Question Submitted: Is it normal to talk outloud to my Twin Flame though they're not here or am I crazy?

No, it isn’t crazy at all. Actually, what you’re doing is a key to Manifestation and a form of bringing 5-D telepathic and spiritual level communication to the 3-D physical realm. This is especially helpful during the dreaded separation stage of the journey to twin flame union.

I’ll give a personal example…

Back before my twin and I were in union, we went through and processed through all of the typical twin flame template stages and phases throughout the journey to union just as everyone does. Being quite well ascended in my ascension process, I intuitively knew that my 5-D higher self communication with my twin flame needed to take place in real life, in the 3-D as well.

So, one day I began talking - aloud. WE WERE IN THE TWIN FLAME SEPARATION STAGE AT THE TIME. I spoke verbally and aloud, my half of the conversation. I made the conversation go exactly the way that I wanted it to go. I heard his voice in my head and spoke aloud in my responses. I wanted my twin to say that he was in fact the right man for me and that he was getting a divorce not for me, but so that he could be happy, and that he would appreciate the opportunity to be with me.

Now, in my mind at this time, I knew that logically he had said that he not only did not want to get divorced, but that he loved his wife, his karmic partner soulmate. I also knew that he’d told me that not only did he not want a divorce and that he loved his wife, but he also didn’t like me very much and that since I wasn’t his type, that he hoped that I wouldn’t get my hopes up because no connection or attachment would ever form. (We had never had a real relationship or anything at this point. So, most people would have labeled me as crazy for even thinking about the possibility of a relationship in any possible future with this man.)

That said, I conducted the conversation exactly the way I wanted it to go, allowing my vivid imagination to take over… I did this many times and the conversation was always very similar if not exactly the same, ending with the final result of him basically chasing me.

When that conversation took place in REAL LIFE - with my twin using the EXACT SAME WORDS, VERBATIM, THAT I HAD USED IN MY “IMAGINARY CONVERSATION” I thought he must have planted a secret spy app in my bedroom or phone or something. The conversation took place exactly as I’d planned. Word. For. Word.

What I was doing at the time was MANIFESTING. I was putting thought, emotion AND physical action into this conversation which are all keys to manifesting what we want to happen. This was also a way of the Universe preparing me for what was to come, as it was definitely a delicate conversation - and delicate situation.

This process brings your 5-D spiritual self or selves into the 3-D physical reality through that act of manifestation. That all explained, no, you’re not crazy. :)

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