Please stay inside. If everyone had stayed in "self-quarantine" in the beginning, this would not have spread as it has. Just my opinion...

I understand that each time a bell rings, an angel gets new wings (IN THE MOVIES.) Each time you decide to stay inside instead of going outside, a person lives to see another holiday (REAL.) 

If you need medicines or anything at all, inquire about the nice, free delivery services pharmacies offer.

Shopping for alcohol / sanitizer / supplies outside the home = BIG RISK.


You might be infected and not know = TRUTH.


Don't travel. I don't care how much money you spent on that vacation package. You're going to just need to trust me on this one...

Toilet paper is great...but it isn't worth dying over. If you're truly out, just use a wash cloth like the olden days. 

Stay clear of restaurants / food prep. Another thing you'll just need to trust me on. Preparing & washing your own food AT HOME is the safest way.

Fresh air & sunshine is great! Get it (in your own yard / on your own porch) and do not host visitors.

Please don't eat fish tank additives. I actually wonder if the "yellow journalism" spreads with intent to streamline the population. Eating a fish tank additive does not "cure" this pandemic, and there have already been some serious consequences from people trying to do so. Eating fish tank chemicals will not help you. I'm surprised they didn't say "eat nail polish remover," come on, people. Eating chemicals will only land you in the ER and landing in the ER will not only infect more, but it'll take up a bed intended for the sick. I am not a medical doctor and I am not allowed to give medical advice, but I read the same yellow journalism articles and I've already asked some real active duty medical professionals about this and no, eating your fish tank stuff is not going to help you and you might poison yourself. SO, BEFORE YOU EAT ANYTHING LIKE ANY CHEMICAL PLEASE ASK A REAL ACTUAL MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL FOR YOUR SAFETY. I'd hate for someone to try that and end up dying. Coronavirus is bad enough, don't go making yourself even sicker by eating your fish's chemicals.

I did read that the "Blood Type O" folks are (possibly) having an easier time with this virus. I asked a medical professional. He says this makes sense. Having Type O does NOT make you immune, it means you'll (potentially) have a slightly less miserable illness experience. However, this is not yet completely proven and still being studied. This also MAY mean that because Type O has (maybe) an easier experience, they might not be showing symptoms or might even be asymptomatic - no one really knows - so STAY HOME because no one knows who is infected and who is not. Best to error on the side of caution.

The gas price warnings: I keep seeing the "buy gas now because it will go up on April 1st." No, it shouldn't and this kind of writing causes undue over-shopping panic (like the toilet paper shortage) and will cause a run on gas. The thing is, Saudi Arabia and Iran are currently having a price war and gasoline is now the lowest it's been in 30 years at under $30.00/per barrel. Read the gas and oil futures and you'll see it's at the all-time low. It is not looking to increase anytime soon, especially amid the virus outbreak. If anything, it's the one thing that will remain extremely cheap.

The escape warnings: Okay, this is where I draw the line on silliness. I keep seeing stuff like, "Fill your gas tank now, you never know when you will need to take off and evacuate." Okay, I'll bite...evacuate WHERE? You're gonna pack up the family SUV with bottled water, food and cartons of bleach just like on the movies, right? There's a Level 4 Travel Ban and flights are grounded, no one is traveling, especially in or out of the countries with any cases of the virus. State boarders have closed in certain states that are on "virtual lock-down."  Can't get to that secluded cabin in the woods but even if you did, is it going to be that much more comfortable than your house? If it gets to the point where say, martial law comes in, you're going to be allowed one place: Your HOUSE. You won't be driving anywhere because there will be tanks blocking the intersections. You won't get to the docks to find that boat that belongs to your friend of a friend of a friend like in the movies, but let's say that you did make it to the docks...martial law is in effect in this scenario. The military (Navy or Coast Guard) I assume would have admiralty and maritime jurisdiction and they would seize your vessel (and you) and stick you in some lock-down with other "suspicious cases," just like in the movies, right?

Now remember, people either die from this virus or they get over it, but they DO NOT and I repeat they do not turn into flesh eating zombies. They just don't. I know you've only experienced a real live pandemic in Hollywood films, and those are pretty much the same theme (contagious breath or bites that result in zombie activity.) But this is REAL LIFE folks and it's contagious breath and bites alright, but there's way under zero zombie activity, sorry to disappoint you. It's a deadly virus sans the zombie activity.

If you get "cabin fever" and want to leave, remember: shopping can be done from the comfort of home now. You can visit museums, zoos and even see first run films at your home now. Lots of things have cams now. When my daughter was little nearly 20 years ago, we would play the Flamingo Cam at the zoo all the time. 


Live Animal Cams: Search for "live animal cams habitat" and "live zoo cams."

First Run Movies: Amazon and Vudu have "Theater At Home" now.

Museums: Search "live museum cam" online for museums.

Interesting & Historical Location Tours: Places ranging from Locust Grove to The Taj Mahal to the US Capitol buildings now have "virtual tours" you can enjoy from the couch. You can even tour interesting places with architecture in Rome online through virtual tours, photos, etc. 

Documentaries: Choose any subject you can imagine and there is a documentary or series about it. 

Streaming Services: Of course you already know that your local cable provider plus Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu all have streaming.

For FREE streaming services:  YouTube and Vudu have FREE films and series along with Tubi, Pluto, Popcorn Flix, Crackle and IMDb. If you happen to have a Roku, they have their own "channels" that also have free things to enjoy as well.

Certain paid streaming services are currently offering specials due to the pandemic. Here's a list: 

And of course, for interesting super cool stuff you can always come here! Anyway, I hope this stuff will help you all stay at home.

When talking with family and friends:  Communicate through virtual services. Skype, Facebook, Face Time or whatever you think you want to use, but do stay home where you're safest. 

Now, last but certainly not least...PRAY. Pray to G-d, directly, and not to other things. There's only one and that one has the ability to save this entire world. I can't speak for Him, but I have a sneaking suspicion that He's waiting. I happen to know that a lot of people are praying to other things apart from G-d. It isn't my place to tell anyone what to do or how to pray, but I can say that it would behoove you (and everyone) to pray directly to G-d and no one and nothing else. Built within you (and within all) is a direct line sort of like a telephone. People have bad experiences with life in general, so they blame G-d for their misfortunes and then they stop talking to G-d and they sometimes end up taking a darker path because they think maybe it will be an easier one for whatever reason. Remember, we have certain things to learn and take with us when we return home, and He tries to help make sure we receive those. Some experiences are wonderful in life and some are hard, but all are experiences and all have to do with our processes. Pray directly for protection and safety and His love and guidance. When you do, His love and guidance will follow directly to you. This isn't just for the pandemic, it's for all things.

So, please, please be careful. Just stay home. It's far safer and you will thank me later. Blessings xo

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