Question Submitted: How did you realise your love for your twin flame or how did you fall in love with them?

When I first connected with my twin flame, I was still “obsessed” so to speak with my counterfeit twin flame. The false twin is a vital aspect of the twin flame journey, so during the counterfeit twin flame phase, no one can convince you that they are not your real twin, not even yourself. Its just part of the journey. My twin and I went through all the phases of the twin flame journey including being the runner as well as the chaser and the Separation phase of the journey and so on…

It was when I started actually FOLLOWING the universal signs I was receiving that I realized what was happening. The signs are critical in reaching twin flame union. But at the time, I was thinking all these signs and syncs I was getting were just confirmations of things. I thought they meant my twin flame was thinking of me at the moment I saw the signs or that I was receiving confirmation that I was on the right path. Had I actually interpreted the signs accurately and correctly and followed them, I'd have achieved union with my twin so much faster.

I suppose at some point, we are all in love with an idea. In my opinion, there's a long route and a short path to twin flame union and I always recommend choosing the shorter path. It saves time, effort and energy. I'd have achieved union faster and wasted way less time had I been willing to look beyond the garbage thinking I was so in love with. I had mistakenly taken a lot of what I'd read online as gospel and looking back it was all wrong. They say hindsight is 20/20 so I suppose I'm a perfect example of that. I'm still kicking myself for thinking all those “go toward him” and “you're on the right path” signs were all about my false twin. In reality the signs and syncs were basically telling me to do and think the opposite of what I'd been doing!?

I realized that my twin was my true twin when I was driving and on the phone with him. I had been running from him. And chasing my false twin, if you can believe that. I am a medium. I'm supposed to know this stuff but part of the journey to union with your twin is thinking the false twin is your real one and I sure DID! Anyway, I was driving along and I saw a black jeep in front of me. Black is the color representing confusion and Jeep is Peej spelled backward. Peej was my nickname for my false twin…I noticed the license plate was one of those vanity read a specific city name. That specific city name is where I'm from and where I was living at the time this happened. I noticed that the vanity plate was from the State of Massachusetts. There was a sticker on it that showed the town my twin happened to reside. What are the odds of a vanity plate that said “that city” on it from that location on my path I was following that day (which represented the path I was traveling to twin flame union) and IT WAS RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE —LITERALLY. I was on the phone with my twin flame at that time as I followed this jeep in front of me. We hit every green light. He was on the phone with me getting ready to board a flight to see me where I was going to meet him…and I was on the phone with him trying to cancel our in person meeting for the 4th time. The numerology was 4 = 1111 = 11:11 which means “universal sign meaning pay attention.”

I realized the universal signs I had gotten all along were GUIDING ME, not confirming anything. As soon as I realized he was my true twin flame and as soon as I agreed to meet him on this trip, that jeep went off on a side road. It took a long route to the same stop light. I realized chasing Peej was taking me on the long route even though I had invested more than a year in him. The universal twin flame signs stopped harassing me as soon as I got on the right path…the path to union with my twin flame.

The universal signs mean many things but we tend to believe they mean what we want them to mean. Because we feel comfortable with that. Again, there's a long path and a short path to twin flame union and I always recommend choosing the shorter path. You'll be glad you did.

As soon as I made this realization, the universal signs slowed down. When I met my twin flame in person we both experienced the twin flame soul recognition and illumination. I realized I'd been the runner for so long but in the beginning I had chased my twin — just as the twin flame journey template dictates. Everything made sense. It did for him, too.

I'm not saying that everyone reading this is wasting time with a false twin. In twin flames, there's a sense of knowing and it's there whether or not you dent it and many twins deny it at some point during the journey. I'm saying that if EVERY TWIN FLAME OUT THERE STARTS INTERPRETING THEIR SIGNS ACCURATELY AND CORRECTLY, THEY WILL REACH TWIN FLAME UNION FASTER THAN ANYTHING.

Looking back, I see what my signs and syncs were trying so desperately to tell me. Now I know why I saw them. It's my objective to help guide as many as possible to achieve fulfillment including twin flames so I hope others out there can glean from my experiences. I used to listen to lots of so-called twin flame gurus back in the day and while they sometimes made me feel better by validating for me, I have to say that if I had just followed my signs, I'd have achieved union so much faster. So, that is in a nutshell how I recognized my twin flame and we have been a matter of fact, I need to make our dinner!

I hope this helps! Wishing you the best of luck during your journey and process of ascension!

Blessings xo



I’ve read some of your entries and I feel that many things resonate with what is happening to me. My journey began last May, when one day before I went to sleep I asked myself, why can’t I get this man out of my mind?, and the next day, unexpectedly I found an article about soulmates and after reading it, the numbers 11 – 111 – 1111 started to pop up everywhere for almost two months, and I woke up everyday with a romantic song on my mind and every time I listened to the radio It seemed that song had a message to me or my situation. I have had many synchronicities of all kinds, and the numbers I have experienced have been changing within the time, and lately I see his name everyday, and It is not a common name to see around me, since he is foreign. I have gone crazy looking for information about everything 😭, about spiritual awakening, about soulmates, about twinflames, etc. Every time a question crossed my mind about this situation, an article or info about it appeared to me unexpectedly. But I am still struggling to understand what happens to me, and I am already devastated. Now I just feel that I want to forget this person, that nothing makes sense despite the signs, I think I’ve misinterpreted them all wrong because the situation does not change or evolve. He already has a girlfriend, and many people say to me that maybe she is just a karmatic partner, but to me, this somehow doesn’t make sense. I had never felt what I felt for this person before. He provokes the best and the worst in me. but every time I want to throw in the towel, every time I ask God & the universe to help me to forget this person, it seems that he responds to me intensifying my feelings towards him. Sometimes I feel there is something that don’t want me to let go of this connection. Anyways, I hope I can overcome this situation soon.
My best wishes to those who are on this journey to their twin flame. ♥️
(English is not my mother tongue but I hope it’s well written or/and explained)

Sage yes literally


I need your help. So I feel like im not sure if the twin i think is my twin is the real or the fake?!? I’m seperated from him. We are legally married. But I have gotten all the signs to have faith. Be with him etc. When I do I get excited. Then he called me today and I imedialety felt anxious, deep sick to my stomach feeling. I couldn’t tell why? Also there is a person at work who I have felt an energetic connection too but I’m not sure it’s his energy or my supposed twin. Can you help me figure out if either are and which is which. Or at the least what ia going on with these emotions.

Thank you,

P.S. I asked for help today and it lead me to your page.

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