"When I see the numbers 1010 repeatedly in synchronicity, always on my computer and always when I'm looking at my romantic partner, what does this mean?" 

"What are the best ways to interpret the syncs and signs I see?"

"How do I know if I've experienced Kundalini Rising?"

(These are all excellent questions. They'd be answered and posted because: First, I can answer them and secondly, they would be answers that would assist others and thirdly, they are written in a clear, concise manner.)

Examples Of Submissions That Might Not Be Helpful To Others:

"My ex-boyfriend's name is Bob and his birthday is 5/30/1980 and my birthday is 2/7/1979. He broke up with me on 2/18/2020. He blocked me on Facebook and he's gone back to his karmic partner he'd said he didn't have feelings for anymore so clearly, he's lied. He also spray painted my animal and stole my car and absconded with all the rent money. When will we get back together?" 

(Questions such as these are a bit too specific to a certain person and set of circumstances. Of course my short answer would be, "ditch the jerk, keep the cat" but it wouldn't be a helpful blog entry.)

"My question is how do I cast a love spell on Mike because he left me and I still love him and want him back." 

(If you add a submission, please ensure it's a subject that I'm able to answer for you. Coming to a spiritual counselor for a love spell would be like needing brain surgery and going to a podiatrist instead of a brain surgeon. I can only respond to questions in my area of expertise.) 

A better version of a similar question that I can answer might look like: 

"What's the best way to manifest my ideal soulmate?"

"What are the best uses for white sage or sage incense?" 

"Can you please teach me how to create the ideal candle for manifesting love?"

These are all questions that I am able to answer, answer well and would theoretically assist others should anyone else happen across it. Helping others is THE PURPOSE BEHIND THIS BLOG and the purpose behind why I enjoy adding my writing in the first place. 

If you have happened upon this blog, then chances are you're likely someone who is spiritually inclined and open, and you're likely someone who possesses empathy for others. I say this based solely on the fact that the subject matter about which I write articles are going to, by nature, attract certain types of readers. My readers (for the most part) do tend to enjoy assisting others due to their high empathy. This is why your questions will also in turn, assist others.

I do my best to respond to as many questions as I can. If you have a very specific situation that you feel is best addressed during session, please feel free to schedule an appointment (our Read Me pages outline how to do this.) If you have a question that you feel would be a wonderful addition to this blog and would assist others, please do feel free to submit it. Again, the email address through which to do so is as follows: 

We look forward to your future submissions! With many blessings xoxo

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