Twin Flame Mirrors & Mirroring: The Importance

The "differences" about your twin that may annoy you are actually GOOD things! These are your mirrors and mirroring equates to balance. Complimentary is the key.

I found an interesting mirror in my twin and I today. I had a friend who had an issue which I knew my twin could assist by giving his male insight. So, he helped her. I handle the spiritual aspect while he handles the physical aspect but he and I both embody a balance of both female and male energies to get the job done.

Looking back, that began around the time of Union (when he moved me in with him.) He says he's totally excited about assisting my clients from the male perspective and I help him with my female perspective regarding his. His male energy / scientific mind comes together with my female energy / metaphysical and spiritual mind. Perfect balance. In our mission which is separate from our work, it's the same kind of balance.

Balance happens by default, once reunion has taken place. When you're in an equal partnership, it becomes a sort of easy transition. Our mirrors are unique to us, others' mirrors may be different, but are equally important to the universal vibration.

Your mirrors will appear as soon as you connect and will balance in union. Perhaps you can't stand onions but your twin adores them. No food is wasted. Silly example, but it gives you an idea of balance.

Pay close attention to your mirrors, because your mirrors may seem like contradictions right now but eventually they will become compliments to each other.

In union, you can't avoid talking to your twin because you likely live with them and communicate all the time. So, there is no excuse to not discuss your mirrors and turn them into the complimentary mirrors that they really are. Don't allow differences to come between you because those differences are mirrors. You NEED those differences to mirror because they compliment and through those compliments, they will become helpful to raising the universal vibration.

The ENTIRE PURPOSE of twin flames to even exist is to raise the universal vibration through mission. If we get caught up in the differences (which can create disagreements) then that is counterproductive. Instead of disagreement with your twin, instead, compliment them, for they are you and you are they. 

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twin flames are mirrors to each other and compliment each other. I really really dislike housework. So does this mean that my twin loves housework? I hope so.

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