Question Submitted: Would A Twin Flame Ever Cut Off All Contact?

During the Runner/ Chaser Phase of the twin flame template, yes, it's entirely possible. It happens often...

The runner runs while the chaser chases. The misery of that ends soon enough though when the energy flips and the runner becomes the chaser and the chaser begins to run. This happens so that BOTH TWINS can experience all aspects of the twin flame journey.

Cutting the twin off can feel isolating. However, I have seen it happen hundreds of times. There's a long path and a short path to twin flame union. I always recommend choosing the short path because you still learn all the valuable soul lessons and inner work necessary for union.

For example, I have one client whose twin cut them off months ago. I showed him how to make certain changes so that the energy would flip a bit faster. It took him months to listen but he finally listened. Now his twin just sent him a request in his social media after having blocked him, she even had tried getting a restraining order on that guy even though he had physically done nothing and the police explained to her that he had done nothing so no order could be issued. That's how strongly she was trying to block her twin. You can't get anymore “cut off” than a legal order…

So, she ran and ran..

Eventually he listened and followed what I'd instructed him to do. Once he FINALLY surrendered she decides to send him this impromptu request and sent him a gift in the mail: a CD. Ironically, he had just bought the same album in LP form, a record.

Of course this was a sign: “like a groove in a record, don't get stuck again.” The CD was Sparks, and that sign referred to the electricity (energy) between them she's finally shifting to experience.

How did she go from calling the cops to make an erroneous report to suddenly sending him gifts and such? Some would say magic. I say it's a typical twin flame journey flip.



Once again, thank you for clarifying so much in your article! I have been the chaser during separation with the man whom I believe is my twin flame. Lately, though, I feel so disillusioned by the person he has become during separation that, while I love him on some levels, I’m not sure I like him anymore. Recently, my recurrent thought is: ‘Pretty soon, it will be me who’s running and he will have to chase me to win me back.’


You said you recommend to choose shorter path. My question is how do I know which path do I have to follow. I am in separation period. Right now I don’t really understand what to do. I will be grateful if you can help me by giving some advise.

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