Question Submitted: Is it possible to confuse your Soulmate with your Twin Flame?

Thank you for submitting your question! Since I specialize in the areas of soul connections including soulmates and Twin Flames, and because my Twin Flame and I have enjoyed our Union for a long time, I'll go ahead and try to help you understand the differences between the two types of experiences.

Please Note:  There are a lot of definitions of Twin Flames. Please use your own discernment. To me, it means my life partner. The man I'm spending my life with. There's some groups who have twisted twin flame as a word. By the looks of it, people are treating a romantic connection that's meaningful and special into a club or a cult or a church or some crazy "mission work" it all sounds crazy. That's crazy talk. Twin flame can mean different things to different people. I've learned a lot in the years since my twin and I came into our union and in my mind, it's simply the wonderful life partner. ALL couples and people in general in my opinion have a purpose, and everyone has a connection they'll have as their life partner. In my opinion, everyone has their match and everyone has their purpose, and you can affix any label you want to on it but it's still the person you love. LOVE.

So, is it really possible to mistake one's soulmate for Twin Flame?

Yes, absolutely it's possible since in relationships, Twin Flames, anything is reasonably possible. I see comments all of the time that reference the fact that in Twin Flames, there seems to be no "rules," and additionally, no "norms." This means that each person's experience with their Twin Flame will always be expressly unique and specific to just them. It's an extremely personal, sacred experience. Our twin flame is our love, our life partner.

It fills our soul to connect with our proverbial other half and it expands our hearts. Quite literally, actually. Did you know that when one experiences pain that it can actually cause us to retract, to shrink? But there's an old saying that you can't get your shoe off (or on, whatever the case may be) when we experience a true pleasure in our soul. In other words, if we receive good news and we experience pleasure as a result, our bones literally expand. Did you know this? Rabbi Manis Friedman actually goes into this a bit more in-depth in his video series here.

It's our Twin Flame that some say makes us feel "completed" because we've met our other half. After all of the relationships that we have gone through in order to locate and connect with our Divine other half, we've finally found them.

Often, in a uniquely synchronistic manner that is so truly compelling that only we can quite understand it. However, this is no matter because like the images we see of the hikers on the mountain tops standing atop the highest peak with their arms spread wide in accomplishment as if to show the world, "I have arrived. I have indeed arrived, and it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. My soul is full."

Does our twin make us feel as though we have "arrived?" For some, it can for the powerful, meaningful RE-union of soul energy between you and your Twin Flame is unlike anything you have ever experienced. This is why our personal gift of discernment steps in for us and says, "Hey! Look here, this is really something! Pay attention!"

And with that, we do, and so our beautiful journey begins...

There are actually many schools of thought on this ranging from our soul connections with our Soul Family to the types of soulmates we encounter for specific reasons outside our Soul Family which can include Catalyst connections who can bring about a major turning point in our lives. 

Since for some, the Twin Flame can quite literally set us on a new path of awakening, enlightenment and self-discovery which can reflect similar experiences in the soulmate connections, it's not uncommon to experience a confusion regarding who our Twin Flames are. 

One of the marked differences between a soulmate connection of any variety and the Twin Flame is that our Twin Flame is someone with whom we will experience very little if any doubt regarding who they are, and for all of the aforementioned reasons. And so, we take notice of who they are to us and who we are to them. 

I just described falling in love. Did you notice?

We are not just taking notice with our minds and our hearts, but rather, we are taking clear notice with our soul. 

What I mean is, our Twin Flame can feel very much like the most intense connection we've ever felt in our lives. But our logical mind will say, "But you felt very intensely toward someone else before. That didn't work out very well, so aren't you excited about trying THAT all over again?" That's the beauty of love, sometimes we get to experience it more than once.

Then our own logic begins to wrestle with itself. We say things to ourselves such as, "This is the most undeniable connection I've ever experienced, so what's the catch?" Or something along the lines of, "This is incredible, but so I truly deserve such a wonderful connection and resonance?" You see, your logical mind is thinking. But this does not mean that you're doubting. Rather, that you're thinking. Even when your Twin Flame might do or say something very silly, you'll barely even notice. Why is this? Because they are your Twin Flame. He or she will be your life partner, so any silly spinach in your teeth doesn't get noticed.

You are a reflection of one another. 

Our Twin Flame is a reflection of us, and we for them. There is a clear sensation of the reflection of and for one another. The intensity of your energy exchange is powerful and can at times, even feel overwhelming or all-encompassing, or both simultaneously. 

Some have even shared that they notice that their Twin Flame seems to be almost a composite of all of the positives including certain traits, characteristics or attributes of other souls they've known over the many years they have existed on this earth. "They remind me of the good things in my ex, and the great things about my friend, and the beautiful traits in my mom or dad." While this isn't always the case of course, it happened for me that way.

They say that they feel as though all of the experiences they've shared with other souls on this planet have seemingly lead them to a space of understanding through careful preparations made through these exchanges that lead us to the point in time where we connect with our Twin Flame.

As we encounter others, we form a connection. From these connections we will seem to absorb the knowledge and the understandings that come together to make up our personal soul wisdom, which is always special and unique to us. It's through these experiences that we're shaped into who and what we become. And, we receive our mate, our Twin Flame, based on who and what we have become as our Twin Flame is a reflection of us, and we of them. In other words, we all grow, shift and evolve over time. Our twin flame is our life partner, so it's a great fit.

Because certain connections can seem quite twin flame-y in nature, especially at the beginning of the connection and then later reveal themselves to be anything but our mate and turn out to be a poor fit for us or we for them, it's important to remember that we experience all connections for good reason, for all things including the connections we make is always intended, and is meant to be. If we have a relationship that doesn't work out before we meet our life partner, that's okay. We've learned something and that experience has benefitted us in our personal process.

It's almost impossible to not choose our Twin Flame, for it's our Twin Flame that is our intended. Our twin flame is our life partner. Our husband or our wife. While there are many schools of thought, it's my personal belief that our Twin Flame is our intended path, and so the journey we will travel along - whether separately for a time being or whether together in tandem with them right beside us - is meant to transpire and unfold exactly as it is intended.

It felt like an extreme, harsh passage that I personally experienced with my Twin Flame until we reached Union. While not every Twin Flame Journey is exactly the same, I enjoy sharing my personal experiences with you. You're not the only soul energy who has found themselves in a position in which they began to ponder the connection they were experiencing with their Twin Flame, their life partner. It's normal to question, but it's my personal belief that one's personal discernment reveals its ability to navigate. Discernment is the ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well. Use yours.

I hope that this helps you and I wish you many blessings along you path with your Twin Flame. XO

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