Twin Flame & Relationship Programs: Are They Worth It?

Please Note: This isn't a jab at anyone selling twin flame or soulmate-related products or services. This is an objective look at the ideas surrounding this subject. All information here is strictly opinion and is for informational purposes only, and doesn't necessarily reflect the opinions of this website. 

One of the questions I keep hearing is whether or not someone would actually benefit from the twin flame / soulmate relationship stuff that appears all over the internet. There's a lot to choose from, too. Some are free such as articles or videos, some cost money such as readings or informational books, and others can be programs that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

One trend seems to be that the free items such as explanation videos or energy updates or whatever tend to hook you in, and that leads to sales of whatever product or service they're selling which actually costs money.

Some of the more business-savvy options even have inexpensive or even free downloadable programs or booklets that are like sales presentations for more extensive packages which can oftentimes be extremely expensive. 

The majority tend to promise union with your twin flame at the end, however I've met many who claim that this isn't really the case, and that many of these programs merely teach someone how to be more content living without the relationship with the person they want.

The least expensive products seem to have catchy names that seek to get one's attention quickly like 'Learn How To Get With Your Twin Flame Today,' or 'The Most Common Reasons Why Your Soulmate Ignores You.' Of course these are made-up titles as examples.

Ultimately, most tend to begin as treatises which contain the most common information already found on the internet, and end up as personal mini-biographical explanations of the creator's own experience with the object of their affections.

The most expensive versions often promise union with your twin flame focusing on the basics found in the concepts of twin flame love which were taught by Liora (now said to be deceased) who seems to have based her work on Eckhart Tolle's book entitled 'The Power of Now' which is a book based, according to most people, on affirmations and new age pseudoscience. 

So let's look at the different types of options available.

Energy Updates & Informational Videos:

In case you don't know what I'm referring to, there's videos and articles which are usually available for free online that give regular "twin flame energy updates."

These are usually videos which include a brief explanation of twin flame woes accompanied by a general card or oracle reading that's intended to apply to everyone.

These are fun and interesting to watch, albeit fast forward or rewind 5 years and you'll see the same points and information time after time, save for a few exceptions of select lunar events. Such titles might sound like "How The Lunar Eclipse Might Impact Your Twin Flame" and things like "How To Best Handle Your Separation With Your Twin Flame."

Are These Helpful?

I feel they can be insightful. I also think they are as helpful as you allow them to be, and are certainly entertaining to enjoy watching. While most of these free articles and videos are meant to grab the viewer's attention and resonate with the masses and while they're sometimes meant to make a sale of some type, they're still interesting and usually informative enough to be thought of as helpful. They're also pretty fun to watch.

Twin Flame & Soulmate Self-Help Articles, Guides & Books:

This is where the area becomes kind of gray because there's many types of writings out there. So whether you'll find these types of reads enjoyable will really be up to you. There's articles, guides, books and a myriad of different options. Most are free, and some come with the intent to eventually sell a product or service. This doesn't mean they're any less informative, so since information is valuable, get it wherever and however you prefer to.

Are These Helpful?

I realize that while some writings have very informative-sounding titles, they can sometimes end up as sales pitches for expensive programs. Others are informational and are intended for public consumption. Other writings are explanations of the author's own twin flame experience.

So, if you benefit from reading about other people's experiences, this might be the way to go. If you're more interested in information about how you, yourself should handle your specific situation you might ask a question on a site like Quora and get specific answers. If you like informational stuff, then go for the articles available online. If you're interested in a fiction romance novel type of read, there's also a few authors who have written wonderful stories about the subject of twin flames. 

Twin Flame & Soulmate Programs:

There's so many of those out there. These range from personal, one-on-one coaching to video classes to written material and some are a combination. Some even come with workbooks, charts and daily affirmations. The more expensive the program, the higher the promises of union success and the more tangible material included in said program.

The more savvy, business-minded folks have some "free" videos and articles but will charge for a twin flame or soulmate "program kit" which usually isn't very expensive and is a compilation of all the free information out there on the internet, formatted in a way that will resonate with the masses which will also include a sales pitch for the more exclusive (and expensive) one-on-one coaching. That too though is usually a prelude to a "If you need more in-depth healing/coaching/whatever then here's the link to buy..." which can actually cost thousands. Some are so expensive they even constitute payment plans.

Are These Helpful?

I think that really depends on the person and the program...

While many of these programs promise twin flame union in the end, many actually tend to be rooted in the ideas already found in books by Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra combined the old blog entries by Liora. Many actually bank on the fact you'll either discover that you're content with merely a 5-D "union" with your twin flame. Or, they're hoping that you'll find contentment within yourself through living by Tolle's ideas behind 'The Power of Now' book and won't be interested in the person anymore once you've completed your coursework because you'll realize you've been dealing with a "false twin flame" or just a big, fat jerk this whole time and deserve better anyway. 

On a side note:  Personally, if I spent thousands of dollars I'd expect to have my twin flame chasing me around whether I was interested in them any longer or not, and I'd also expect that to come with gold-encrusted strippers, a free cruise to the beach and unlimited Kahlua drinks too because some of the sellers of these programs usually aren't shy about telling us how great their life has turned out from lawn chairs on the beach. So, I'd expect the same things for myself.

Haven't you ever seen these self-help motivational gurus sitting on the beach lapping up umbrella drinks on your dime? Just saying... I'd want some umbrella drinks too! I'd also want to see proof positive that they're actually with their twin flame so I'd wanna see that dude (or dudette) live and in color. Not just hear someone who works for them telling me how glad they are that they, themselves took the program. But that's just me.

If it were ME I'd probably sit home making my own umbrella drinks and reading all that free info myself versus spending money but again, that's just me. 

The reason I don't sell "programs" and never have is because I don't agree with the idea of relaying information that's available free anyway piecemeal, bit by bit, I think I can convey the necessary stuff in writing (like I am right now) versus drawing it all out in a longer experience and resell it for public consumption. I also don't write books or make videos about twin flames because the information can be conveyed in a short paragraph. Wanna read it? Okay...

Here's The Basics: 

"Technically we're all soulmates for one another. And, there's a lid for every pot so to speak. If you've found a soulmate or met your twin flame, you'll probably know it. There's a difference between the various types of spiritual awakenings. Noticing "symptoms" such as synchronicity that's always existed within this great universe is a common experience for anyone who's experienced a spiritual awakening. Just because someone experiences a whole bunch of crazy, unexplainable stuff doesn't mean they've met their twin flame. Technically, that could mean a lot of things. Just because someone set you on a certain path of inner growth, etc., doesn't mean they're anything other than a helpful or catalytic soulmate. Paths of inner growth / healing (if you're someone who has one) is different for each person. Paths of personal healing, soul evolution, growth, etc., is a lifelong process. Twin flame is not an identity because healthy people already have a strong sense of self-identity. There are no rules in a twin flame journey. Just because you feel an intense, meaningful connection with someone else doesn't mean that they perceive it the same way, or that there's meaning behind the connection. If you look closely enough, you'll see there's running and chasing in just about every connection we'll make in life. The false twin is someone we mistake as our real twin flame. Everyone deserves happiness and a healthy, fulfilling relationship. The twin flame architecture, when understood in the wrong way, is similar to that of narcissistic/toxic relationship framework so the concept of twin flame or soulmate could be weaponized by a narcissist. Please know there's a difference between a healthy connection versus an unhealthy relationship. If you're meant to have a certain relationship with a certain person it will happen."

I know that technically I could make a video or write a whole article on the subject of each and every INDIVIDUAL statement I've written in that paragraph, above. That said, I could piecemeal it out, but the above paragraph pretty much puts it all together in one fell swoop. So there you go. 

Psychic & Oracle Readings:

This is when someone uses oracles or energy or both to look at your situation, as it's lined up right now. Each reader has their own intuitive process. Some need to see you in person while others do not. They might read anything from your cards to your tea leaves or even look at a photograph or in some cases, hold a personal possession or object that belongs to you or the person you have questions about. Again, each reader's intuitive process is different so it depends on the person and how they prefer to conduct their readings. 

Are These Helpful?

I think they're more entertaining than anything, but I suppose it really depends on your perspective and how you're viewing the information you're getting.

Some people claim to "connect with guides" or angels or any number of otherworldly things. I know my readers here will argue that I do tarot, plus I've worked on the networks so I should of course advocate for psychics and tarot readings. Believe me, I enjoy tarot just as much as you guys enjoy it. But I don't think whether you get a tarot reading from me or anyone else is going to change whether your relationship with any certain person is going to work out.

I think if a relationship is meant to happen then it will, regardless of whether you decide to have me read your tarot for you. 

Reiki & Energy Work:

This is when someone uses energy. Think: Reiki or chakra work. I've actually heard a lot of uninformed people say that Reiki was ancient; some special, secret ability to harness the power of energy to heal others. 

Reiki is actually a form of energy work which was coined by Mikao Usui in the 1920s. Not all that long ago, was it? And, literally anyone can learn it and practice it since it is said this ability resides within everyone. But in order to do so, you have to learn the process and become properly attuned. Certain symbols are also used in this practice. Yes, you too can learn Reiki and do it for yourself or others! 

Is This Helpful?

I think it depends on the individual and especially on the person doing the Reiki or energy work including how it is used. I've studied Reiki myself however, it's still technically a form of pseudoscience. So, it's usually best to learn it yourself or engage with someone who has been properly trained and is knowledgeable about the subject. 

I once saw someone label themselves Reiki Master and I presume they probably found a Reiki school on the internet, signed up and just skimmed through the material because although they boasted a Reiki certificate, they said they "were just newly learning about Reiki and were not yet familiar with" what the word attunement meant nor anything about the Reiki Power Symbols. 

And if you've studied Reiki then you know that's like trying to build a chair out of Jell-O... 

Then we have the folks who claim to talk to angels or spirit animals, connect with spiritual guides and claim to be able to realign your chakras while you wait. As though your crown chakra will somehow make its way down to your sacral chakra center?

I'm not saying energy workers are all bad, not at all because some people have a really enjoyable experience with that stuff because they're learning from or are dealing with someone who is highly trained and isn't pulling stuff out of the clear blue sky.

I know plenty of energy workers and Reiki masters who are excellent. I'm just saying keep a logical perspective.

It's also my take that if you have a guardian angel, then you can also have open communication with it and probably wouldn't require a go-between. Just saying.

So, what are your opinions on all this stuff, Helena?

It's my take that one can learn a lot and even receive a lot when looking in the right place. However, I'd absolutely keep everything in perspective. 

I'd keep in mind that the majority of the information about the subjects of Twin Flames and Soulmates is available for free and I would learn as much as I could for free. I wouldn't spend any money on anything related to these subjects because there's literally so much free information out there. 

As far as energy work goes, I would probably choose to learn it for myself such as signing up for a properly accredited Reiki course in my own area versus going to someone else but that's just me. I mean, if you learn it for yourself then you can reasonably practice it on yourself, right? That way it's always available to you at all times, plus Reiki courses are ridiculously inexpensive and are so easy to get and most places will teach Level 1 and Level 2 for free anyway, you just pay for the attunements for Level 3. (Most people say they have success after learning and becoming attuned at Level 3) which is likely why it's usually set up that way. 

As far as psychic readings and energy updates go, I'd probably enjoy watching the online energy updates and things but I'd also keep it all in perspective since the consensus is that they all pretty much have always said basically the same thing throughout the years. If I decided to do readings, I'd keep that in perspective as well and would probably work on learning to use my own intuitive ability if I were you since it's very easy to do. 

Above All Else Remember:

No one "needs" to buy anything in order to get into union or be with your twin flame. Or soulmate, for that matter. I believe that if a relationship is meant to happen, then it will happen regardless of what someone decides to spend their money on. 

I'm not saying that people like Eckhart Tolle are "all bad." I'm saying that we should keep it all in perspective. Since many of the most expensive self-help "gurus" base their "teachings" on Tolle here's a video you might find interesting...

While there's nothing wrong with self-help stuff or even coaching or proper therapy, I hate seeing pricy self-help "get with your twin flame fast" programs exploit people, which is why I agree that the best way is to always listen to your own self carefully before making decisions to go into things, especially high priced things. 

I once saw a sales pitch for an ascension class (I know, right!?) and my thought was ASCENSION happens NATURALLY AND ORGANICALLY so WHY would anyone need a class on it!? I suppose there's always someone who is (probably not even close to ascended) who'll try to tell you, you "need" a class on this or that. Or you need to buy this or that. Just because something's available doesn't mean someone "needs" it. 

That said, I'm NOT saying all classes are somehow "bad." I'm saying just think carefully and MINDFULLY about what you actually need. It's my take that The Universe and The Divine is pretty good about giving us, presenting us with all we need FOR FREE. Just saying. 

Anyway, I hope this helps you! Blessings xo

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