Question Submitted: What Does The Jesus / Mary Magdelane Card Mean?

There are literally hundreds of different tarot style decks and cards within those decks. The more accurate decks are similar to the original Rider-Waite Tarot which I like most myself. The deck should have come with a companion book which explains each card.

The cards mean something DIFFERENT IN EACH POSITION IN A SPREAD. So, getting one card in position 3 will mean something DIFFERENT if it shows up in position 6 for example.

In addition, there's literally countless spreads. There's spreads ranging from a single card all the way up to a 20 card Celtic spread which is a spin off of the original.

That all said, the Jesus & Mary Magdalene card is 2 things: Jesus Christ and Mary, the prostitute he sort of reformed. He showed her that God forgives transgressions as long as one stops that transgression. And keeps the faith so to speak. Jesus wasn't a Twin Flame. If you're Christian you believe he's the son of God, and part of God, and therefore a whole being in himself with God, and not split into 2 half souls…unless God also sent Jesus a sister in the form of his only begotten daughter with his only begotten son. While twin flames are not siblings, Jesus was a different kind of soul than humans, as being God's only son, if you happen to subscribe to the faith of Christianity or believe this series of events as described in the scriptures was accurate and correct.

Now it is said that the twin flames are the 144,000 Israelites who lead the world back to truth and origin. In this, then the Israelites have been born but will reunite sometime around 2012 — the last year of the Mayan calendar — which some also believe.

If you're looking at the twin flame perspective at Jesus and Mary M, then she was a prostitute whom he taught valuable soul lessons and she assisted him and learned from him. He helped lead the masses to God and she loved and worshiped Jesus as the son of God. However no romantic relationship ever existed (Unless you watch that one particular movie that was banned due to misinformation and harrassy across the map…but I did find it on Netflix once…) but I digress…

Here's my interpretation of that card: Jesus loved Mary as a sister and a friend, as he loved all God's creations and basically told her how to stop going in the wrong direction. She listened, learned and helped carry on his work. She cleaned him including washing his feet because she worshiped him. In short, he showed her the right direction after she had been going in the wrong one for a long time. He did not judge her. He simply accepted her and showed her the right, healthier intentions of God.

That said, is someone, perhaps the one you believe to be your twin flame, ever showing you to go in a correct direction? Is he or she showing you something DIFFERENT than you expect? Giving you any sort of indicator that you should try something new or different?

What's Jesus doing in the card depiction? What is she doing? What images are present?

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