Quantum Jumping: Does It Work?

I have to admit that the first time that I happened across the concept of quantum jumping, my initial mental response was, "Yes, I'd like to be just like the old television program from decades ago, 'Quantum Leap' and so I'd like to go back to 1978, please." I also admit that, while I consider myself to be a woman of G-d and am quite spiritual, I do tend to be quite analytical-minded and deeply set in my own common sense and traditional logic most of the time. Of course, if this quantum jumping thing works then in that case... "I'd like to look like a young Bridget Bardot, please." 

So, does this really work and is there any merit at all to all of the seemingly amazing testimonials on the internet of people who have actually tried it out for themselves? 

There are literally hundreds different tutorials on the subject of quantum jumping methods online, and thousands upon thousands of comments from people who claim to have done so with great success. From guided meditations to articles with "instructions" on the how-to, one can reasonably take their pick of a plethora of options. 

My original intention had actually been to gain insight on the subject of quantum physics and I'd landed on something about time travel. I know, silly subject but I too have some downtime (on rare occasions) and I've always been a sci-fi fan and who isn't at least a little bit curious? So, I proceeded to read... eventually, link after link, I wound up getting lost in the whole concept of quantum jumping. I read some theories, conspiracy theories, some hypothesis and of course, lots of Stephen Hawking and Neils Bohr... 

So, what is quantum jumping?

There are many schools of thought on the subject. Basically, it's any form of "jumping" or moving or somehow shifting from your present 3-D reality into another 3-D reality, such as a parallel universe. 

What, exactly, do we find on the internet when we research this subject?

Most of what we tend to find on the internet though, are click bait YouTubers who have created guided meditations with really intense claims in their thumbnails. We also find our share of Creepypastas, advertisements for energy "workers" and how-to guide books. If we set aside everyone looking for a click, a like, a subscribe or a sale, then we're left with some actual experiences from people who have tried our various types and methods of "jumping." So, I mainly focused on the actual experiences that people shared. 

So, what happens when we take that Quantum Leap, anyway?

Basically, some people claim that little things have changed since their "jumps." Things along the lines of stuff you might happen across within those Glitch In The Matrix forums, for the most part. For example, after jumping people described their clothing being different upon waking or things that they had always remembered as being one way were now totally different such as the spelling of The Berenstain Bears or remembering Nelson Mandela's funeral in the TV news in the 1980's (as I strangely always have..1986, actually) when it didn't actually happen until 2013. But I digress... Other people experience serious shifts in their lives - which is actually most people's primary objective for jumping in the first place. So of course, as you can imagine, I HAD TO try this for myself. 

What method did Helena pick out?

Well, Helena picked the 2 Glasses Method. Scroll down for the instructions, because OF COURSE I'm going to give them to you. I'm not a meanie! Of course you know that I share every single technique that actually works for me. However, please do read this article IN FULL FIRST because once you shift, there's supposedly no going back and also, if you do try this please do use the comment section to leave me a message about your results. I'll share mine with you, but I want to hear all about yours too, so is it a deal? Yes? Excellent. We have a deal. Okay then, proceed...

Supposedly, when one takes a jump, it makes one's reality or situation instantly shift and change to whatever it is that they want it to, or I should really say, whatever it is that they're focusing on at the time they're jumping. That said, one should do this at a time when one is centered, grounded, relaxed and in a positive mindset.


My results were: I did the 2 Glasses Method 5 times in succession (even though only one time is required) because 5 is the Number Of Change. I did mine in the early afternoon. That night, my love arrived home and said, "I was thinking about what to get you as a birthday present...I thought about a diamond or a blouse but I decided since you have a situation that bothers you, I've hired a service that will handle your situation completely. Now you have a way out of your situation. It's all paid for." I couldn't believe it because THAT was the exact situation I'd done my 2 Glasses Method for and what I had wanted to "shift" in my life. Crazy, huh? I had not told him. He just knew and fixed it. So, I decided that maybe I'd go ahead and list my positive experience with everyone else's that I'd read online. Since it works, I also decided to give it to YOU GUYS because a lot of my readers and my clients have something, an aspect in their lives that they'd really like to "shift to a different reality," to change for the better. So, this is the reason for this article today. 

Here are some details about the process:

You cannot to this for or regarding anyone else, one can only "jump" for themselves. It is recommended to do this at any time of day or night, however they say that between midnight and 3:00 AM is the thinnest veil between parallel universes, so jumping within that time window is said to yield the best results. You cannot do this in a negative or desperate mindset. Otherwise, it would make logical sense that one would theoretically end up in a parallel situation that is also negative or desperate. Some people recommend doing the Mirror Method simultaneously (just before) going the 2 Glasses Method for a stronger impact. You'll want to focus on one specific situation at a time. It's only necessary to do one time. You must forget about (stop thinking or worrying about) your issue and the ritual you did after it's done, and place yourself in the "moment of allowing," so that the shift can transpire. Please do not email me asking for extra instructions or if you've done it correctly, as there's no way for me to know what you've done through an email and again, this is not "my" ritual, and these are the instructions exactly as I found them.

The Mirror Method:

You'll need some supplies: A quiet place where you can be centered, grounded and quiet. This space needs to be pitch black darkness with no outside light. It's recommended to do this between Midnight and 3:00 AM. You'll also need a candle and something to light it with. You'll also need a mirror, the larger, the better, so you can fit as much of your reflection into that mirror as possible.

The instructions are: Make sure that your room is completely dark with no outside light. You'll sit (or lay) comfortably in front of your mirror, and light your candle. The candle should illuminate your face and body just enough to see it in the mirror. Stare at your reflection. Visualize that your reflection is the "other you" in the more positive reality where you want to be. Focusing on your specific situation that you want to change, mentally call out to yourself in the other reality, through the mirror, and focus on being in that other reality, that direct reflection of you. Mentally feel your other self sending you the better situation, removing the negative one. It doesn't matter how long you do this. Signs that this is working and that you've made "contact" with the parallel universe is seeing your other self blink in the mirror when you do not blink, or seeing your face shift into another face in the reflection. Feel the negative situation slipping away from you and focus on the positive shift coming through into your reality. Then, focus on how you'll feel when whatever it is had completely changed for you. Focus and imagine that this "new life" is truly yours. Once you feel satisfied that you have shifted, blow out the candle, feel relief come over you and you can complete your ritual by going to sleep. Once you've woken up, over the next few days, look for slight differences in your reality. Some people have mentioned wall colors being different or the clothing they own being slightly different or "off." Those are signs it has worked for you that you're in a different reality.

The 2 Glasses Method:

You will need some supplies: 2 empty glasses, 2 small pieces of paper and 2 pieces of tape (or sticky post it notes) and something to write with along with some clean drinking water.

The instructions are: On one paper, write a word that sums up your situation that you want to change based on a feeling, or "shift" into a parallel universe. Tape it to glass number one. On the other paper, write a word that sums up the way you'll feel when everything has shifted and attach it to glass number two. For example, one paper might say "restricted" and the other paper might say "liberated." Your words should be your own, though. Then, pour about an ounce or two of water into the "negative" glass number one. Looking at the glass, focus on all of the negativity of your situation and how it makes you feel. Then, start thinking about how you will feel when you have shifted and as you do, pour the water from glass number one into your "positive" glass number two. Focusing on how you will feel when you're totally shifted and how great you'll feel at that time, drink the water from the "positive" glass. Now, forget about it. Stop worrying about or thinking about your issue because that keeps you stagnated, and just forget about it. Signs this has worked for you will be as described above, and your situation will begin shifting. 

Will you use one or both methods?

The choice is really yours. Again, different people choose different things. It only works for Highest Good. It does not work for things that are selfish or things that would cause harm to anyone else, and supposedly if one tries to mess with the free will of someone else, the results can be horrible, so I wouldn't try to say, make your ex get into a terrible car crash, or to make some person who has set a boundary with you for good reason to suddenly decide to be your best buddy. Not only would that not work, the energy would come back on you. In other words, this does not work for stalkers, evil intentions or on other innocent people. It is said to only work for the Highest Good - YOUR Highest Good - for situations in YOUR life. Weight loss and stop smoking seem to be popular choices as examples along with happiness, career, manifesting the love people deserve and so on are also popular choices. Anyway, let me know how it works for you and what it was that you changed. Also, I am also curious about anyone who ends up experiencing that Mandela Effect that everyone is talking about so I'm not the only one. Enjoy xoxo

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