Question Submitted: How can I use my candles for my enjoyment & benefit?

Some people will say that using items such as candles is kind of silly, but just research the value of the properties contained within certain crystals and give them a try for yourself and you might just change your mind. You've probably seen my social media where I've posted different things that I use and I've given to some of you guys things as presents but I was thinking today, that I should teach you how to create the candles for yourself.

Please note: This is NOT a guide to magic spells, this is a guide to how to use your candles most productively and to bring you happiness and enlightenment. 

Candles can be used for many things ranging from meditation to rituals to manifestation, so your candles will really depend upon your objectives. People like putting their stress or worries into their candle rituals and releasing by fire, for example. Suffice it to say, candles can be really nice. Here's a little guide on how to use them.

Your Items & Candles Should Be Unique To You.

People tend to incorporate different things into different practices, depending upon their objectives. For example, one might use a specific oil along with a candle and crystals. What you're using will be up to you and depend upon your situation.

If you're buying these, these do not need to be expensive. I give a lot of these to my clients but one can reasonably find them online as well. These are very easy to make and use. Don't worry about what energy the items "might already contain" because you can always cleanse and charge the items yourself. With candles you'll always want to use new and un-burned, or use the same candle for the same thing. For example, if I have a meditation candle that I use everyday, then I wouldn't also use it for a ritual that had absolutely nothing to do with that meditation. In other words, be consistent in what they're used for. I'm not saying that you need a thousand candles, quite the contrary, I mean just use one at a time for each specific use.


To Cleanse & Charge:  There are many methods, so use one that resonates with you. I prefer using purified or holy water, sea salt and sage and an open window. That's all you really need. Dip, sit in the salt and sage mix, rinse, and allow to sit for a few days in the sunlight and moonlight. Say your words or prayers of gratitude, protection and energy. Choose the number of days that resonates with whatever it is that you're doing. Inexpensive and easy. You can also carry the item with you to collect your energy. This can be done with literally any item, not just candles. Buying an "already ready-to-use cleansed and charged" item online (which I have never done) is really, really expensive. A mere pendant to raise positive energy and assist in manifesting love is $45 on one website I came across. (Do you see now why I don't sell this stuff?) While I give it, I don't sell it because it's absurd in my mind to charge someone for an item that didn't take a whole lot to make. Candles can also be cleansed and charged using incense sticks of sage, or cleansing sticks or "objective" incense sticks as well. Some people mix a little spray bottle of purified or holy water, sage oil, sea salt and herbs. I know that's a very easy way, I've done it.

Uses For Candles:  Candles can be used for meditation, aromatherapy, relaxation, manifestation, and rituals and the list goes on.Some people prefer to use them for sleep, meditation, to reduce stress and worry, or to create peace and balance in a space or in a situation in general. Some enjoy them for assistance in connecting with their metaphysical abilities. Some enjoy using them for Release By Fire rituals, excellent for setting intentions in a positive manner or for releasing a negativity. Your objectives or reasons for using candles can be endless.

I do recommend that you focus on "one thing," or one aspect as a time if you're just beginning. It's okay to create peace and balance in a space simultaneously, but you probably wouldn't want to have 15 things going all at once, although I know a lot of my readers here do!

Marking Your Candle:  Some people like to carve their candle or "mark" it in a way that resonates with them (such as carving one's date of birth into it) and anointing it with an oil or even honey in order to attract something. Essential oils can be mixed yourself by recipe or used alone for your specific purpose. For example, one can use honey to attract something that I wanted or I'd use sage oil to clear something. A love candle for example might contain the marks of both parties along with certain symbolism such as the sign that represents the two of you. 

Candle Additions:  Wax in any candle, regardless of color, can always receive additions. Additions can be oils, honey, sage, salt, specific herbs, stones or crystals, or almost anything.

In order to add some kick, you can use stones and other things into your candle. (I find that natural stone beads work best for candles because they're small. Alternatively, you can take a natural stone chip bracelet and cut it, remove the chips and warm your candle wax and attach said pieces.) An example would be the stones of your birth date and that of the other person, rose quartz to attract love, perhaps onyx to release stress around that love, and so on. 

Another thing one can add to the candle would be flakes of herbs such as sage. To attract love for example, one might add cinnamon, hibiscus, jasmine, rosemary or even chamomile if you're stressed about the love you're manifesting and so on. Research your additions and they can be added to the warm wax. In warming the wax, I prefer an open flame so I can control the melt level, attaching my additions as needed. If necessary, one can reasonably melt a candle down and create an entirely new candle in order to place additions deep inside the wax, adjust the shape or add colors. I've even seen people add pictures of positive things inside their candles. You name it, I've probably seen it.

Colors & Shapes Of Candles:  There are different candle colors depending on what your objective is. The same goes for candle shapes. If you happen across a candle that happens to be already carved into the shape of hearts, then one would use this for manifesting love versus manifesting say, travel opportunity. So, as you can see, candle shapes can sometimes correlate with one's objectives. For example, round can signify an infinite circle and might be used to intensify one's experience feeling a connection. Images on candles can represent a person, place or situation or even a specific type of prayer. 

The Candle's Base:  Your candle base will greatly impact the outcome of your manifestation, depending upon your objective and what it is you're doing. The base is what your candle is sitting on and what is surrounding it. For example, if sitting on a mirror faced down, this would imply certain Karma being mirrored away from one whilst practicing. A base of sugar in a perfect circle can represent an infinite circle of sweetness, and an infinity shape of salt and sage might represent infinite, permanent cleansing or clearing of some kind. The physical base coupled with colors, any stones of herbs you happen to incorporate and so on will also impact what it is you're doing. I highly recommend researching what it is that you're doing and creating the correct base for your objectives.


Dual-Color Candles:  These are two or more colors melded into one candle. For example, black to banish negativity and blue to create peace and purity. If you get a set of candle wicks, you can take a wick and attach it to the base of a paper cup, then pour in your melted wax in layers (letting them blend or dry in between pouring depending on your candle.) This is a bit time consuming but you end up with a nice piece when finished. This method also allows one to make additions to the candle if they desire.

Black Candles:  Black is a blend of all colors and signifies complete and total banishment. Black is said to be used to banish a situation, a person or a bad habit. Many protective rituals include black as well. Please always use black with caution.

White Candles:  White symbolizes purity, safety and protection. It's said to be excellent for clearing negativity while simultaneously protecting one's space with positivity. White candles are often used in prayer and meditation and also in processes of protection as well.

Off White Candles:  Off white is the purity of white but with a touch of Mother Earth (brown) and is excellent for use if one needs to become more grounded. It is often used in conjunction with gray for balance and becoming centered and grounded and is the usual choice for full moon workers to attract abundance.

Bright Red Candles:  Red represents vitality, passion, sex, power, and certain types of love, and can be used to attract these to you. Red can also represent fire, fire-like passion about a person or a situation and should be used with caution as things can mirror back to you, and it's not unheard of that a red candle ended up working on the person who used it instead of the person or situation for whom the objective was all about.

Deep Red / Burgundy Candles:  With the combined passion of red coupled with the grounding ability of brown, deep red is the color of blood and is often the color of choice for candle work with regard to extreme passions, energy surrounding passions and connections with specific people. This is also the color of choice if one desires to bring two passions together.

Pink Candles:  Pink candles are often used in love rituals. Actually though, while pink can certainly be used with love candles, pink should be used for developing self-love, compassion and understanding regarding love and emotions in general, and to reconcile and create forgiveness within one's self. 

Hot Pink Candles:  Hot pink, electric or neon pink or magenta are the colors of passion. It is similar to the tender, sweetness of the pink candle but with passion. That said, hot pink is usually used in conjunction with candle work surrounding sexual energy, passion, attachment, love and lust.

Deep Blue Candles:  Blue represents abilities in the metaphysical mind, peace, and can be used to call upon the powers and energies of water. Blue is excellent for emotional healing, as it brings a calming effect. Blue harnesses a deep power contained within the water element, so blue should be used carefully.

Purple or Indigo Candles:  Purple or indigo is the color associated with the metaphysical mind as it pertains to psychic powers. Indigo is an extremely passionate and powerful color choice. If one desires to enjoy astral travel, lucid dreaming or develop their abilities, then this is the ideal choice.

Pale Blue Candles:  Light blue brings a peaceful mind and is often used in order to place one's self on the mind of another person. This color is excellent for truth-seeking, bringing peace in one's mind and clarity, for it brings the peaceful energy of water and sky. Light blue is often used in meditation and relaxation.

Pale Purple Candles:  Because light purple combines the passion of indigo and purple with the purity of white, it's often the color choice of certain types of love candles or rituals, as it's said to assist in connection and insights as the indigo candle but coupled with the purity of white, adds a layer of positive protection.

Teal or Turquoise Candles:  Similar to that of light blue, teal candles can be used to create a sense of peace and relaxation, especially surrounding matters of the heart or one's emotions. Teal creates the sense of feeling uplifted and enlightened.

Yellow Candles:  If you feel you need a creative kick, a yellow candle of any shade is excellent for it harnesses the power and energy of the element of the air. It's best for creation, manifestation, success in career or business or in education. 

Bright Green Candles:  Green represents everything in nature including new growth, transition and transformation. Green is the color of money but is the color chosen if one desires to receive extreme luck in a certain situation. 

Pale Green Candles:  Pale green is used to create peace and harmony within one's earthly element. Pale green is associated with the warmth and vitality of growth. Similar to the intensity of the growth aspect of bright green, pale green is the softer, warmer shade which correlates with nature and abundance within nature and earth.

Orange Candles:  Orange of any shade is the color associated with strong powers of creativity in a similar way to yellow, however orange would be the color of choice if one wants to enhance their positive energy and develop a creative streak. Orange burns slightly warmer leaning toward red than yellow is, so orange is excellent when one desires to become creative regarding love.

Gray Candles:  Gray encompasses both black and white - all color and no color - which means that gray is actually the color of extreme balance. This is the color that one would use for creating balance, balancing Yin and Yang and enjoying a balance in all things.

Brown Candles:  Brown is the shade of our Mother Earth. Brown can be used in conjunction with anything grounding, centering, or for "putting one's feet firmly on the ground," or even for "creating roots." Brown is also excellent for meditation, anything to do with connections with animals and for achieving an earthly balance.

Metallic Candles:  Metals, depending on the type, contain certain properties. Metals can also be reflective. Certain metallic properties can be added to candles or they can be of metallic colors themselves. Silver for example represents the moon, healing, dreams, psychic ability and recovery. Gold for example would represent the sun, vitality, growth, wealth, and abundance. 

The color, shape and type of candle you're using will all correlate with your objectives. Candles can also be used for many different practices. I recommend thinking carefully about your objectives and intentions and then looking carefully at your intentions. Put them to paper and think carefully, what color or colors might best assist your objectives. Hopefully, this guide will help you.

Remember, this is not magic or spells. This is candle work which is a very simple ritual which one can enjoy for their benefit and Highest Good. 

These are especially wonderful, in my opinion, for meditation, setting one's intentions, manifestation and releasing stress and anxiety. I think just about anyone in the world could benefit from a release of anxiety, which is why I've written this article. If you have a candle already, you can bring addition such as an essential oil  to create a more positive atmosphere while enjoying your "relaxation time." However you enjoy them, always use your candles for the Highest Good. 

Enjoy. xoxo

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