Question Submitted: If you meet your twin flame, you two will never break up, right?

The Short answer is: yes and no!

During the twin flame journey to twin flame union, there's many aspects and phases including the Runner and Chaser phase of the journey which runs concurrent with the Separation phase of the journey. During these phases, its increxibly common for twin flames to break up, at least for a short while. But dont worry because the energy shifts, twice, so that BOTH TWINS can experience all aspects of the twin flame journey including being the runner as well as being the chaser during the journey to union.

When the twins journey to union comes to a close, the twins unite in what's called twin flame union. Then, they remain in that state. The twins then engage fully in the purpose they came together in the first place: their twin flame Divine Mission.

The romantic aspect that twin flames experience comes as a by product of the divine mission, actually. Their mission is their respective life purpose. The purpose of the mission as a collective is to lead the masses back to truth and origin. This in turn raises the universal vibration which results in universal unconditional love, peace and healing.

So yes, the purpose of twins is just as important as soulmates — the divine mission.

Many people labor under the misapprehension that “twin flames” somehow means “the ideal romantic partner.” In actuality true twin flames know that while yes, there's definitely a romantic relationship, the true purpose is their mission. If you aren't aware of your mission yet, don't worry because it will reveal it's self, I assure you.

The only difference between twin flames and soulmates is the fact that soulmates are alike souls, similar in many ways — who connect through the chakra system and twin flames are complimentary..twins are one soul that has been split into the 2 halves: one half male energy and the other half female will possess all of the ABC traits while his partner will possess all of the XYZ traits. Like 2 perfect mirrored compliments. Twins share their chakra system though the soul parts are housed in the 2 separate human bodies, while soulmates connect to each other via the chakra cords with individual chakra systems.

Neither are better or more favorable than the other. Soulmates and twins have equally important purpose as well.

Twin Flames:

One whole soul being divided into the two parts housed in two separate human bodies.

Twins were one whole soul being during 2 previous incarnations. Once a male and once a female but the soul was whole and in one single human body during the 2 previous incarnations.

During this, the 3rd and final incarnation the soul is split into the two halves: one half male energy and the other half female energy.

Twins have the purpose of coming together for their divine mission.

Twins share both a soul and a chakra system and go through soul recognition and soul merge into one.


Soulmates are everyone we happen across in life and twin flames also serve as soulmates for others, however union with the twin soul is inevitable.

Soulmates are whole soul beings.

Soulmates have many incarnations and could be an infinite number of incarnations.

Soulmates have their own soul and chakra system and the ability to connect through chakra cords deeply with one another.

Soulmates are often very alike while twin flames are complimentary.

Soulmates are able to experience soul recognition with one another and merge to connect chakra cords while twins merge into one soul being.

Soulmates have multiple life purposes while twins are typically more focused on a specific mission.

The Soul journey to union in Twin Flames is identical to the journey to soulmates union with one another. Absent the chakra connection due to the chakra being shared by one soul and the soul merge taking place.

Soulmates and twin flames are so identical yet different due mainly to the divided soul. But the journey to union are the same. Just because someone is not a twin flame does not mean they're immune to permanently connecting with a life partner and never breaking up. Soulmates and twins experience fidelity.

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