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While I've enjoyed writing about the subjects of Love & Relationships for many years now, I began focusing on the subjects of Soulmates and Twin Flames a few years ago (as you probably already know) and when I've written, it's been about the stuff I have read, or have seen, or have heard, or have been told, or had gone through myself. I'm nearly 50 years-old at this point in time.

And recently, I've made some discoveries about the subject of Twin Flames and Soulmates. Based on what I'm seeing, I will no longer be referring to my relationship as "twin flame."

I've read about self-proclaimed twin flame gurus who have hurt people and I'm extremely unnerved and upset about what I've read.

I don't believe that twin flames are some special club or are in any way more special than anyone else.

I believe that everyone in the world no matter who they are, deserves love and happiness in their life.

I believe every life on this planet can be purposeful, meaningful and positive.

I believe that living a purposeful happy life shouldn't depend on a relationship with someone else.

I don't believe that in order to reach happiness, or happiness in a relationship, that a person should have to go through some type of misery process. 

I feel like based on what I've been seeing lately, there's some folks out there who are mistaking relationships with narcissists or jerks as "twin flame." 

If you are in a relationship that is difficult or painful, please seek professional help with a licensed therapist if you feel you need to. 

I don't believe that just because I might feel an intense connection, that it warrants a label, or a "twin flame" label. 

You're welcome to call your relationship with whomever, whatever you want to. I am not here to judge anyone or insult anyone. I'm not here to try to talk anyone into or out of anything. Your own beliefs and your own decisions are as always, your own. 

My decision to stop referring to my relationship as "twin flame" is MY personal decision. 

Thank you.

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I am with you on this title BS…. I didnt ask to be part of this crazy ride called TF, if anything, all the online info has made my relationship worse. What was once happy obsessive thinking has taken on a paranoid obsessiveness and instead of thinking about him lovingly I made him out to be a running fool with ulterior motive instead of confused and just being who he is a hurt human – its taken me a few months to calm down and enjoy him when he pops in and just be me and do me… He will come around to being in my life full time when we clear our baggage (me divorcing and he mommy wounds, separation wounds and promising his ex and kids he would it date so soon) – and really what is ascension – its love and I love him. God isn’t going to take my love away so its really ascending to the fact that I have and always had love in me for me and he is me…. Simple.

BTW its D. Vine from Quora ❤️

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