Question Submitted: How does a twin flame union work? How does it happen?

Thank you for your question. I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and have been in union with my own Twin Flame for a long time so I'll try to help explain the concept, purpose and journey to union.

The Twin Flame Simply Explained:

Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul incarnate in two separate human bodies. During the 1st incarnation, the twins are incarnate as ONE person, as one single whole soul being, either a male or female. In the 2nd incarnation the soul being is once again incarnate as ONE person and one whole soul being, the opposite sex of the first incarnation: a male or a female. If the soul being was a male In incarnation 1, they would be a female In incarnation 2, for example. In this, the 3rd and final incarnation the soul is split into the two halves: one half male and the other half, female and housed in the 2 separate human bodies. Hence, the term “Twin Flames” also referred to as Soul Twins or Twin Souls.

During this, the 3rd and final incarnation: Though housed in the 2 separate human bodies — one half male energy and the other half female energy — the twins share a a soul which was divided as described above as well as sharing a chakra system versus soulmates who connect to one another as separate whole soul beings.

Soulmates Versus Twin Flames:

Soulmates are whole soul beings and possess separate chakra systems. Soulmates are able to connect to one another through their respective chakra cords and soulmates come to this lifetime with many different soul purposes, life callings and various missions. Everyone we happen across in life is a soulmate for us, however how briefly. Even the person who asks us the time on the street is a soulmate for us.

Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul incarnate in two separate human bodies. Twin Flames come to this lifetime during their 3rd and final incarnation for the purpose of the divine mission. While like soulmates, twin flames also come with many missions, callings and life purposes, their primary focus is on their divine mission. Twin Flames also serve as soulmates for others during this incarnation, however for one another, the soul parts mesh and merge into their one soul being, the whole soul being, upon experiencing their soul reunion (when the twins meet physically in this 3D realm.)

Twin Flames are 2 halves of the same soul. Like perfect mirrored compliments. When you look in a mirror and wave to yourself, your right hand becomes your left. One twin will posses all of the ABC traits while his partner will possess all of the XYZ traits. Like 2 ideal compliments. Soulmates are “Alike” and will also possess some complimentary aspects and traits. Twin Flames on the other hand are “COMPLIMENTARY” and will also possess some likes.

The Purpose Of Twin Flames:

Twin Flames were not split souls for fun. The creator didn't simply decide to split souls just to see what happens. Twin Flames have vital purpose. It's said that the Twin Flames are very rare and they're the 144,000 who will lead the masses back to truth and origin. Ironically — or not — the twin flame Divine Mission IS to lead the masses back to truth and origin.

Twin Flames have important purpose in this life, however it's important to note that no one's soul calling, mission or life purpose is any more or less necessary and important than their neighbor's. Everyone has purpose and all purpose is important, equally. The old saying about “The Butterfly Effect” rings true here. Everything we do in this life, however seemingly unimportant, is actually very important in the Divine Grand Plan.

While soulmates seem to have it a bit easier than twin flames since it's soulmates who get to indulge in and enjoy all of the romances, life experience, passion, love and enjoyment that life has to offer, the twin flames get to experience similar. However, its twin flames whose purpose is to engage in their mission. The mission they engage in meshes with the mission of their twin flame counterpart which results in the combined mission referred to as the Divine Mission.

The Twin Flame DIVINE MISSION combines with all missions of other twin flames as a collective which in turn raises the universal vibration which results in universal unconditional love, peace and healing. If you are unsure of what your divine mission is, don't worry because it will reveal it's self.

How The Union Takes Place:

Twin Flames are again, a single soul being divided: one half male energy and the other half female energy, housed in 2 separate human bodies. Twins experience universal signs, synchronicity and symptoms that are identical to that of soulmates, prior to and after connecting.

There's a physical realm: 3D. There's a spiritual realm: 4D. There's the highest soul realm: 5D. Twin Flames like soulmates are able to connect on all 3 realms and levels, however when they do, the soul being merges into the single soul again, uniting the twins. We refer to this as the Twin Flame Soul Reunion.

Once the soul reunion has taken place, illumination also occurrs. This is also referred to as Twin Flame Awakening. Then, the twin flame journey to twin flame union ensues.

The journey to union contains many different phases and aspects and occurrs simultaneously with the ascension process. There's a Twin Flame Template of the journey to union, however over the years it's been tweaked and adjusted to resonate with just about anyone who happens to read it, depending on who's doing the reading or writing at the time. Personally, I'm old school and go by the original twin flame template. At the end of the journey, the twins come into union.

The Twin Flame Journey To Union:

As a twin flame in union myself and having specialized in Twin Flames for 22 years, I've realized that there is a long path and a short path to twin flame union and I always recommend choosing the shorter path. It's easier. It saves time, stress, energy and effort.

There's the final destination I think we can all agree on: twin flame union. But there's different routes and paths that one may choose to take to reach that destination of Twin Flame Union. Again, I always recommend choosing the shorter path to union. It's my objective to help guide as many as possible to achieve fulfillment including twin flames so, I've written many very helpful and insightful articles that are free to read in the blog section of my site which I've made available to the public for this purpose. Please feel free to take a look if you'd enjoy reading about taking the shorter path to union.

The journey contains many aspects however following — not just receiving but actually FOLLOWING your universal signs is key to achieving union with your twin flame and key to avoiding stagnation.

The Stages Of The Twin Flame Journey To Union:

The Ascension Process — Ascension is a separate process however achieving Ascension is key to the twin flame journey process so both process tend to occur hand in hand. Ascension occurs typically just prior to the journey or is triggered to begin at the reunion stage of the journey.

Twin Flame Soul Reunion: Recognition occurs on all levels.

Twin Flame Chakra & Soul Merge: The Soul being meshes into the single soul being.

Twin Flame Illumination: The Soul parts awaken to the journey. It's not uncommon for one, usually the leading twin in the journey and mission to awaken before his or her twin flame partner.

Twin Flame Runner & Chaser Stage: One will run while the other chases then the energy will shift so that the runner stops running to become the chaser and the Chaser becomes the runner. This shift occurs so that BOTH TWINS can experience all aspects of the twin flame journey including being the runner as well as being the chaser.

The push / pull dynamic of the connection is intense during this phase. This is due to the twin flame energy exchange.

**One aspect of taking the short path to twin flame union is creating the shift from chaser to runner or runner to chaser faster, manipulating the energy exchange. This works quite well in opting for the fast track to union.

The Separation Stage: Twins endure the runner and chaser phase of the journey which runs concurrent with the Separation phase of the journey. The twins face the obstacle of separation on a spiritual, emotional or physical level. And sometimes on all levels.

The Counterfeit Twin Flame / The False Twin Flame: The Counterfeit Twin also known as the false twin flame is a catalyst in the process of illumination as well as ascension. The false twin is typically a romantic karmic soulmate however they may present at any time during the journey. The false twin is a vital aspect of the journey and can present just prior to reunion, during the journey it's self or even post-union for some. This soulmate, along with all other soulmates are realized as preparation for the twin flame union and the respective divine mission. Once twins are in union, they often realize that all souls they encountered prior to the twin flame were preparations for the twin flame union, and that their twin possess all or many of the positive traits and characteristics of the true twin.

Twin Flame Dark Night Of The Soul: The most difficult aspect is the DNS. Once this aspect of the journey to union is satisfied, the twins can join in union and the twin flame is waiting for his or her partner like a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The Divine Mission: Sometime during the journey to union, the twin flames experience a sort of calling. It's nothing to do with what one does for work or for hobbies; rather, it's a specific calling of the soul to engage in a mission which will result in raising the universal vibration. Since twin flames are identical frequencies, the mission typically reveals its self shortly after reunion and illumination but can present to reveal it's self at anytime during the journey to union, even post-union.

The Twin Flame Union: Once all aspects of the journey to union are satisfied, the soul parts merge permanently into the whole soul being and the Divine Mission takes place.

I hope this helps! I wish you the very best of luck during your journey and ascension process!

Blessings xo

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