Understanding Yourself & Your Shared Love: Part 6 - Breaking Through!

Kabbalah is ancient, esoteric and mystical. Originally emerging in 12th Century, Kabbalah is said to be the most ancient texts holding the Secret Keys To The Wisdom & Meaning of Life and total enlightenment of the soul. Anyone can understand the secret wisdom of these teachings. Twin Flames are two sparks of an original soul who come together in this incarnation with meaningful purpose. These are the next segments of the this empowering video series.
Over the years, many have taken insight from these teachings and have even created self-help and motivational programs including but not limited to: Twin Flame help. Because we feel that the understanding of this knowledge should be feely accessible to the world on a global scale, we've added this empowering video series from Rabbi Manis Friedman which explains these teachings in an easily understood manner so you can begin creating the necessary shifts in your life to be with your Twin Flame (bashert) today. If what he says resonates with your soul and it absolutely will you're welcome to head on over to his channel for more enlightening wisdom.

In These Segments You Will Learn:
  • The fundamentals of finding yourself
  • How to use your mind to your benefit
  • The difference between your Heart vs Mind
  • How to hear your truth from your heart
  • Breaking Through: Outside the box
  • The beauty of mindfulness

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