Question Submitted: As a psychic, do you ever encounter people that you cannot read?

Waste no time:

Sometimes people enjoy playing “stump the psychic.” It is rare but happens. They do so by asking questions that are impossible to answer such as “Why does Bob ignore me,” and they don't know anyone named Bob and no one's ignoring them. But because I'm spending time looking for said Bob and looking for the people who are ignoring them, they're wasting time — time that tbey paid for. It takes time away from their reading and it's THEIR dime, so they should be able to spend it however they want to. If that's what and how they want to, far be it from me to tell them any differently. But karmically, it's a bad idea and it also wastes time they paid for. If I bought a reading I would want to use that time to my advantage. But that's just me.

Be mindful of what you ask:

Then there's people who waste their own time in other ways. For example they'll ask the wrong questions. Let's say someone asks “How does Bob feel about me?” Well in this scenario Bob exists and Bob is in fact ignoring them. But they want a relationship with Bob. Their question is moot because clearly they already know Bob is ignoring them, right? They do not really need to have me tell them what they know already. So they may waste valuable time asking questions they already know the answer to. Their question should really be, “What can I do on my part to get the relationship with Bob that I desire and deserve?” There's usually things we can do on our part to change a situation so in this scenario that's what they should be asking.

Taking an average of what multiple psychics say costs you time & money:

On super rare occasions I've seen when I worked at Ask Now, people calling multiple psychics on the same day or week. They take the stuff that everyone says and the things that 3 or more agree on, that's what they take as being true. If less than 2 say something then they assume it's not true. Like taking an average…

This is silly and wastes time and money and only makes money for the company. You see, if you've just had a reading then there's residual information in your mind about that reading and other psychics who are only looking at the surface will just repeat whatever's in your head. Psychics should read the underlying values not just the surface but not all psychics do that.

Blockages are not going to cause you to be “unreadable.”

There's sometimes people tell me they saw a psychic who told them that they're unreadable for one reason or another. When a reader can't see anything they tend to say something like “you have a blockage.”

Thing is, a block isn't going to prevent reading, it's just that that particular reader doesn't see anything for whatever reason. Maybe that reader had a bad day or is drained energetically. That's when said reader should refund you, or offer to read you another day when they are better rested, but they don't always do that. Sometimes they blame you and call it a blockage. Really UNSCRUPULOUS psychics will offer to remove said blockage for a fee and even use scare tactics on you to make you want it removed. It's really mean.

It is best to focus:

During a session, if you're focused on your dog instead of asking questions or if you have a ton of interruptions going on, that's going to interfere with your session. If you aren't in a good reception area and you have distractions this interferes too. It's best to be in a quiet place with no interruptions. If it's a phone session then be in an area with good reception.

For me, phone readings work best because the person is connected to me through voice. I dont have to sort through multiples of energies to find the energy we are trying to look at. It's just stronger. No attachments trying to come in. Only what we want to look at making it like a filter that lets what we need to see come in clearly. No lost souls screaming for attention. Just the caller and me. Clear, easy. And if you're in a quiet area, all the better.

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