Question Submitted: Helena, I saw my Twin Flame CHEATING! Help?

This question actually contained background information which I will omit here for reasons of privacy. This question had to do with someone finding out that their Twin Flame cheated and then lied about it.

What has been seen cannot be unseen. What to think? What to do?


Thank you for your question. In reading your email it's clear that you're having a difficult time. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling. I'll do my best to help you.

You've described seeing your Twin Flame do something and then lie about it to you, and to everyone around them. Literally.. obscenely.. lie. You've got ample proof too; this isn't just something you have a feeling that happened. While you did have a feeling, you've also had more than a few folks come to you and tell you exactly what they were doing. Sadly, it actually happened and you've also shared that multiple people have told you about what they did because they saw it live and in full view.

You know they have done this and lied about it, and you're keeping quiet thus far because you're a high-vibrational being of light who doesn't want to embarrass them, nor cause them trouble -because you're nice. You say that you really, really want to bring it up to them but that you are afraid to.

What are you afraid about though, you've not been clear about that. Do you fear some type of reprisal? Are you worried they might end your relationship if you were to ask them about it?

Here's the thing. Based on what you've shared in your (multiple) emails to me, it's clear that your beloved here, they're fairly knowledgeable of this type of thing and felt confident in their behavior at the time -even though their behavior was very wrong, indeed. Unbeknownst to them though, you happened to see exactly what they did back when they initially did it and many others have come to you and made you well-aware. 

What's more, you have kept your mouth shut for a long time. You had hoped they'd stop this low-vibe behavior which, by the way, is the polar opposite of what Twin Flame is and you've been kind. Even supportive. But they're still lying to you.

You're saying they have a propensity but the thing is, you've been holding this in for a very long time. You've not said one word about what you know, and they continue to lie. Because they continue to lie, it only perpetuates the situation. 

So, you have a choice. Multiple choices, actually.

You can either keep quiet about it and do nothing...

Or, you can go to them with what you've been made aware of, talk it out as adults and resolve the issue.

Or, you can wait for them to come to you, apologize, and 'fess the hell up. 

The sooner they come to you and apologize, the sooner you'll be able to forgive them. You already know they did it as does everyone else and you also already have the proof that they did it so what are you/they waiting for? 

Like with all things, there is a lesson. From that lesson we grow, evolve and even heal. If it were me, I would hang onto the information about their low-vibe behavior and lying that you have and then use your intuitive senses and your strong connection with Source to rely on your Sense Of Knowing. Rely on your sense and communicate with them at 4-D and 5-D paving a path of an open door to communication in the 3-D realm. 

When they go to you now, don't be confrontational. Be kind. Be open. Be forgiving. Be sincere. Be you. Be the high-vibrational being you know you are. Remember, they have a lot to learn from you. And everyone knows this because they can see for themselves. So, you be the strong one, you rise above it. 

What you've shared with me that they did, it was in fact pretty deranged. So open the path and allow them to come to you - not through someone else - but directly to you. Then you two can have a candid conversation. 

I hope this helps you! Blessings xo

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