Question Submitted: Once You've Spent Time With Your Twin Flame Do You Become More Alike?

I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and have been in union with my own Twin for a long time so I'll try to help.

The short answer is sometimes and kind of. I'll explain…

Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul incarnate in two separate human bodies. One half male energy and the other female energy. Twin Flames are Yin and Yang. Twins share certain likenesses but are actually complimentary versus being alike. At least at first. One typically possesses all of the ABC traits and aspects while their partner will possess all of the XYZ traits and aspects. Perfect Yin and Yang meaning that the twins are complimentary.

Upon the time that the Soul Merge takes place; when the two halves of the same soul merge back into one, these complimentary style opposite aspects also begin to simultaneously merge and birth new likenesses. I'll give an example. If both twins happen to like salad (likeness) but one enjoys olives while their partner hates them (opposite) then during dinner, one will eat all the olives so that way no food is ever wasted (complimentaty) so you see, this opposite created a complimentary likeness and a negative dislike of olives becomes a positive compliment and likeness of sharing.

There are physical shifts that occur after Soul Merge as well. While Ideal Romantic Soulmates are typically often mistaken for being so “similar” or even looking related somehow, on the other hand, some Twin Flames experience odd physical shifts. For example, I always had hazel eyes (greenish-blue-brown.) My twin who is the leading twin happens to have been born with pale blue eyes. Upon our Soul Merge, my eye color shifted oddly to his pale blue. It was such an odd synchronicity that people began to notice and inquire if I had begun wearing contact lenses (I had not, of course.)

The Soul Merge occurs when the two halves of the same soul being reunite and merge back into the one, single soul. And yes, it certainly can bring some interesting changes!

I hope this helps! Blessings xo


Aaron Miller

If my twin flame has kids that annoy me and my finances, living situation and job aren’t stable, should i stay with her? I’ve broken ip almost 6 times now even on her birthday, but she still continues to love me even though I’ve broken her heart.

Eleanor Anslow

My twin flame has passed. How do I hope with the perception of an odd calm in me from others while accepting our new relationship?


I’m confused with my twin flame and fake twin.
My first husband and children’s father, I think is my twin flame. We have 4 children together, including a set of twins and they all born on the 14th day of a month (may, aug and Jan). We got divorced after being married for 10 years. I still have very deep feelings for him and the feeling is mutual, I know.
I remarried and was married for 4 years but got divorced because my husband was physically, mentally and emotionally abusive. My second husband I think is my twin flame because of the abuse but yet he feels as my twin flame as well .
We are very similar and grew up similarly, experienced similar experiences .
I am so confuse , I’m not sure what and who is my twin flame . I would not like to return to my abusive ex husband then his not my twin flame .
Can u help

Tameca Arrington

I was told that my FWB was my twin flame and twin soul. We go through so many ups and downs could the information be incorrect? He has told me that im 1 to make him do better for himself however he called me a Frenemy.
He argues about everything, verbal abusive and takes everything personally.


Hi Helene
How can I be sure that I’m in a twin flame relationship? There is a huge diiference in age between us, he does not even believe in soul existence. It is painful. I never looked for a twin flame. It just came out of nowhere. All these syncronycities and readings bombarding at once make me think I may be crazy imagining things.
Can you provide some guidance?

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