Question Submitted: Is it possible to have an enlightened narcissist twin flame?

In short, your answer is no. While twin flames may possess certain characteristics, true twin flames are not narcissists. They may have narcissistic behaviors at times prior to union however twin flames connect in the 3D physical realm when READY. That means, any soul evolution necessary has been completed, thus negates the possibility of a narcissistic twin flame individual.

Twin Flames are ascended masters / in the process of ascension who are engaging in their divine mission which is the reason twins exist in the first place. Leading the masses back to truth and origin. That said, ask yourself is this individual engaged in a mission or calling that leads the masses back to truth and origin and doing their part with you to raise the Universal vibration? To create universal unconditional love, peace and healing?

Enlightenment occurs in all soul beings. But narcissistic personality disorder is a very low vibrational frequency behavior or set of behavior patterns. It's very possible to have a soulmate connection with someone who possesses narcissistic traits. However, an ascended soul being and enlightened soul being actually possesses great empathy and narcissistic personality disorder is the lack of empathy which is the opposite of the enlightenment.

I hope this helps!

Blessings xo

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Thank you for this information. The man who I believe is my twin flame was very kind and compassionate when I met him. In January, we had our first conversation after 5 months of silence. He spoke very rapidly about himself for 20 minutes and didn’t ask a single question about me. Of course, this prevented me from relaying the bewilderment and hurt I felt at his rapid, unexplained exit from my life. He also seemed far more egotistical than he’d ever seemed previous. We are not in communication at this time. Even if he is displaying narcissistic traits, he IS working on building harmony and improving the lives of people in our community. Your words here make a lot of sense.

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