Question Submitted: If twin flames are the same soul, why is my soul number 1 and his a number 11?

I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and have been in union with my own Twin Flame for a long time so I'll try to help.

You have nothing to worry about. It's nothing but numerology reminding you of the fact that you're in your 3rd and final incarnation and have a specific mission to engage in: living your own life well. Some say the "twin flame divine mission.

Soulmates and twin flames have multiple types of synchronicity in the soul number. There's no “rule of thumb” law that says twin flames are required to have identical soul urge numbers, however the soul urge number does play a role in the mission. The divine mission is the reason twins exist in the first place. It's the life purpose. If you've ever felt as though you FEEL AN INHERENT DESIRE TO DO SOMETHING TO POSITIVELY IMPACT AND RAISE THE UNIVERSAL VIBRATION then this is an indicator.

My twin flame and I have the same soul number: 8. Many twins do have the same soul number however it's not a “requirement.” There will be a SYNCHRONICITY in the soul number — at least for most. Yours is pretty clear. I'll explain…

Repost by request:

The Soul number 1 and 11 mean the same thing: means pay attention. The 11s mean pay attention regarding universal signs and synchronicity. So, this basically means “pay attention to the soul number.” Your joined soul number is a 3. The 11+1=12 But in numerology we add to the single digit. So 11+1=12 = 1+2=3. In twin flames the 3 refers to the 3rd and final incarnation.

I'll explain that too…

During the 1st incarnation the person is either a female or male. In the 2nd incarnation they're AGAIN one person…either a male or a female. Typically one incarnation is spent as male and another incarnation is as a female… during this, the 3rd and final incarnation the soul is split into the two halves: one half male energy and the other half female energy housed in the 2 separate human bodies. Hence, the twin flames.

That said, your SOUL NUMBER refers to the fact that you're on your 3rd and final incarnation. Hence, twin flames. That's all. Nothing to worry about.

Basically this is just a simple numerology sync saying you should engage in your divine mission. If you aren't sure what your mission is, don't worry because it will reveal it's self. It will have to do with leading the masses back to truth and origin. This will as a collective with all other twin flames missions raise the universal vibration which results in universal unconditional love, peace and healing. Again, nothing to worry about.

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