Reincarnation: How To Understand Past Lives

REINCARNATION: When, Why & How + Easily Determine Your Soul's Death In Your Previous Life

In this article, you'll learn about reincarnation as an idea, and by the end of this article you'll be able to determine your date of death in your previous life as well as learn a little about what your previous life may have been like while you were alive.


Many people like to go by "gut feelings" and dreams they've had to determine what their past life might have been like. While occasionally these feelings and dreams can hold some truth to revealing past lives, it's extremely rare. That said, please do not go by what your repeating dreams and intuition are telling you, at least with regard to your past lives, because chances are, you're dead wrong (pun totally intended!) Making incorrect estimations and approximations regarding past lives and past life experiences can really cause us some trouble because while we all have an intuition and most people's are pretty strong indeed, there's often a tendency to estimate incorrectly regarding things we can't actually physically see or touch, such as a past life experience.

For example, there was a study conducted around 2002 where women were asked to guess what their partner was thinking, feeling and doing in certain situations over a period of about a year. This study included both long-term married couples and new relationships alike. At the end of the study they found that the women were correct much of the time, however they were incorrect 53% of the time. That means we ladies were wrong more than half the time about what those closest to us were thinking and feeling! In my personal experience, I've noticed that my clients are incorrect much of the time, and often far more than just 50% of the time! So, how do we really determine with accuracy what our past lives might have been like?


Everyone seems to have different ideas regarding the concept of reincarnation. Most people have certain beliefs which originate in their own, personal religious and spiritual beliefs, or what they've learned over time.

Unfortunately, there are more unscrupulous psychics and mediums out there than not, which can leave a person who is trying to find legitimate information is a precarious position. Then, there's the confirmation bias as it pertains to psychics and mediums. That is, specifically, when a person goes for a reading and the psychic or medium fails to investigate the underlying values. For example, let's say you visit a psychic who tells you that in your previous life, you were Cleopatra. This will remain in your subconscious mind, even when you happen to forget all about the details of the reading in your conscious mind. Because this information remains in the subconscious mind as does the energy that was created at the time you were told this information albeit false information, the next reader you happen to visit will most likely pick right up on what's in your subconscious thoughts and thus take it for reality rather than just residual energies and information that lingers long past a previous reading. So, the reader tells you that he or she sees that you were once Cleopatra in your past life, and this confirms it in your mind that you were, in fact, Cleopatra in a past life. So, because this new energy is created, now the next reader will see the same thing -UNLESS she investigates the underlying values and can see that this whole Cleopatra thing is untrue and just energy and thought based on a past reading with a psychic who had no idea what she was doing in the first place.

(I can't tell you how many times people have come to me with stories that have been confirmed by numerous psychics "who all saw the same thing" so it must be true...right?) So, I ask the person, "Well, 4 psychics have told you that Bob would reach out to you in April. I don't see that Bob has reached out at all. Am I seeing this wrong?" And they always say, "No, you're right. Bob was supposed to reach out and I've had 4 people tell me they saw the same thing so there must be a delay or a block, right? What can I do to remove the block or the delay?" And I say, "There is nothing that you specifically need to do because there's no block or delay, however I can tell you what you can begin doing right now that will set in motion the series of events that will help make what you want to happen, to begin to happen as far as getting yourself and Bob on the right path for that to happen for you (which is in this scenario, for Bob to reach out.) That all explained, much of what we hear from multiple people such as psychics can sometimes be inaccurate because they saw what was in your subconscious mind versus taking the time to investigate those (extremely important) underlying values that reside under the surface energies. This rings especially true regarding past lives.

** PLEASE NOTE: Before you begin reading the balance of this article, please remember that your own spiritual beliefs may differ from those of others, so please do be respectful regarding the feelings and beliefs of everyone. And remember, there are some first timer souls also out there because everyone has to start somewhere! That said, please be kind. Thank you.


Lucky for me, like most Twin Flames out there- or unlucky, depending on your point of view -I actually carry with me, certain memories of when I was very little, memories of my birth and memories of my soul's journey at the time I reincarnated in this lifetime. Because of these memories, I have a clear understanding of God and what my Divine Mission is. It is my personal belief that Twins carry these memories with them of God, The Creator and our Divine Missions to help keep us on task, so to speak. This is a good thing, since this is the Twin Flames' 3rd and final shot to "get it right," so to speak -our respective Divine Mission which is sanctioned by God. While all souls have a special mission, it's the Twin Flames who absolutely must get it right this time around. Each Twin Flame couple has a unique Divine Mission and the objective is to raise the Universal Vibration simultaneously which will in turn, initiate universal unconditional love, universal healing and ultimately universal peace.

For those who are not Twin Flames, chances are, you will likely have another opportunity to return to a life again here on this planet as what they refer to as an "old soul." You'll be more wise and intelligent (likely even blessed with an unusually high IQ as well) in your next lifetime. Twin Flames are often called old souls due to the wisdom and experience they carry with them in this lifetime from their previous incarnations.


The Twin Flames are primarily focused on their Divine Mission while all other souls are focused mainly on the romantic aspects of their life. While a romantic relationship does exist between Twin Flame couples, their primary focus is a feeling of urgency regarding raising the Universal Vibration.

Whether you are a Twin Flame or a whole soul being, you are blessed with a lifetime on this planet. While Twins are on their 3rd and final incarnation in this lifetime and (must) get it right and complete their mission, every other soul being is a whole soul (although it likely feels like you're missing a part of your soul much of the time.) This is because the "missing puzzle piece" to your soul is actually the completion of your personal mission, whatever that may be. Most souls have several missions and don't even realize that they're in the process of completing their missions at all. This is due to the Butterfly Effect meaning, each thing you do, think or say, however briefly or unnoticeable, impacts everything in the universe to a small degree which in turn, causes a ripple-effect in series of events which has a genuine and very, very important impact on the world and universe, no matter how small it may seem to you at the time.


The concept of reincarnation originated in Buddhism. All Buddhists believe in reincarnation. During the first 49 days after a human being breathes out his or her last breath and up to the time of reincarnation, his or her spirit or “soul” survives for up to 49 days. This survival is known as the “bardo,” the “outcast,” or the “body in the Yun,” a period during the good and bad karma of the former life is being weighed and judged.

Since his or her karma is not yet formed to determine where he or she will reincarnate, the bardo is extremely free. And since the bardo is extremely light, agile, and keen, its strength of awareness is seven times stronger than before death during this period, and possesses his bardo throughout.

Mediums can read their minds or even varying the length of this survival period for seven days, 14 day, 21 days, 28 days, 35 days, 42 days and up to 49 days, at which time his or her karma for the next lifetime will have been determined and the bardo will undergo reincarnation accordingly.

Mediums can also read the residual energies left behind by a soul or a Twin Flame, after their physical body dies. There is an old saying that goes, "When someone dies, the soul lives on." This old saying rings true here to a certain degree in the sense that all living beings are comprised of energy and thus, upon death of the physical body, the energy that made up their physical and spiritual bodies can leave an impression. Mediums are able to read this impression and thus, convey information or "messages," if you will, to the living.


All souls make certain decisions and choices prior to birth. These choices are made with the primary objective to gain necessary lessons, understanding and information for each individual soul. This is important, as each lesson helps form the soul's ability to complete their personal mission and life purpose in their lifetime on earth, which will result in "getting the job done," so to speak. Getting the job done and completing their mission assists and empowers them to achieve a place in heaven with God, The Creator.

The best description of this is a child's need to make their parents (or caregivers, etc.) proud. Like most children, we have a deep inherent desire and need to please our parents. Our parent in this analogy is God, The Creator. Even if you're someone who happens to dislike your parents greatly, you can still get the idea because at some point in your life, I'm sure you've wanted to make someone proud of you, even if it was yourself.

Often, a soul in this state will make selections that our human minds wouldn't agree with. For example, why would anyone choose a serial killer as a father, an abusive mother or terrible acne in our teens? Why would we ever choose horrible accidents, terrible divorces or illnesses?

Believe it or not, even the very bad has some good in it and our heavenly soul knows this. Our soul knows that in order to receive the valuable lessons necessary to gain the knowledge and understanding we require to achieve our place with God, The Creator. Some souls even carry memories of God or a heavenly being asking them over and over at the time of making these choices, "Are you sure? Are you absolutely SURE?"

I actually carry a memory of being communicated to through a sort of telepathy experience and being asked, "Are you sure," when I selected my parents, the way I'd look and other aspects of my life that were not going to be choices I'd make in the living as a human. I remember knowing that I had free will as a soul to make these choices and that I would in turn, use my free will as a human being in the living to process through these difficult aspects that I was choosing. The more difficult choices we make in the spiritual realm, the harder life will be and in turn, we use our free will to process through our life and complete our missions, thus God is pleased. I can clearly recall a deep need and desire to please God through my choices here on earth and I clearly recall knowing it would be very difficult based on my soul's choices, and God conveying a message to me: "You will bring with you these memories of choices in order to remember and carry with you, the importance of your purpose and mission on earth."

(It's my belief, based on these soul memories, that my mission and purpose is to convey a certain message to the living: "God is real, God is The Creator, and we need to look within our own soul and to God for the answers to the questions that we have while we process through life and complete our missions. Our missions are the most important aspect of life and I must deliver this message to the living because God is real and does exist. Understanding this will give you as a soul the empowerment you need to complete your own mission which is sanctioned by God. Do not become caught up, so to say, in the unimportant aspects of life. Rather, enjoy your life here on earth because it is a blessing and a gift from God -while you complete your mission and life purpose because this is your true purpose for living. You will see God, The Creator, when you die.") I also recall returning to a heavenly place which felt like total unconditional love which I can't even explain, traveling along with other souls with the excitement of a child going home after a long trip, and simultaneously waking up on Christmas morning. I also recall all my questions being answered. The meaning of life: your purpose, and each one has a unique and special one.


How does a bardo choose his next parents? All Buddhists believe in cause and effect. (Think: The Butterfly Effect previously mentioned, above.) This is the foundation for karma. Without a cause, there can be no effect. A certain cause will definitely produce a certain effect. Like a seed is the cause and in a seed or fertilized ovum is hidden all the genes that will determine what plant or animal or human is to be born next. Besides, causes and effects, relations are also a determining factor of the next life.

Bardos will only seek out parents who are somehow related to them in their past. These relations can be either good or bad. A bad relation with someone in the past will lead a bardo to seek you out so that you will have to suffer for your past karma or debt to that particular bardo when you become its parent or parents. This explains why some children are very good to their parents and some extremely bad. The bad ones come to collect their debts. For example, the parents of such a child have to love him or her very much only to lose him or her in the end, such a death by fatal accidents after the parents have given him or her good education. When the child has collected his or her debts, they will leave the parents behind. On the other hand, other children may be very filial pious to the parents because they had good relations with them in their former lives.

Souls also desire to connect with certain parents for another reason, which we choose prior to our birth and is one of the more vivid memories that I carry with me. Souls choose our parents in order to receive certain valuable soul lessons in order to gain the knowledge, understanding and empathy needed in order to achieve a place in heaven wit The Creator, God. We choose the parents we believe will enable us to learn what is needed in order to achieve this knowledge.


How is a person’s sex determined in relation to conception? This is a unique belief to this spiritual concept. When a bardo has seek out its parents, the next item on the list is determination of the sex of the child to be born. If the bardo sees the parents in copulation and is attached to the physical body of the man, then its sex will be female and the child is so conceived; if the bardo sees the parents in copulation and is attached to the physical body of the woman, then its sex will be male and the child is so conceived. The sperm will only do what it is supposed to do. Because of such attachments of the bardo in choosing its parents, both the male and female born will suffer later in their life because of the opposite sex either through infatuation, sexual desires, love, separation, and strong attachments.


In almost all cultures, both eastern and western, men are usually considered more rational and women more emotional, and so goes the saying “men are from Mars and women from Venus.” That was a very interesting book, by the way! It was written by a Dr. John Gray, I believe. But I digress... At least because of this, the Buddha originally did not allow women to become members of the monastic community lest they came into contact with them and emotionally influenced them. Because Buddha’s the first cousin Ananda begged the Buddha to save his mother and the Buddha was compassionate, by choice the Buddha shortened 20 years of his own lifespan to allow Ananda’s mother to enter the monastic community. Buddha died at the age of 80 by choice instead of 100. Such was the beginning of Bhikkhuni in the Buddhist monastic community. Strictly speaking, even to this date in most monasteries, Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni are not allowed to practice under the same roof. The Buddha set down 384 commandments for a Bhikkhuni to obey unconditionally, but only 250 commandments for a Bhikkhu. The additional commandments deal with, prevent, and protect the integrity of the entire monastic community and guide the Bhikkhuni in their daily practices with clear advice for Bhikkhuni as to how they should treat their own emotions.

Why did the Buddha manifest himself as a man and not a woman? In Buddhism, it is generally believed that because of her emotional makeup and her strong attachment to love and desire, a woman has to undergo rebirth 500 times before she can assume the body of a man. And since a man is more rational, once born, he has the potential to become a Buddha if he so chooses! Even today, who in this world would be willing to allow her own husband to leave the family behind to become a monk? With the attachments of a family, it is almost hopeless for any man to undergo the ascetic practices to become a Buddha! He will not only have to learn to love and save his own children but also the children of all humankind! This was why Gautama Siddhartha manifested himself as a prince, married and had a son before he renounced his family and set out to learn from the greatest Yogis of his time the way to liberation and to save his people from suffering.


Of the 6 realms of sentient beings, heavenly beings, humans, asuras, animals, ghosts, and demons, only humans has the potential to become Buddhas.

Heavenly beings indulge themselves in leisure and enjoyment and therefore never intend to become Buddhas. They enjoy extraordinary long life spans and when they die, they fall down from heaven into Samsara again to become any of the lower level forms of existence. All humans go through some kind of suffering in their life time. The more they suffer, the more they reflect upon the true meaning life and it is because of this that some of them may choose to undergo ascetic practices to become Buddhas.

Asuras are also heavenly beings: male asuras are extremely handsome looking but vengeful; female asuras are extremely ugly and belligerent. All they think of is how to wage wars with the gods and therefore they also are too preoccupied to even think of practicing to become Buddhas. Animals are born into their own forms to repay their past karma. They have fur, hair and horns, but no free will. Most animals end up on dinner tables. They cannot even stand upright like humans can and therefore they suffer and become game or are butchered.

Some humane pet owners may be kind to their pets but can only love them to a limited extent. There is a really need for animal rights activities worldwide nowadays. But even so, they cannot teach them the meaning of life, but can only feed and walk them, so all animals will die in vain without the slightest idea of why they are here in the first place.

Hungry ghosts coexist with humans in the same dimension. Since they do not have physical bodies, they cannot perform good karma to change their existing karma at will, and so they only suffer for their past karma unless saved by a good human being or Bodhisattva such as Ksitigarbha who is too willing and powerful. Demonic beings in the hells suffer most for eons without the slightest hope of rebirth! Like the hungry ghosts, they do not have physical bodies either and so they cannot perform good karma to change their existing karma at will, and so none of them have the chance of becoming Buddhas on their own.


When our bodies die, approximately 21 grams leave your body immediately. This 21 grams is associated with the energy of your soul. The Numerology here is related to the 21 = 2+1=3 which = the 3rd and final incarnation in some spiritual beliefs.

The soul which passes out of the body after death is termed ‘Preta’, according to Hinduism, one that is bound on its onward march to the Beyond. The soul in its disembodied form hovers about its original and familiar places for ten days. It is in the form of a ghost during these ten days. The astral body takes shape from day to day with the formation of the head, eyes, and other limbs of the Linga Sarira, fed and nourished by the sesamum and water poured out in libation over the stones which represent the ancestors. The soul is fully embodied on the eleventh day. It starts on its journey to the judgement seat of Lord Yama, the God of death. It takes one full year from the time of death to reach Lord Yama’s place.

According to one's Karmas Yama sends the soul to heal or heaven. Now the soul suffers in hell or enjoys in heaven untill its karmas are exhausted. The souls that descend from heaven have a remnant of Karma which determines their birth. The souls return to the earth by the force of some unenjoyed remnants of Karma. So, the time taken to reincarnate depends upon ones karmas in past life.


According to the Tibetan Buddhist Book Of The Dead, the book teaches that it takes forty-nine days for the soul of the recently dead to "reincarnate." That is, seven weeks from the time of death of one person elapses until the life-force's "rebirth" into its next body.

This same forty-nine-day interval marking two landmark events in human embryo formation. It takes forty-nine days from the conception for the first signs of the human pineal to appear. Forty-nine days is also when the fetus differentiates into male or female gender. Thus the soul's rebirth, the pineal, and the sexual organs all require forty-nine days before they manifest. Ironic or connection? Possibly, depending on your beliefs. The pineal gland is also known as "The 3rd Eye."


There are many speculations and philosophies on the actual date of reincarnation. There is one theory that stems from the Buddhist beliefs that is takes 49 days and 2 years from the date of death to reincarnate. There is another more modern philosophy that says it's 49 years and 2 days from the date of death.

In Hinduism, it's said that reincarnation only takes place as long as there is ignorance. That means, as long as there are soul lessons to learn in order to achieve our place in heaven as we perceive it, we will reincarnate. This theory makes sense and resonates well with me based on the memories regarding my own reincarnation that I carry with me.

Reincarnation, a major tenet of Hinduism, is when the soul, which is seen as eternal and part of a spiritual realm, returns to the physical realm in a new body. A soul will complete this cycle many times, learning new things each time and working through its karma. This cycle of reincarnation is called samsara. Hinduism believes in the rebirth and reincarnation of souls. The souls are immortal and imperishable. A soul is part of a jiva, the limited being, who is subject to the impurities of attachment, delusion and laws of karma. But, if you have bad karma and a life full of sins you have to take rebirth again and again. In turn, the same rings true and accurately regarding soul learning.

If we use the 49 years and 2 days theory the date of our previous life can be easily calculated. Or, if we use the 2 years and 49 day theory which resonates more with the scientific aspects, then we can calculate the date of our death quite easily as well.

When we calculate our date of death regarding our previous incarnation going by the scientific 49 day theory and couple it with the spiritual aspects of Hinduism and Buddhist beliefs, we need to look more closely at the date of conception versus the date of our actual birth. Many infants are delivered through different medical methods including early deliveries and so on, so using the 49 day theory, we need the date of conception.

That said, the best way to determine this date would be to ask our parents. I'm lucky in the respect that I actually remember the date and the time that my daughter was conceived, and can count forward the 49 days and accurately determine, based on the 1993 calendar, the formation of her 3rd eye and thus, estimate within hours, the date of her death during her previous incarnation. I know that the ovum attached on the 3rd day of conception because I clearly recall the common little pain on my lower right side when it occurred. The pain occurred at 6:30 p.m., EST on June 9th, 1993. I can count the 49 days (plus the 72 hours)


Based on the formula, you can look at the calculations and estimate your date of death in your previous life incarnation. This formula is especially helpful if you know the exact date that you were conceived.

To estimate your date of conception, you'd look at your date of birth and determine whether or not you were early or late as far as delivery and birth. Then, you would factor in 1-4 days for the conception process, then you'd subtract your theory (either 49 days or 49 years plus or minus the 2 days, depending on the formula that you are using.)

Based on the formula you use, you can also estimate what your past life might have been like; whether you were a male or a female in your past life, and so on.

In estimating your date of death using this formula, you'll also be able to look at timelines of events during the time frame in which you likely lived.


Another formula that I adore is the Past Life Regression, better known as the PLR. PLR can be combined with readings and also with this formula to better reveal events and experiences from your past life or lives. Information gathered during a PLR session is not only impressive, but the experience of a regression is quite relaxing. PLR is a form of hypnosis and if you believe in dreams revealing past lives at all, it's the dreams just following a regression session that are the most revealing of all.

Brian Weiss, M.D., is a wonderful psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist. He's authored several wonderful works including one particularly delicious little series of books which also include a PLR Meditation CD with each one. Regression To Times & Places, Spiritual Progress Through Regression and Mirrors Of Time are just a few in the collection. I studied PLR with Dr. Weiss' work and books and have actively practiced performing past life regression sessions for about 14 years now mainly for enjoyment, and I can say that his work and his books have taught me more than all of my independent study and research combined. I'm not suggesting that you run out and purchase Dr. Weiss' books, I'm saying that his work taught me quite a bit. You can actually find his guided meditations available online to watch and I highly recommend them.

Combining the information received during a PLR session, whether with the help of a traditional certified regression therapist like Dr. Weiss or on your own with the information you gain through your independent research with the above formula can lead you to understanding your past life as well as your purpose and mission here in this lifetime. Yes, you can really do this all on your own without paying for services from anyone.

Anyone can assist you through PLR if they know how if you feel that you require assistance, however one can typically enjoy PLR sessions via guided meditation on their own. If you're going to engage in interpretation and past life regression through hypnotic suggestion or trance, I urge you to visit a certified hypnotist who offers regression, and make sure you know who they are and what to expect as you do not want to be under hypnotic suggestion in the hands of someone who may or may not know what they're actually doing. In other words, don't play around with this during your next girl's night out sleepover. If you do, use a guided meditation such as one of the CD's that accompany Dr. Weiss' books. These books and CD's are not expensive and are well worth the time and are safe to use. I have come across "guided meditation" videos on places like YouTube which, while posted with seemingly good intentions, were not actually safe. You want to go with something safe that works. There are also plenty of regression therapists out there who will be able to offer this type of experience in an office setting as well such as trained hypnotists and so on. Some people like to begin with a guided meditation on their own and then visit a PLR for a session then continue using the at-home techniques, for example. Your path is your choice. 


Once you've determined the date of your reincarnation, previous death, etc., and maybe even engaged in a PLR experience or two, now it's time to begin your research.

it's important to remember that a single PLR session may not reveal everything that you had hoped. Sometimes, it's necessary to practice the PLR meditations, dreaming and therapies over time in order to reveal everything you're looking for and to answer your most important questions about your previous incarnations. In my opinion this is where the at-home work you can enjoy on your own can come in really handy. PLR sessions don't seem to be cheap but one can reasonably use PLR techniques at home that don't cost anything.


Sometimes, dreams will repeat themselves not because of a past life, but because of the emotional response that you have during the dream. The purpose of these dreams is to receive a message from The Universe, and from God. After all, God created The Universe, particularly according to the above beliefs and ideas. That said, if you are experiencing certain dreams you feel pertain to your past life or lives, it's important to keep a record of the dreams, including dates, times and details. A proper dream journal can come in very handy in this case.

God works in mysterious ways and there are many different types of dreams: prophetic, messages, healing, karmic, and the list goes on. You'll first need to determine what sort of dream you're experiencing. Then, you'll need to look at the messages within the dream. In most cases, dreams are not so much about past lives as they are about specific messages, although it's known that if someone has an intense dream, they tend to believe it due to the emotional response elicited, which in turn will cause the dream to manifest it's self into the person's reality in their waking life. So, if you do not desire your dreams to come true in reality, then it's necessary to understand that it's not a prophetic dream; rather, it's simply an experience which contains a message.

In interpretation we look at the following: the combination of the series of events in a dream, the other souls/people revealed in this dream, the frequency that this dream or related dreams occur, the dreamer's emotional response to the dreaming experience, the symbols in the dream including colors, places and shapes, the numerology including the numbers revealed in the dream as well as the time and date the dream took place, and ultimately any messages the dreamer reveals about his or her experience and related experiences in their waking life. (Even waking life experiences can play a strong role in the process of dream interpretation.) Just because we have always felt drawn to Paris doesn't mean that we made our home there in our past life. it is the accurate information that is most revealing and telling. This is the insight and information that will lead you ultimately to reaching the answers you seek regarding your previous incarnations.

Look carefully at ALL aspects and information contained within the PLR, the dreams that follow the PLR sessions, and especially any memories that the person carries with them regarding their past life experiences.

It's also important to remember that just because we have a recurring dream or waking experience or a memory, it may be, at least in part, a manufactured memory. The objective in this process is to eliminate any inaccurate information and leave only the useful, truthful information that is relevant in order to accurately and correctly determine someone else's or your own past life experiences or purpose.

In using all of the information gathered and revealed, it should be your objective to determine your life purpose and mission in this lifetime and to learn from any mistakes or misfortunes from your past lives. Remember, whether you're a Twin Flame with a Divine Mission that you are working on in this lifetime with your Twin Flame partner to raise the Universal Vibration or, whether you're a whole soul individual soul being who is working on their Divine Mission and Life Purpose in order to raise the Universal Vibration, your purpose and proverbial mission so to speak, is always the same: to create unconditional love, universal healing and universal peace the world over.

...and you thought your past lives were just for fun! Yes and no, actually. You can use the information and insight you gained from your past lives in order to complete your most important purpose and mission here on earth during this, your present lifetime. While life is full of earthly pleasures, emotions, joys and experiences, it's your mission that is most important. Whether you're a Twin Flame or a whole soul being, your mission is no less important than that of your neighbor. All soul missions hold great importance, especially yours! That said, use your information, and your lifetime, wisely.

Blessings xo

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Hellaine Barry

Thank you for that interesting read. I just have a question about the reincarnation part. I had 3 children, my youngest was born at 31 weeks at 1.5kg. I took him home early from hospital , after 4 days in nicU as I wasn’t happy about keeping him at the hospital.
At 2 1/2 he drowned. I still can’t stop blaming myself, however the question is about our past life together. Would that mean I treated him badly and he came back to let me suffer and understand? Its pretty difficult to get that through my brain. Ps 3 months before he passed my guides came to warn me one of my children would pass.
Many Thanks Hellaine Barry

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