Question Submitted: Do Twin Flames Always Reunite After Separation?

I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and have been in union with my own Twin for a long time so I'll try to help.

In short, yes. True twin flame soul connections always come into what's called Twin Flame Union.

There's a long path and a short path to twin flame union and I always recommend choosing the shorter path. It saves time, energy and effort and additionally it prevents becoming stagnated or stuck in your journey. Some things in life are “destiny,” or set in stone while others we have at least some control over called free will. I like it when twins use their free will proactively to reach their final destination of twin flame union as quickly as possible.

You are seeing many people stuck in separation out there for a number of reasons including not being twin flames at all, rather, being stagnated in karmic soulmates or counterfeit twin flame situations or being delayed due to any other number of circumstances. One common circumstance is that when people read that an “indescribable and intense like they've never experienced before rock-me-to-my-soul yet somehow unrequited or severed connection” is likely twin flame, they believe that must be their situation because it resonates with them. In truth, ideal romantic soulmates and other types of soulmates including karmic soulmates have very similar symptoms as twin flame. The main difference between the twins and whole soul beings is that twins share a soul and soulmates feel like they share a soul in every way, and of course the divine mission exists between the twin flames.

There's this old joke that went through my school and likely many others when I studied psychology: “don't self-diagnose because as soon as you read the symptom list you'll think you've got every illness in the DSM.” The scary part was that it was true! We self-diagnosed ourselves as everything from BPD to schizotypal and we all decided we were clinically depressed with PTSD. And the list goes on lol. But I digress…

In truth, twin flames do experience a host of wild symptoms and experiences but so do whole soul beings. You have to look at exactly that: the soul being. When we read energy, we look at soul energy including the soul being. Is that soul being a whole soul being or a divided soul (twin flame) and if divided, is the person they believe is their twin also a divided soul and if so, are they a set of matched soul halves as twin flames? That's what we mainly look at.

Then we look at the separation. Separation is normal for twins and soulmates alike, so then we determine the fastest and most effective way to complete what's necessary and reunite as effortlessly as possible.

Some are stagnated due to circumstances. Some stagnate because it's simply part of the journey for them in which case an energy shift is usually in order. Some stagnate due to issues such as fears, inner work yet to be completed (this is often true of ideal romantic soulmates.) Others stagnate due to divine timing in which case energy shifting is again helpful. There's many reasons why they stagnate. But once they become enlightened and / or complete any necessary tasks on their part, reunion — with soulmates and twin flames alike — becomes far easier for them.

I hope this helps! Blessings xo



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Hi Helena
Please can you tell me if my husband is my actual twin flame please. We separated for 3 months now and we work together as we see each other but we dont hang out as before. Does he still have feelings for me please?


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Are you able to sense whether one is a true twin or false twin?

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