Question Submitted: Is it bad to receive insights from someone who isn't a Twin Flame?

In short, no. At least I don't believe it would be. My answer is no, because you have the skill of discernment. 

I was told that way back in the day that if you were a Twin Flame seeking assistance in some way, it was somehow bad or even dangerous to receive anything from someone who isn't a twin.

One of the many reasons I was given when I inquired as to why, was that because there's just so much that goes on during the journey, then how could anyone else possibly understand unless they'd been through it themselves? 

I used to agree but I no longer agree with this narrow scope of judgmental, low-vibe thinking. That just doesn't jive with me, but this is just my personal opinion.

I'll explain...

My male OBGYN is able to deliver babies with ease but he isn't a woman. So, how does he treat pregnant ladies? He's never been pregnant nor does he expect to be. Yet he's able to do a great job for people.

Think about that for a minute...

The other reason I feel this way is that there's a lot of different schools of thought on Twin Flames. Some think the end of the journey results in a permanent, purposeful romance (union.) Others think they've never intended to unite with their twin. Others believe Twin Flames can be (or can only be) together in 5-D. Different people have different experiences. So, everyone has a different mindset.

Then I have to ask, who the heck decides who's a real twin and who isn't? The twin flame fairies? Anyone could think they're a twin flame and anyone could say they're a twin flame. And, there's also just so many different ideas about what twins are like. 

And somewhere along the lines Twin Flame as a relationship has changed a lot. It's gone from the most beautiful, wonderful, fulfilling process with all relationships and life experiences leading up to meeting your beloved finally making sense to some horrible, potentially never-ending nightmare of a predicament filled with obsessive thoughts, what-if thinking, fear and doubt. 


I realize there are a lot of differing ideas and perceptions as well as definitions of twin flames. And, I am not here to tell people that my opinions are at all the "right ones." Everyone has discernment and your truth may be way different and that's perfectly okay. But my impression of twin flame is sure not the obsessed craziness I've been hearing about of late. (Sorry for the rant!)

Now, I'm not saying that there isn't the push/pull of the energetic polarity, or any separation. Heck, in any romantic relationship one might take some time to themselves to decide if they want to move forward in the relationship or not. But just because you can't get a person off your mind doesn't mean they're your twin. It means you can't get them off your mind. It may mean that they're your twin...or that you're really, really attached. It may mean they've triggered you in some way. It may mean you have deep feelings toward them. It could mean a number of things.

I remember seeing the stuff available on the subject of twin flames back in the day, there was information, but it was nothing like what's out there today. Today, there's far more information. There were twin flame writers, advisers, etc., back then just as there are today, however they were far fewer in number. 

Somehow, everyone has decided twin flames are supposed to be miserable. Granted, had I known then what I know now, I'd have made different choices along my own journey and I sure wouldn't have spent as much time with my counterfeit twin. I wasted so much time and energy on him. I'd also gone to CA to stay with him and it wasn't cheap. The person to whom I refer as my "false aka counterfeit twin" was extremely catalytic. To be honest, there are parts of that guy I think makes him a selfish jerk. He gas lit like crazy. But I digress...

My point is, I feel like we're all intelligent enough to use our discernment properly in order to take what resonates with us and use it for our greater good for the positive, and to release what doesn't. 

I believe that if we say "it's not good to receive insight or speak with someone about your journey unless they're a twin flame too" is nuts. It's also an extremely narrow, judgmental scope. 

Doctors for example, they treat heart disease everyday never having had the diagnosis themselves. They can certainly empathize with their patients. Your friends may not have been on a specific 'Twin Flame Journey' themselves, but who's to say they can't empathize with you? After all, they're your friends! Someone recently told me she was told by a twin flame (adviser?) not to talk about the guy she feels is her twin flame. 

What? Why? Talking is cathartic. It's healthy. It's liberating. Why would you not talk about your twin? 

What if you're in therapy and you need to talk about your twin? Now, I can't say if it's healthy or unhealthy to tell someone not to talk about their beloved. It isn't my business to interfere there. I just thought it was weird. 

No one but you can know if the person you love is intended to be "your one." You're the only one who can make that decision for yourself. Just remember, your friends and family probably have your best interest at heart. People you're close to, they probably care a lot about you. So of course they can empathize if you're going through something of a spiritual path or have met your twin flame. So, if you want to talk about your love, I think talking is healthy. But that's just me. I could be all wrong though, I am far from perfect.  Let me know what you guys think? Is talking openly healthy? 

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