TECHNIQUE: How To Access Your Higher Self For Your Highest Good & To Receive Divine Guidance

I've received many requests from people asking for an "easy technique" that will allow them to access their Higher Self at 5-D. That said, here you go. I hope that you will enjoy this and always use it for your Highest Good.

I’ll teach you a technique that you may use in order to communicate with your Higher Self for the benefit of your Highest Good in order to receive and understand your Divine Guidance.

Whilst you likely already know how to communicate with your Higher Self, I feel that it is worth mentioning. Perhaps this might help you a bit further. Most find this is easiest to enjoy when they’re feeling grounded, centered and relaxed in a quiet atmosphere that is absent of any distractions. Some enjoy having relaxing meditation sounds in the background while others enjoy lighting a candle. Others enjoy lighting a candle whilst having a mirror to gaze at their reflection during this process. However you decide to set your atmosphere is up to you. Your comfort and your feeling safe are the objectives here. This particular technique is best used when one needs to make a decision or access their gift of discernment quite clearly.

Sit (or lay, relax) quietly and say (in your own words is perfectly okay) “I am grateful to the Creator, the Author of this universe for this gift of life. I have made poor decisions in my life and I have made some excellent decisions in my life. I recognize and understand that all experiences and decisions and experiences as a result of decisions in life is all about learning and soul learning is life itself. Some decisions are free will while others are destined while still others feel like free will but the decisions are preordained in advance. I present now as a seeker to my Higher Self, for I request Divine Guidance in order to understand with complete clarity. I give gratitude.”

Then, begins your mental process. I say mental because it is a process through which we access our Higher Self through this state of consciousness.

You were gifted with a certain level of divine sense of knowing. You might be a Twin Flame, however you still possess a human body and with that human body comes the gift of one’s brain. This means that chances are, you also possess common sense. This means that you’ll be able to - as difficult as it may seem at times - to set aside any feelings or emotions that you may have and look - even for just a moment for that’s all that it will take - directly with your logical mind at your current situation. So first, set aside any and all emotions or feelings surrounding your situation or person…

Take a deep breath in, and as you do you’ll breathe in “trust.”

You will then ask yourself, “Is this situation serving the Highest Good, or am I tolerating something - including possibly any behaviors - that don’t make me happy?”

Feel a pull within you. It’s sometimes at the gut level but sometimes it’s also just above the physical head, or right at the 3rd eye chakra. Sense the tug you feel. That’s connection.

You will then use your logical and spiritual mind in trust, and know within your Higher Self with complete certainty that you can trust yourself and you’ll know that when you can trust yourself, you will never lead yourself astray or into a bad situation. So, trust yourself. Trust your Higher Self and listen to your discernment.

You will then remind yourself that relationships of any nature are supposed to be uplifting and enlightening and trusting yourself, you’ll ask your Higher Self, “Is this relationship or situation that I’m currently in uplifting and enlightening?” You’ll set aside any notions of, “being in love with the other person’s potential,” and you’ll look directly at yourself and to yourself.

Then, you’ll hear your Higher Self with total clarity. You’ll not only feel an “intuitive pull” in the correct direction, but your answers will come to greet you. It will not just be answers, it will be an understanding of those answers as well. This is a form of your Divine Guidance. Take what knowledge and understanding that you receive and offer gratitude. If further questions come to your mind, it’s okay to ask yourself again. Remember, trust yourself, as you will never lead yourself astray.

Do not second guess your initial Higher Self’s response to you. Trust completely in yourself. You would never lead yourself astray, remember this.

The “download” of information, knowledge and understanding will come to be a part of you, within you. This technique works well and will help you in discerning between whether or not someone intends to harm you or manipulate you in any negative way.

I hope this helps you! I wish you many blessings xo

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Katrina Garcia

Amazing explanation!! Thank you!!

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