Question Submitted: What Does It Mean When I Feel Negativity From My Twin Flame?

It sounds like your intuitive ability, which comes to full strength during the Ascension process, is picking up something important. Ascension is often begun at the onset of the twin flame journey. That said, your intuition and gift of discernment is kicking in, in high gear right now…

Part of that twin flame journey happens to be the false aka counterfeit twin. Typically, that false twin possesses all traits of the true twin including signs, syncs and symptoms. That counterfeit twin usually presents sometime at the onset of the journey in the form of a karmic soulmate who acts as a catalyst to awaken one to that journey and process of Ascension…

It could be that your intuition has kicked in and ascension has begun and you are picking up on the fact you're dealing with a false twin. People who don't realize their false twin can spend years on the wrong direction.

There's a long path and a short path to twin flame union and I always recommend the shorter track. Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn't have wasted the better part of a year with my own false twin. This is why I advise other twins to always opt for the faster track to union.

Some may say you're simply picking up on your twin's inner work still needing to be completed, fears or other issues within them such as ego stagnation, however because twins unite in divine timing when most inner work is already completed, this is a highly unlikely theory. Plus, ego stagnation never includes being a cold-hearted person.

In your twin, you'll see yourself as a different soul part. Twins are 2 halves of the same soul incarnate in two separate human bodies. One half female energy and the other half male energy.

One will encompass one set of characteristics and traits while the other possesses the COMPLIMENTARY set. For example, one may be very logical while the other is emotional. Opposites which compliment to become one.



Hello, Im new to your website. I’ll try to not make this so long; I was in a committed relationship with my person (whom I believe could be my TF) for 10 years. We had a beautiful child and we were very happy. We were so close; Not only was he a loving father and an amazing partner but he was a very good friend. I considered him a bestfriend. Before separating, he showed signs of depression, not feeling good enough and constantly shutting me out. Never wanting to tell me anything. He left to be with a woman he just met. It was the most intense (almost traumatic) pain I’ve ever felt. When he left, he told me that he didnt love me anymore. He said a lot of hurtful things to me. Many things started happening that I could not explain. I went thru a spiritual awakening, strengthened my intuition and now have spirit guides. What I dont understand is why I still feel a strong pull with this man. Its been a year since our separation; although he’s still with the other woman, he still comes towards me, the feelings are still there but he then runs again. The relationship with the other woman is on and off all the time and he’s been very deceitful with her since the very beginning. Their relationship was built on lies and deception. Sometimes I dont understand why he’s still with her if I know he still loves me, misses me and cares for me. I know she is no way his twin flame or a divine feminine. She hates me and my son and does everything in her power to prevent him from being with us. She’s very low vibrational
Its an extremely painful journey, Ive tried to walk away so many times but we’re both pulled back towards each other Everytime. Sometimes I feel that he may be just a karmic partner or a false twin flame. But I see synchronicity daily everywhere I go, his initial, our anniversary date and he even appears in my dreams… there was one time where I snapped and cursed at the universe and at him (in my mind) saying that no one is listening to my prayers and affirmations, manifestations and that he doesnt care or love me. Never did. It was all a lie and that why cant I disconnect from him?
Then I cried myself crying. He appeared in my dream again and I saw the number 603. The angel number is a sign that my prayers have been heard and that I shouldnt worry. When I woke up, he texted me within minutes and asked to meet up. He saw that i was hurting and in pain. Although i didnt tell him exactly why, he said a lot of kind things. He told me he wants me happy, he looks up to me and that I am a beautiful, strong woman and to not be upset or sad. This cant all be a coincidence…
He is still with the karmic and now he’s distancing himself from me. We would communicate daily and see each other and now he barely speaks to me. I can feel him pulling away and he’s but up a barrier with me.. It has confused me once again on what exactly our connection is… are we true twin flames? Sometimes I feel that we are and sometimes fear and doubt clouds my judgement. I hope I can find my answers


My karmic soulmate taught me that emotional and spiritual connections were possible and also how much they can hurt. Once I realized he was my karmic soulmate, I felt the energy in my chest open up and felt so happy! I dont know if Im a Twin Flame but Ive definitely learned something from that encounter.

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