Question Submitted: What are ways to let go of my karmic/counterfeit twin?

I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and have been in union with my own Twin Flame for a long time so I'll try to help.

There's a long path and a short path to twin flame union and I always recommend choosing the shorter path. Avoiding stagnation with the False Twin is one aspect of the fast path to twin flame union. It's my objective to help guide as many as possible to achieve fulfillment including twin flames so I've written some helpful articles in the blog section of my site which I've made available to the public and are free to read in case you'd enjoy taking a look.

Releasing The Counterfeit Twin or Karmic Soulmate:

The fastest way to let go is to simply accept and see them for what they are and embrace the fact that they have presented as a preparation for your true twin flame and your journey to twin flame union. It's very similar to the action of spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically SURRENDERING to your true twin flame. This process is actually intended to prepare and teach you to do just that with your real twin when the time comes. Release and as painful as it may seem, reassure yourself that by releasing you are doing the healthy thing for your soul being. Beginning to heal by moving forward and connecting with others is a proactive aspect of taking the initial steps to meet your true twin flame if you haven't already.

What Is The Counterfeit Twin?

The Counterfeit Twin also known as the False Twin Flame is an important and necessary aspect of the journey. It's difficult for most to come to terms with and also release the counterfeit. The Counterfeit Twin is a vital part of the awakening process for twin flames to accurately and correctly be guided through the twin flame journey to twin flame union.

What's The Purpose Of The Counterfeit Twin or Karmic Soulmate?

The Counterfeit Twin presents as a catalyst, a soulmate who is karmic in nature but also brings a romantic aspect with them. This catalyst plays a key role in the awakening to the ascension process and can also play a role in kundalini awakening, also known as Kundalini Rising.

There are also those soulmates known as Karmic Soulmates, who are quite similar to the Counterfeit Twin Flame. These particular soulmates are important in the twin flame journey as well, as they also play a key role in the preparation for the true Twin Flame Union.

Many twin flames notice that when they connect with their true twin flame, that their true twin possess many or most of the positive traits and characteristics of the counterfeit twin flame, including those of karmic soulmates with whom they experienced a relationship prior to connecting with their true twin flames. Again, this all happens for good reason: preparation for this most important aspect of their lives: the twin flame journey to twin flame union.

How Can I Spot A Counterfeit Twin or Karmic Soulmate?

We typically connect with our counterfeit twin flame or karmic partner intended for this purpose just prior to our true twin flame, however it's possible to come across them anytime before, during the twin flame journey or even post-union with your twin flame.

This is where it gets tricky. You'll want to stay on course because you want to achieve twin flame union. The tricky part is that the Counterfeit Twin or Karmic Soulmate will possess and encompass all of the signs and symptoms and even synchronicity of twin flame. Even the relationship it's self will appear to take on a twin flame journey-like appearance.

The purpose of the counterfeit twin flame is to prepare you for your true twin, including the journey to union so don't be surprised if you notice the connection is extraordinary and very twin-flame-like. You're intended to THINK AND BELIEVE that the Counterfeit Twin is your true twin, afterall. So, it will feel and have all the trappings of a real twin flame. This thinking and believing the counterfeit twin is the true twin is again, just part of the journey it's self.

The Counterfeit Twin & Karmic Soulmate:

The signs, symptoms and syncs are IDENTICAL to those of real twin flame however true twins share a soul and a chakra system. Here are the most common counterfeit twin flame points.

  1. THERE SEEMS TO BE “SOMETHING WRONG.” OR A FEELING SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. This something so to speak can be anything from a nagging set of questions to a slight doubt. In twin flame there's no doubt who they are, and what your purpose is together. While some external doubt may exist in Twin Flames during the Runner and the Chaser Phase of the twin flame journey which runs concurrent with the Separation phase of the journey, there's a SENSE OF KNOWING that's always present in true twin flames.
  2. THERE IS AN ADDICTIVE FLAVOR TO THE COUNTERFEIT TWIN. In other words, it's almost like a feeling of “it can't get any more intense than this so I don't want to open my mind or heart to any other possible relationships.” Because the counterfeit twin encompasses all the same aspects of the twin flame journey, the runner and chaser phase of the journey seems to never end yet you find it almost impossible to “shake the connection” with them. This can include obsessive thoughts and an extremely long phase where you find yourself in chaser mode.
  3. YOU FIND YOURSELF IN A PROLONGED CYCLE OF RUNNING & CHASING THAT APPEARS ENDLESS. In the counterfeit twin flame there's an extremely long runner and chaser phase for many.
  4. IT FEELS LIKE UNREQUITED LOVE. If you've been stuck in the Chaser zone for a long time and it seems as though there's no light at the end of the tunnel, it may be a karmic or counterfeit.
  5. THERE'S ALWAYS SOMETHING KEEPING YOU APART. In real twin flames, even if the love is mutual, they find a way. But if you've found yourself saying “they still have things or other relationships to work out” for too long, it's possibly a counterfeit twin. While twin flames do endure certain obstacles, union always occurs. It may not be on the timeline you prefer but the union will occur. In counterfeit twin flame and karmic partners there's often always something keeping them apart. True twins connect in the physical WHEN ready, so the journey to union is not unbearable.
  6. THERE APPEARS TO BE A CHAKRA CONNECTION BETWEEN YOU OR A SOUL CONNECTION. Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul incarnate in two separate human bodies and therefore share a soul and chakra system versus soulmates who connect to one another.
  7. IT'S THE MOST INTENSE “CONNECTION” YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. Again, connection being the operative word. Twin Flames share a soul therefore a soul merge will have taken place at the physical soul reunion.
  8. THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE YOU. Twin Flames are 2 halves of the same soul incarnate in two separate human bodies. One half female energy and the other half male energy. So, twins are alike in many ways. However. One Twin possess all of the ABC traits while his partner will possess all of the XYZ traits. Perfect mirrored compliments. Soulmates however are more alike versus complimentary.
  9. YOUR RELATIONSHIP SEEMS TO BE ABSENT OF PURPOSE. Twin Flames have great purpose as all souls have. They're focused on their divine mission, whatever that mission is. Counterfeit Twin and karmic soulmate relationships are more focused on the romantic aspect of the relationship it's self. While all souls have purpose, twin flames tend to be mission-focused versus relationship-focused however the romantic relationship that transpires between the twins is definitely present and apparent.
  10. YOUR JOURNEY HAS BECOME STAGNATED & SEEMS TO BE IN A HOLDING PATTERN WITH ONE OF YOU PERPETUALLY WAITING. Counterfeit Twin and karmic soulmate relationships tend to engage in lots more push / pull versus true twins. While twin flames are like magnets and both simultaneously pull in and push away during the Runner and the Chaser Phase of the twin flame journey, the counterfeit twin flame will often have their partner or prospective partner constantly “waiting.”
  11. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN CONVINCE YOU THEY ARE NOT YOUR TWIN FLAME. Twins have processed through Ascension or are in the process upon meeting. Therefore, the ability to connect with soulmates and their own twin is quite strong. In the beginning you connect to Soulmates, more deeply than ever, it's extremely intense and one at a time. Later on in the process you realize it's not the person, rather your ABILITY TO CONNECT SO INTENSELY that's pulling you to the karmic or counterfeit.
  12. JEALOUSY, INSECURITY & DEEP FEAR EXIST. In true twins theres clearly a push / pull dynamic, however in the counterfeit twin flame or karmic partner you're still processing ascension and still working tbrough these kinds of issues. Twins meet when READY, and karmic and counterfeit twin flames are intended to help the soul process, heal and release old wounds and engage in healing in preparation for the true twin flame.
  13. If you have only awakened to one person and one soul being they're likely your catalyst to your awakening.



Very insightful. With my karmic soul mate, we were compelled together though signs and synchronicities. But then the cracks began to show. It was a difficult relationship as I felt it was my contract to heal him and he was going very slowly compared to my fast pace. Then I met the catalyst – totally overpowering feeling, I would have given up everything for him and turned my life upside down. But deep down I knew, our lives would never fit together. After healing from that, things were never the same with my karmic soul mate. Then I met something like a counterfeit twin. I truly believed he was my only twin and I could never love another. We connected a lot in the astral. After three years of unrequited love, and immense sadness, feeling like I would never be happy in love, I finally realised that we would never, ever be in union in this lifetime. I let him go. One year later, after focusing on my path even more intensely, I met my true twin. The difference was, we both knew we were meant to be together from the very beginning. He didn’t hold anything back and declared he would love me until his dying day. Although we are separated by circumstance, we are actually married and working to be in phsyical union every day. There is no mistaking this connection, no mistaking the one soul, and the shared energy system. As he said, this is a love like some people never find in their whole life. It is all about love, and radiating that love out to the whole planet and all beings. As you say, there is no doubt.


This is probably the most important and helpful article related to twin flame journeys that I have seen. I was chasing for such a long time and finally let him go, even as I was praying and manifesting almost nonstop. When I finally let go someone else came forward who presented with all the traits I was so obsessed with in my counterfeit. Anyway, thank you so much for speaking from your heart and experience to clarify this most confusing part of the twin flame journey. You are a blessing.


This is massively helpful. The intensity of a Karmic Catalyst is quite debilitating for most rational thought process. I wouldn’t be convinced she wasn’t my twin … until I started reading this blog 2 days ago. I Released…then came Healing & Clarity. Thank you.

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