Question Submitted: I am dreaming about receiving a text message from my Twin Flame. What does this mean?

Thank you for your question. I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and have been in union with my own Twin Flame for a long time so I'll try to help.

Dreams can mean many things. It could be anything from a wish fulfillment dream (is there a part of your soul that wishes for your twin flame to reach out to you?) Or, it could be a prophetic dream of an event that will happen in the future. Or, it could be simply what's in your subconscious mind coming out in your dream. Or, it could be the universe sending you an important message. Again, there are endless possibilities but the above are the most common.

It would be prudent of you to look at what the message said to determine the meaning behind it. Instead of looking at the most common meaning, look at the words you received in the text message.

It could be a message from your twin so it would be prudent to ask your twin what the message is. If you're not in Union with your Twin then it's most likely not a message from your twin but rather, a message from the universe intended to Guide you.

When we receive universal messages, they are exactly that: MESSAGES. These can present in dreams or in our waking life.

The universe sends us SIGNS & MESSAGES through synchronicity and through universal signs. 

The universe sends us SIGNS to interpret. When we interpret them accurately and correctly, a pattern forms to reveal a road map. You can use the road map like your own personal GPS to follow.

The message arrived in your dream in text form assuming its a text on a communication device so this means this message is something about Communication.

The text contains words so this message likely regards communication through words.

The text was something you received so this message likely regards communication RECEIVED through words whether through heard or spoken words or written words.

This message was received from a soul being whom you believe is your Twin Flame, so this message likely regards communication you have received in words from this specific person.

Now that you know what it's about, let's deduce the meaning behind this message.

The universe does not send messages to confirm things nor does the universe send messages to deny things or to tell you you're on the right path or wrong path. 

The universe sends messages to guide you in the correct direction to guide you to the right path, to think, do and say the right things in order to get on and stay on the right path. 

So, this is a message from the universe telling you that you have not clearly interpreted or listened to words from the person you believe is your Twin Flame. The universe will keep sending you messages (including the 11s which mean “please pay attention,”) until you understand the messages and get yourself onto the RIGHT PATH. Once you're on the right path, the universe won't bother you with messages for you will require no soul guidance at that time.

When you do require guidance again, the universe will send you more messages to guide you as necessary.

That all explained, is there something such as words that this person has spoken or written to you that you have chosen to ignore? Have you paid too much attention to what YOU want the messages to mean based on what YOU FEEL versus what the person has conveyed to you through words? 

Look carefully at words from this person that you may have ignored or misinterpreted and this will be the message intended for you to receive and understand.

I hope this helps!

Blessings xo



I dreamt that my twin flame messaged me telling me something like what does it matter were enyway going too get back together the cycle that’s mostly what I remembered and then I woke up in shock


I have a question!
Last night I was laying in bed and about to fall asleep when I “heard” someone talking to me. It was strange because it didnt feel like I physically heard them. I felt like I was in a trance? Like I was about to fall asleep but was awake. The only thing I recall from the conversation is this voice asking me, “Where have you been?”. There was more to the conversation but I cant remember. I dont want to assume its anything just in case Im crazy. Has anyone gone through something like this? And if so, what is it? Ive gone through this when I was a teen too but didnt have anyone to talk to about it.

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