Mirror Mirror On The Wall... Who is My Twin Among Us All?

"MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL... who is your True Twin Flame among us all?" What to do when Mirrors get in the way!

There is a long and a short route to Twin Flame Reunion. Here is how to use the Mirrors to your advantage of the shortest route to union.

Imagine your GPS. Now, imagine the screen on your GPS showing the journey and directions to your final destination. Press the "Destiny" button. Now, the screen shows you the directions. Press again the button marked "Map" on the screen. The GPS pulls back and shows you the big picture, with the road and all the twists and turns. Along this road, you see other, little turn offs and little short cuts that you could reasonably take along your journey that will lead you to the same final destination, only much faster. it's sort of like taking the expressway versus the poorly lit wooded back roads.

First, a few important factors about your connection...

Yes, there are many twin flames out there. Most here happen to be twin flames. Perhaps you already understand the twin flame journey, template and have already processed through Ascension. Or, perhaps you have suddenly connected with your twin flame, and came upon this article as you were perusing the many online outlets and information available out there. Or, maybe yet, you are just coming into your own, and you're just now realizing that you just might be a twin flame due to a connection you have made or even due to an older connection that you made long ago that has recently resurfaced. Regardless of the reason that you are reading this here and now, this is your present and future. Read on to discover it!

Now, let's talk about why you're both here on Earth...

The twin flame template can hold many variables, depending on what you happen to read and where. Personally, I go by the original template, the ancient words spoken by philosophers, ascended masters and what we've collected from the Holy Scriptures. Some believe that all have a soul twin, while the ancient texts imply there are only 144,000 (specifically, the Israelites who will lead humanity back to origin; to the one great Creator, God.) All theories however, so agree on one thing: when twins incarnate, the purpose is for the higher good, for a specific mission.

Many say the twin flame Divine Mission is the single joint effort; the single mission engaged by all who choose to participate: to lead the world back to origin, to truth, The Creator. In this process, the by products of this mission will be universal peace, harmony and universal, unconditional love. Personally, I cannot argue with this divine concept! The ripple-effect would be a sense of safety and well-being within one's self and with one's neighbor, this ending any civil and world conflict! (Not a bad thought, I must agree!)

Once the flame is ignited, the process of a unique awakening happens. Twin Flames are the single most pure, honest and unconditional love imaginable, and this unconditional love expands far beyond the love they feel for one another/self. Twins share Chakra Cords as a single soul which are activated, awakened and constantly in vibration as a single union. Due to this connection, twins are sensitive to one another's flow on every level, in both the 3D and 5D realms.

Now, some important details about the gifts you share...

After connection, twins realize they have many likes and differences. The differences can cause stress which can result in disorientation. These may range from values, ideals, gifts, abilities, age, geographical location and more. The twins eventually do strike a balance, being exact mirrors of one another and in turn, perfect compliments to one another.

Twins will also reveal their spiritual and metaphysical gifts. Each twin possesses gifts that the other does not, again, being perfect synchronized compliments to one another. One may be a great healer while the other may be a seer. Twins incarnate to be the facilitator of each other's process of Ascension, and simultaneously strike the perfect balance of complimentary gifts to offer humanity and this planet. These gifts are used by the twins in tandem, toward the highest possible good.

Here's why those mirrors are messing up your journey...

Finding your twin is often the most difficult aspect of the journey. Meeting one's self in exact mirror can, for some, result in excruciating pain. When you look into the mirror's reflection, your right hand becomes your left. Imagine meeting someone who so perfectly mirrors everything to you, yet is so balanced and complimentary. This is a difficult task for many.

I have several twin flame clients who speak these exact words: "I know what he/she will do. I know his/her behavior pattern, and I understand why they do it. But, I just can't bring myself to extend the proverbial olive branch and act in a manner that will aid in our connection rather than harm it."

One of my friends says she knows her twin will not leave phone messages, and this angers her to no end. She knows intuitively, as she is gifted, that if she just picks up the phone when he calls, she will prevent the entire misunderstanding. Instead, she allows the phone calls to go to voicemail (at which time he won't leave a message) and acts as though he's not called yet. This frustrates her twin who, in turn, doesn't respond to her messages in a timely manner. (Honestly, if I put the 2 of them in a room and locked them in, they'd come out 3 days later in union.) It is the aspect of Pride that gets in the way in this case. it is his fault and it is her's as well. But, technically, it is neither of their fault. They need to "meet in the middle." But since Ascension has not transpired in full, neither is yet ready to take that road less traveled. Instead, they take other roads.

These "other roads" may FEEL good at the time, but always result in the longer route to union. Each time you reflect inside, you reveal something important. Maybe it's something you didn't know before, which is why it seems like the journey is best if the longer route is taken. After all, you do both need all those important lessons, right?

Here's why the shorter road is the easier road...

Actually, if my client were to take the phone call, she'd experience some stress, absolutely. Stress from her feelings and pride being compromised. Something would undoubtedly happen that would stress her, at least a little bit. However, during these times, she will be receiving important, valuable lessons. While these lessons may seem difficult at the time, they are far less difficult than the longer road to reunion, and she will still be receiving the important life and soul lessons that she needs in order to complete her mission with her twin.

So, to recap:
1. Twins have likenesses and differences. These both mirror and compliment one another.
2. Both twins have unique and important spiritual and metaphysical gifts that are awakened during the journey to union. Once in union, the twins will use these important gifts for the greater good.
3. Twins have choices all throughout their journey to union.
4. Twins have a very specific road map to reunion. Each road map is unique to each set of twin flames. There are 2 possible paths: there is a shorter path and a longer path to reunion, and it is far easier to take the shorter path.
5. During the twin flame journey to reunion, all important lessons are learned and gained throughout the process of travel. Neither the shorter path nor the longer path is better, however the shorter path is the easier of the two choices, however it is often a very difficult choice to accept taking the shorter path versus the longer path, as the longer path is less intense and the shorter path is more intense for a shorter period of time. In both, inner work and Ascension are completed.

Regardless of the path you choose, this is your journey and your choices. Keeping your eye on the goal (your Divine Mission of Greater Good) is always advised.

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