Question Submitted: Why do synchronicities increase between twin flames? Does it foretell an event? Does the other twin feel/experience the same increase in the synchronicities at the same time?

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The syncs are desperate to guide you. They are trying desperately to guide you in the right direction to get you on the correct path. They'll appear so intensely for this reason. Follow them and you'll see what I mean!

Twin Flames are on the same universal frequency therefore signs (the syncs) present. Often, intensely.

Signs and Synchronicity are actually UNIVERSAL SIGNS. During the twin flame journey to union, the synchronicity will present in order to guide you to the right path.

There's a long path and a short path to twin flame union and I always recommend choosing the shorter path. It saves time, energy and stress and effort. Had I known then during my own journey what I know now, I would have definitely chosen the fast track to twin flame union, I assure you.

The universal signs (the synchronicity you see and experience) are like a road map or a personal GPS to follow to achieve twin flame union.

Most people waste time or become stagnated in their journey because they either misinterpret the signs and syncs, or they fail to follow them accurately and correctly.

People believe their twin is sending signs or syncs as messages. In actuality, it's the universe sending these important syncs for you to follow. Both twins receive them, however it's up to the individual to receive, interpret and follow them. That's why a lot of people ask their twin if they sent them a sign and 90% of the time the person answers no. It's not usually on a conscious level and the syncs are a road map. The road map is intended to lead twins to union and to guide them toward their mission. It's the MISSION that's the purpose the twins are incarnate. Yes, there's great purpose behind the whole twin flame existence.

A twin flame on his or her journey will receive signs and syncs. Soulmates receive them too, however with differing purpose as compared to twin flames.

The signs and syncs will appear to CHASE YOU, ALMOST WITH HARRASSMENT until that twin flame uses these signs to get on the right path. If you're experiencing lots of syncs, it's the universe trying to guide you. Once you get yourself onto the RIGHT path, the signs and syncs will leave you alone, for you won't require guidance at that moment. When you require guidance again, they will reappear again.

The Most Common syncs are numbers, letters, names, dates, times and words such as from songs and certain images. Most experience seeing the 11s or 11:11 which is the universal sign meaning PAY ATTENTION.

The initial sync we experience is never the actual sign. It's the SYNCHRONICITY the universe USES TO GET OUR ATTENTION TO RELAY THE MESSAGE AND SIGN ITS SENDING.

People often labor under the misapprehension that the 11:11 or whatever sync they receive is some kind of confirmation of something. Or that it means something about your twin. These are the people who become most stagnated and stuck in their journeys.

The syncs are SIGNS to get our attention and the SIGN it brings with it is there for us to follow. Most people think they'll remember all the syncs they see but they neglect the sign that sync brought.

When I was busy obsessing over my counterfeit twin flame, I was receiving tons of syncs which he also saw many on his part and of course I assumed they meant I was on the right path. That's what most think. Boy, was I ever wrong! Hindsight is 20/20 so looking back I see the big picture. Now I realize I had listened to a bunch of wannabe twin flames on the internet who had no clue what they were talking about. I suppose that's why it's prudent to communicate with others who have actually completed the journey and are in union with their twin because they've actually gone through it. For me, it was like the blind leading the blind and as a result I stayed stuck in a holding pattern with my counterfeit twin flame for WAY TOO LONG.

Anyway, once I realized the syncs were not confirming anything but were actually GUIDING ME, I started to track them. Writing each down, day by day along with a lot of background around the syncs. I realized when im on the RIGHT PATH, the syncs leave me alone, for I'm on the right path. But when I needed guidance, they showed up again. I began to test it…

I'd start thinking or feeling or doing or saying or following the opposite direction I was on when the syncs presented and going in the direction they were trying so desperately to guide me. It was like an epiphany. Everything became SO CLEAR. And I had thought I was clear and understood before. Now everything was so clear.



Myself and my twin flame reconnected but we’re not yet together… All the signs are there that we belong together but he is in a relationship with the mother of his child. I just hope that everything works out the way its meant to. This has been going on for too long

Amy Marie

How you know what its guiding you toward?


This is very helpful and feels very true to me. Thank you for sharing this!

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