Repost By Request: How To Properly Use Your Chakra Items

I posted something instructional like this eons ago, I think it was on my social media, but I've received some requests for this lately. Normally when I give someone something as a present, I just tell them how to use it because it takes far less time to send a text, email or just speak. But, I figured it'd be helpful to re-post this instructional blog post.

The other day, I gave a friend a sample package of some of the Chakra jewelry that I give to people and I figured he'd gift it to his wife. Then it hit me: maybe they don't even know how to use it in the first place. Images of them looking it over and saying to one another, 'What in the world are these rainbow of beads supposed to do in the first place, Helena must be a first class nut" went through my head. Is Helena a first class nut? Absolutely, yes. I am absolutely nuts. I'm flighty and silly and absolutely nuts (in a good way, I hope!) But yes, I absolutely forgot to tell them how to use the darn things. So, henceforth came the idea of this re-post. 

What are Chakra, anyway?

The Chakra are the energy centers in our physical bodies. All matter (including all humans) are comprised of energy. Chakra Centers are the specific energy centers in our physical bodies and each Chakra Center has its own purpose. From these energy centers, stem cords called Chakra Cords. These cords connect and disconnect with the cords of others. I liken them to extension cords. Have you ever seen the mother who, for no reason at all, suddenly leaves her living room filled with guests to dash upstairs and catch her child just in the nick of time before they fall down and hurt themselves? We normally refer to this as "mother's intuition." The more metaphysical / energetic / quantum physics-related explanation would be the Chakra Connection. 

Have you ever felt or sensed a "connection" to another person or a place, whether intended or unintended? Something along the lines of the Deja Vu? Whether you know them well or not or whether you have been ot the place that seems so familiar with no logical reason, the explanation for this usually resides within some form of energetic connection. There are many schools of thought on this subject ranging from pre-cognitive experiences such as reincarnation and soul memory related to that reincarnation to simple Chakra Connection. 

It's said that we make connections with others all the time. Chakra are not dangerous, nor are they anything to worry about or fear. In certain beliefs, specific colors are correlated with each Chakra Center. I have attached a photo image of correlating Chakra Centers with their colors.

Why do you give presents, anyway?

To some of my clients, you probably already know that I sometimes give you things that I feel might help you. These are not sold; if you want to purchase something, please feel free to do so however I do not sell physical items. I don't sell physical items for several reasons. One, it would be difficult to stock inventory, handle expedient shipping of goods and products and of course handling of all of the math-related accounting that just doesn't gel well with my humble brain. And the most important reason is, is that I don't want people to feel as though they "need" to buy something. In addition, by being able to give someone what I feel they'll benefit from (if anything) then the person doesn't wind up with a pile of items that they may or may not even need, let alone get around to using. I'd much rather give someone a present. Metaphysical items that are given as presents hold more value and are said to be more meaningful and helpful than items we simply purchase for ourselves. If I feel you'll benefit from something, I'll offer it. It doesn't cost me very much so don't worry about reimbursement. The items I give as presents are very inexpensive but they're nice to have which is why I give them. There's no "extra work" on your part or on mine, they're simply nice items to help you. 

How do I use the items?

It depends on what I have given you. First, there's no obligation to do anything on your part, just enjoy it in good fun. First, look carefully at the item you were given.

For example, if I've given you a little silver elephant with onyx on it, we know that onyx helps with release, and onyx also contains properties which assist with self-confidence, strength, patience and assists one with feeling at total ease in one's surroundings. And, we know that silver or anything silver or metallic-silver is a metal that helps with release of negative emotions. Elephants tend to hold onto all memories and represents the fact that the person might be holding onto memories they need to release. Elephants also represent peace, loyalty, stability and wisdom. So, as you can see there is great representation contained within the aforementioned elephant. The elephant has a clear crystal eye so we know that clear quartz is the most powerful healing stone around but also protects against negativity, and since it's in the elephant's eye we know this elephant will be protective against all negativity. The elephant in this scenario is also a pendant, so the wearer can have it on their chest over their Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra at all times. If they're experiencing stress regarding relationships, we know this might be a good thing because the Throat Chakra regards communication and the Heart Chakra represents emotions and all matters of the heart. Or, the wearer can name the elephant making it their own and forming a bond with it, further opening the door for the item to forge a bond with them and they can carry it with them to collect their energy and in turn, help with dissolving any of the negativity as described and in turn, impart all of the positive qualities of the piece into the user's life. 

Suffice it to say, I've given out elephants. The particular stone within it was likely geared to your specific situation. Wear it and look trendy...or wear it for purpose, or use it for both. 

Chakra Necklaces & Bracelets:

The bracelets and necklaces will have specific uses. If a bracelet, wear it on your RIGHT HAND which is your "giving hand." Each color represents one of your Chakra. The beads or stones are said to "soak up" the negativity in each Chakra Center and then in turn, impart the positive qualities into each Chakra Center that the colors represent.

For example, amethyst or Lapis beads might be used for the first stone representing the Crown Chakra or otherwise known as the 3rd Eye Chakra Center. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates Spiritual Awareness,  awareness in general, opens intuition and enhances one's own metaphysical abilities. 

There will be a bead or stone for each Chakra. Some people like to use these during meditations and some enjoy using these as sort of beneficial, protective pieces to wear. Some enjoy using these as a reminder of keeping their positive energy high. A lot of the bracelets I tend to give out are made using lava stones and lava stones are excellent for grounding. Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger and balancing stress. 

Yin & Yang Pieces:

There are also Yin and Yang pieces. The Yin and Yang symbol is one of the oldest symbols and represents energetic balance. Some couples I've given Yin and Yang pieces for the reminder of energetic balance. I probably don't need to tell you what the Yin and Yang imparts. 

Reiki stones, mats, crystals or power symbols:

Some people end up with Reiki healing stones with or without the power symbols on them. Certain symbols are used for certain aspects regarding energy as it pertains to Reiki. Placing the power symbols around you during Reiki or using the stones during your Reiki process imparts even more benefit than just sitting for the session alone. Mikao Usui is the father of Reiki. Born on 15 August 1865, Mikao died on 9 March 1926. He used Reiki to heal physical, spiritual and emotional problems. Some swear by Reiki and some claim there is no merit to it at all. There are many schools of thought. I send Reiki to certain clients at no charge who ask, and they seem to enjoy the distance Reiki. I've also written another blog post on how to receive your distance Reiki in case you feel you would enjoy reading it.

There are 5 principals of Reiki. 

  1. Do not Worry, Just Today.
  2. Just for the day, I will be kind to everyone around me.
  3. I will not feel Fear today.
  4. From right now, I will do my work honestly.
  5. Today is the day I pay gratitude to be parents and siblings.

You can also add more like, I will leave worry astral when I go to the office. Or, today I will not hurt anyone.  Alternatively, I will smile at everyone I see just Today.

I find that many of my friends and clients really benefit from the Reiki because it assists them with their stresses and worries. It isn't intended to replace more traditional forms of therapy and is never intended to treat any medical condition. Rather, Reiki is intended to send positive energy to those in need for the Highest Good, wherever in their realm it will do the most good for them. I do not sell Reiki but I do send it and I enjoy sending. It's peaceful and relaxing for me and I feel that people enjoy receiving it. If I have given you a stone, it's because I felt that it might help you either as a reminder or assist as a power symbol or assist through the properties of that stone. 

The main aspects that the Reiki I send assist with are: assisting with sorrow, fears, worries, confidence, opening up, seeing one's full potential and relaxation.

Of course, if you feel that Reiki will best help you in another aspect of your life, then that energy will go to that space. It's different and unique for each person. It can assist with Chakra, and is why you may have ended up receiving a Chakra-coded Reiki mat. Based on your situation, you may have also received a stone or stones with or without the Reiki Power Symbols engraved into them. 

What do I do with that Sage?

You might have received an incense holder and sage incense or a sage stick. These are intended to be used to cleanse negativity and reduce stress in a certain space such as a person's home. Sage is a naturally occurring "cleaner" and while most people do not need energy clearing, burning sage can certainly raise positive energy and remove any negative stress energies. Use with an open window and allow the smoke to fill the space, then allow it to clear out, taking any negativity with it. I'm pretty certain that just about everyone knows how to use sage, but in case you're not sure, this is the way. It's very easy.

What do I do with the candles?

I actually authored a very long blog post on this subject so I don't want to be too redundant. However, if you have received a candle, it was for a specific purpose and it might contain stones or crystals added into it, or it might already have been carved by me. You would burn this candle and allow yourself to release any stress and negativity. I have already taught a lot about how to use candles for one's benefit in that previous blog post.

What do I do with the birthstone and crystal stuff?

You may have received some sort of item such as a jewelry item that contains your birthstone or that of you and someone else, or just someone else or some type of crystal. These are to be worn or used in conjunction with relaxation and meditation for your own enjoyment, but also used or worn as a reminder that you should maintain a positive expectation of whatever it is that you're currently in the process of manifesting. Maybe it looks like a ring or a bracelet, or even a necklace. It might contain a specific symbol or it might contain a specific stone or stones. Whatever it is, it's geared to you. It should be used with any advice or instruction I've given to you about how to use it. 

While most people do not need anything, they're nice to have.

If you want to relax, use them in enjoyment. No one "needs" anything, but again, the reason these are sometimes given is because they're helpful to the specific person. Reducing stress, reducing anxiety and learning how to relax and enjoy each moment of your life should be your objective, so this is why these are sometimes given out. Don't feel like you need to get a bunch of subsequent sessions if you've been given something; just use the item, because hopefully that item or items will assist in clearing out your stress which will help prevent you from feeling like you need spiritual counseling anyway. Not that I'm chasing away anyone's business, it's just that if you are less stressed, then you will have a more balanced and fulfilling life which means you won't feel you need help which means you'll be happy as a result, which of course we know that happiness results in fulfillment.

If I've given you something, then you'll also likely receive instructions as well along with it in order for you to use it for your Highest Good and receive the most benefit for you, but this article is a good little guide that will help remind you.

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