Question Submitted: A psychic told me I have a soulmate I waited many lifetimes for so should I leave my marriage for this?

This is probably common sense for most people and most people are already going to know the answer to this, but I'll go ahead and address it anyway. Today, someone asked me a question. They wanted to know why their spouse came to them saying that some reader had told them that they had a "soulmate" they'd known for many lives and had never been able to yet be with, and that said soulmate was coming for them soon, so the person is preparing to leave their marriage because they're waiting for this "soulmate." 

No, G-d is not cruel and doesn't create romantic relationships that one loses over and over again throughout many lifetimes...only to suddenly find them in this then one must "do certain things" or even leave one's marriage. 

I realize that this is common sense for nearly everyone, but apparently there are a few who might not understand. I cannot speak for G-d however there is absolutely no evidence anywhere that one experiences multiple lifetimes that happen to result in unrequited love, in which case G-d will again, for whatever reason, pull said relationship asunder. Trust me when I say that G-d works in mysterious ways and that everything happens for good reason. However, what would be the point of creating two "destined soulmates," and then, "HA HA! LET'S KEEP THEM APART FROM ONE ANOTHER FOR A GOOD TIME! ISN'T THAT FUNNY?" 

We do have things in our lives that are predestined in terms of what G-d plans for us. But what would be the purpose behind creating two specific mates, pulling them apart and then keeping them apart? For fun? For a good time? Just to be cruel? 


There are, however, things of darkness that can ruin your life. They say that "darkness and evil actually masquerade as angels and light," and this rings true with things such as "readings" that advise a person they have some "soulmate" that they need to start paying attention to for they supposedly spent many lifetimes trying to be together. 

While said "reader" might like to say such things because they think it somehow validates what someone is currently feeling in an unhappy situation within their marriage, I'm not sure that they really understand what they're doing, or that their words might actually break-up a marriage. I am not bashing psychics or readers, I'm simply going to try and share some enlightenment for you.

There are reasons why readers say things like this.

1. They think that by validating what a person is feeling, the person will trust them and therefore will purchase more readings. Besides, it resonates with almost anyone. There's not a person on this planet who wouldn't adore hearing that they're destined for a special relationship. Also, if a person is currently married or partnered, maybe that relationship has been feeling a bit stale so why not sell them on the fairy tale.  

2. Let's face it, it just sounds good. Like a fairy tale. "You have a soulmate you've always dreamed of in this and previous lifetimes and you've tried many lifetimes to be together....AND you're about to meet them / have already met them and you're absolutely going to be together." Who wouldn't love to hear that? It's very entertaining and if you happen to feel a void in your life, a notion such as this could look pretty darn appealing.

3. It sets the foreground for you to purchase more readings. They can help you find your soulmate, achieve a relationship with your so-called soulmate (especially if one or both of you are unavailable for whatever reason) and even if that relationship doesn't work out, they can always help you through the marriage (or divorce thereof) you just screwed for yourself as a result of their "readings."

Always listen to YOURSELF and make YOUR OWN decisions.

Just because your marriage is difficult at the moment or if your relationship happens to not imperfect doesn't necessarily mean that you need to end it. I am not saying that all good and worthy relationships are absent of struggle or that there are not relationships or marriages out there that are definitely in need of help. I'm saying that in normal marriages of say, 50 or so years, it isn't uncommon for a couple to fall in and out of love and in and out of varying degrees of passion about 25 times. That's an average of once every 2 years. That's a lot. There's also that point in a relationship where one becomes comfortable. There's also that "7 Year Itch." There was even a movie about it starring Marilyn Monroe. So, if you're even remotely vulnerable, then chances are you will fall for this kind of thing. Listen to yourself and don't let someone else tell you what your decisions should be.

Test your thoughts carefully.

In a previous blog post we discussed how to test ideas to ensure they're "safe" versus "not of the light of G-d." Just because something such as an idea or line of thinking makes sense at the time or resonates with you does not mean that it is accurate and correct, let alone is safe. It's perfectly okay to test your thoughts.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is this an idea or line of thinking that makes me nervous, scared, anxious or makes me feel somehow uneasy in any way, for any reason?

2. Is this line of thinking something that makes me feel further away from G-d in any way? In other words, since I know that G-d would only give messages "about me directly to me and that angels do not come down to tell our fortunes," did this person who told me these things "channel" and give me information claiming to be speaking on behalf of G-d? 

3. Does this idea or line of thinking cause me to feel any form of guilt in any way? Does it make me feel inauthentic, cause me to have to lie in any way, or go against something that I believe in?

4. Did they try to give me or sell me on a set of ideas that go against my personal beliefs or try to get me to engage in any type of spell or weird energy stuff or "special work" that makes me feel uneasy? 

If you've answered "YES" to any of the above, then you will want to rethink things. If you answered "YES" to more than one, then run for the hills.

And finally...

5. How do these ideas impact those close to me? Will this cause any negativity in my life? Or the lives of those around me? 

Use careful discernment.

It's perfectly okay to play out in your mind, how you can anticipate your thoughts or line of thinking leading to action, and how those actions will lead to cause and effect. There is cause and effect within everything including our thoughts and our actions. So, look carefully.

I'm not trying to tell everyone who is in a crappy marriage to just stay miserable. I mean, look at your line of thinking and ask yourself, how will this line of thinking impact your life and the lives of those around you. It's perfectly okay to play out all circumstances, series of events and ideas. Think about cause and effect. Be realistic. Do not go based on what someone else who isn't you told you, or what some reader or psychic told you, but go based on what you know is absolute fact. 

If you feel you need guidance, no one will fault you for visiting a proper therapist, speaking with close friends, speaking with loved ones such as family whose counsel you value, people you trust such as clergy, and so on. If you're making important life decisions, there's no law that says you need to make any choices "right this moment." If you need time, take time. If you need to think and clear your mind, by all means do so. 

And above all, listen to yourself. You have an intuitive pull and G-d talks to each person individually, to you and about you. What's scary is that I hear from people all the time who spoke with someone "who says" or maybe they read something on the internet and they're comparing their personal situation with that of another person (which is never a good idea) and making life decisions based solely on that because they don't trust their own discernment. Learn to trust your own discernment. Learn to listen to yourself. Learn to listen to G-d through your own self. Some people refer to this as one's "Higher Self." Like a cord that connects you personally to your highest good, G-d and what is in your own best interest. 

How come I don't do "readings" for the collective and so on?

It seems like the more I read blogs and stuff on the internet and watch on places like YouTube, the more I'm noticing people pulling away from source and origin with G-d and actually listening to people who claim to "channel angelic messages," from angels or spirits of light or whatever you want to call them. Remember, darkness can pretend to be anything it wants to pretend to be. It can appear to be very trustworthy. Angels don't come down to tell your fortune. Angels are G-d's army, they do not come down to tell you who you're going to date next or marry. G-d can tell you this though, and for this you need no interpreter. Remember, and I teach this in session all the time so you've probably already heard this, NO ONE ELSE will ever receive "messages" or "channel" for a collective group. G-d will speak about you, and about your specific situations TO you, and again, for this no one requires interpretation. It's not difficult to ask. 

People will say, "But I ask and I'm still confused." This is likely because you're not really listening, or because you've been answered but maybe you're not liking the answer you're getting. I've seen people read say, tarot cards every day, even multiple times a day and still remain in a state of confusion. This is because they're constantly questioning, messing with multiple messages that aren't of the light and are messing around with things that aren't safe or not following their truth. I had someone even ask me the other day to ask cards what the guy they like was thinking. Cards do not tell you what someone else is thinking. There is no one on this planet who is a mind reader, either. If I were a mind reader, I'd be a millionaire, extremely famous and on television. And, if you use things like oracles incorrectly, you're going to get guidance down the wrong path - a path that looks like light but really leads only to more confusion. More and more, I see people going down the wrong path. I can help a person decipher their situations, but I don't advise anyone to go off the path of light. Your oracle is you; you're energy and a soul being, and G-d works through you. You have purpose, as we all do. Everyone has purpose. Yet, people seem to want to compare their situations to those of others, and look to everything else but where they should look. If you look within you, you'll see and things will be more clear for you. Please do not do something just because someone who is not you, told you to. 

Anyway, I hope this helps you. Blessings xo

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