The Top Methods To Ensure Manifestations Work!

I often have one or maybe two sessions with someone, and then they have achieved what it was that they needed, so I only hear from them thereafter during updates. Usually, it's an update call to tell me they've achieved Union with their Twin Flame or a Soulmate or manifested that certain situation that they wanted. I really enjoy those and I'd love to receive more of them so I have decided to create this article to help those who are interested in making their manifestations happen more easily. Enjoy...

1. Are your intentions and mindset in the right place? 

Setting your intentions and mindset are key. Having the correct mindset and intentions means that you have absolutely zero doubt. We always hear in the Law Of Attraction, "Believe & Receive." However, that hardly ever works for most people who try it. Why not? Because unfortunately, belief in and of it's self still leaves room for doubt. So, it's much easier when we SHIFT OUR BELIEF TO EXPECTATION. When we attempt to believe something will happen, we think in our minds, "it may or may not happen." When we are late to work and we try to manifest being on time, our subconscious mind still expects to be late because we can see the time on the clock and our logic kicks in. From there, our logic tells us to expect us to be late for work. Then, even though we're trying to manifest being on time, we are late to work anyway and our manifestation has failed. But when we SHIFT OUR MERE BELIEF TO EXPECTATION FROM THE START, we change our frequency which results in manifestation.

2. Are your messages clear and specific enough?

In manifestation, we need to be clear and specific. For example, if you're trying to manifest a new car into your life, maybe you're seeing lots of signs and advertisements for new cars since you began your manifestation ritual but you still don't have that new car. Seeing the signs about your manifestation means the universe has heard you, but that you need to become more specific.

Be specific and use the Keys To Manifestation. Write it down (physical action) and make your intentions clear (be specific, right down to the color of the car) and put thought and emotion into your work (experience the actual feelings of excitement you'll enjoy once it comes to fruition) and give gratitude (thank God) and act as though you've already received it (confirmation that you're open and ready.) My Manifestation Journaling process which I've mentioned often works quite well for this, as it uses all the keys simultaneously. 

3. Are you "needing," or are you allowing enough time for Divine Timing to take hold?

There is something in God's infinite wisdom called Divine Timing. This means that everything that needs to occur will occur all in His grand plan. Because He gave us the gift of free will, we have some control over our path, decisions and timelines. We need to be CLEAR AND SPECIFIC regarding the timeline that we desire and remove the word "need" from the equation.

When we need, we never receive, although we know that God always provides. So, how does this work? When we "need" a loan from the bank, the bank will never say yes. We know that banks only loan money to people who don't necessarily need it because they can always pay it back because they're a good credit risk. The Universe energy is similar to the bank.

- You should begin your manifestation during a time of abundance, or when you're feeling like you're in a moment of abundance such as when it's your payday at work. Already being in a moment of abundance gives your manifestation and extra "kick start." 

- You should begin your manifestation at a time when you're not feeling needy. You may need a new car, but remove the idea of needing. Shift your need to only a preference. Instead of "I need a new car," say to yourself "I prefer a new car." 

- Allow enough time for Divine Timing to take hold. Be realistic. When you get really good at manifestation you can do overnight windfalls but when you're just starting out, you need to take baby steps. Set a realistic timeline for your manifestation to come to fruition, removing all doubt and expecting it to occur - exactly as it needs to in Divine Timing through God's infinite wisdom.

4. Are you acting in haste or desperation?

When we act in haste or desperation or both, it's like bug spray to gnats. Haste and desperation are the strongest manifestation killers next to doubt. Haste and desperation equate to negativity and repels positive energy. So, begin your manifestation at a time when you're feeling positive, abundant and fulfilled. Like attracts like. 

5. Is this particular manifestation correct your specific path?

If you have been attempting to manifest something in particular - perhaps a certain situation or a certain item or a certain relationship with a specific person - and you have been using the keys to manifestation accurately and correctly, perhaps you are currently on the wrong path to receive whatever that particular thing is. Sometimes God (and the Universe that He created) will hold back certain situations until the time is right for that situation. This isn't to harm you, it's to protect you. 

For example, I had a client years ago who told me she had tried to manifest a certain job for a long time. We saw that if she made some adjustments in her path, she would receive a completely different position in a different geographical location at a certain time which would, in turn, put her in close proximity to connect with her destined life partner. At the time, she didn't believe me but once she finally made those changes, she connected with that partner so that their children could be produced. Is she happy? Yes, absolutely. Had she continued down the other path, her destiny still would have happened, it just would have taken a bit longer. By taking this shorter path she saved time, energy and effort and achieved her positive destiny sooner.

That said, look at your path carefully. Be true to yourself. God gave everyone an intuition for good reason and through this, He communicates with you about your path and through your path, He offers your soul learning. Listen to Him. He's always listening to you. 

6. Are you letting outside influences impact your mindset?

Are you allowing outside influences negatively impact or undermine your results? If you're trying to manifest something but you have others telling you otherwise, or others spewing forth negativity and doubt toward you or simily negativity in general, this doesn't serve you. Remember that intuitive empathy and intuition I just mentioned? Listen to it.

Do not allow others to negatively impact you. You have build in "feelers" like antenna that can pick up on negativity, desperation, evil and darkness. Others' negativity can actually impact your life and manifestations. Don't feel bad about cutting negative people off. People who are negative tend to attempt to drain your positive energy like psychic vampires.

This isn't just true for friends and co-workers, it's in business as well. It's okay to turn away business if the person's own personal negative energy is so bad that it will cause you strife. Whether it is family, friends, co-workers or business acquaintances, there's a domino effect with people like this and once they latch on, it can be difficult to remove them - and their negative energy. Use your intuition God gave you and prevent them from the start. 

7. Are you working under duress, illness or uncertainty? 

This goes back to my aforementioned topic of needing. Like attracts like. If you're working under desperation, neediness, uncertainty or illness, the energy may not serve you right now. For example, if you just lost your job and you're feeling needy and desperate, this will cause more of what you're currently feeling and experiencing to come to you instead of what it is that you really want. Manifest at a time when you're feeling more abundant and fulfilled because like attracts like. You don't need to have to be feeling perfect to manifest, just not depressed and hopeless.  

8. Are you asking God and the universe that He created, or are you asking other beings and entities for help?

In each religion, if one subscribes to organized religion, God has many names. There are too many names to list, so I simply refer to Him as God. One of the mistakes many make is to channel messages through or try to channel certain angels, beings or entities other than God's word or the guidance which God delivers. Angels are God's Army, and they defend God and heaven, God's light. Angels have a wonderful job but they have a specific job: being God's Army. They do not come down to tell your fortune or bring you a new boyfriend. Entities though, will pretend to be whatever they think you will trust. And when we practice to speak to the otherworld, anything can hear us and anything can respond. And, they're quite keen at disguising themselves as safe, loving, bright white positive light and energies. Sometimes their messages are truth and sometimes not but their objective is to lead us down the wrong path, ultimately away from God, whatever name you choose to call God, the whole time you're laboring under the misapprehensions from these false messages that you're "on the right path that God has chosen for you."

One thing that is clear in all spiritual beliefs including all different religions the world over, is that God said "Pray only unto me," and I believe that He meant it. There is one God and He wants us to hear Him and no others. If I have a prayer, I pray to Him and I never practice "idolatry," which is the practice of communicating with and praying to or worshiping anything other than Him. If you're "channeling messages" and everything has been accurate and correct and so far giving you whatever you want, I suggest you think carefully about God as you believe n Him and reconnect directly WITH God. You see, if you're channeling messages from so-called entities or alleged angels, God can and will communicate with you DIRECTLY - no others needed.

9. Are you putting all of the Manifestation Keys into practice?

If you are using the keys to manifestation, this means that you need to be consistent. Do not fall away and begin thinking negatively or allow self-doubt to creep in. Use manifestation daily, in everything. 

Give Gratitude always - even before you've received it.

See the positive or "silver lining" in everything.

Shift your mere belief to expectation leaving zero room for doubt.

Behave as though it's already happened for you. 

Always be in the open moment of allowing. When we worry and care too much, this acts as a closed door to the manifestation. Open the door. 

ASK. You cannot receive unless you ask first, and always ask God for the Universe He created will provide.

Do not need. 

Put positive emotion, physical action, expectation into your practice. Manifestation Journaling works well in this.

Use the words that can be heard. Positive words. The universal energy cannot hear negative words such as won't, can't or don't. For example: "I don't want to be late for work." The universe will not hear the word "don't" so it will instead hear "I ___ want to be late for work." This translates into "I want to be late for work." Use instead, "I will be on time for work." 

10. Are you behaving or thinking in a selfish mindset?

This is a no-brainer to most, but it warrants mentioning. If you have the mindset of "I see lots of other people less good or talented than me getting nice things, I deserve more!" Positive self-esteem is important, but if you think in a selfish manner, this acts as a closed door to manifestations and will actually prevent anything positive coming into your life and replace positive and gifts with karmic soul lessons in order to teach you empathy. 

Think with empathy. "I see that person who has what I feel I deserve, they must deserve it too. I know that in God's infinite wisdom, I'll receive what I deserve as well." 

Try these techniques and see how they improve your process!



Hi I think may found my twin flame but not shure if he false I feel lost with out him he went too jail stop talking too got out of jail and I not hear from him I been doing what I can too I falling a part he will not talk too me and I dont know how too reach him it’s been hard on me ..


I notice that you refer to God in the masculine gender. What say you to those of us who worship the Mother Goddess?


Dear Ms.Helena, Thank you for sharing your beliefs on “The Top Methods To Ensure Manifestations Works”. I really enjoyed and learned a lot through you’re writing. Will be reading it over and over for endurance and positivity. Thank you for taking your time to help us to improve ourselves and the paths we’re on as individuals. Thank you again !!! God Bless You !!!! Love Love !!!!


I talk to my dad a lot (he passed in 1994). I often ask him if he can help with a situation I’m troubled by. I never thought of this as idolatry and really don’t think it is. I miss my dad a lot still and am just continuing our relationship. He always had a way of helping out even if he couldn’t actually DO anything, he’d help me feel better. Do you feel this is wrong


How do i find a medium in az? Someone i can see in person? I feel i need to see a medium. My friend lost her love to medical malpractice. It has been a year. I want to find a medium to help her out. Thank you for putting out there the scam tactics. I want to see someone in person. How on earth can i find them?

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