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There is a long road and a short road to what we want in this life.

I always choose the short road because it just makes good sense. It is easier to take the long road because we don't have to change anything if we take the long road. We just have to travel down the long road and wait. We tend to believe the long road is better somehow and we tell ourselves comforting things such as, "If I take the long road, maybe I'll learn more along the way." Or, "If I take the long road, maybe I'll appreciate my accomplishment or my thing or my situation more when I finally get it."

That couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is, if you get what you want faster, you will be happy sooner and you'll appreciate it just as much. You'll also learn the exact same quality of soul lessons and inner spiritual growth whether you take the long road or the short road. So, the short road is just better. After all, it's easier because it is shorter. The short road is harder than the long road though in one way: it takes a change (in you) to create the shorter road. Here is how to make that change.

Ask, and you shall receive. Expect to receive.

There are no desires too great or too small to be received. Someone must receive, so why can't it be you?

When you have a DESIRE, turn it into a PREFERENCE THAT YOU EXPECT TO HAPPEN. When you do this simple trick, your desire becomes a MANIFESTATION.

EXPECTATION = True Belief + Taking Physical & Mental Action as though it's already happened.

This is called Manifestation and it always works.

There is no begging, no wishing, only DESIRE and PREFERENCE and EXPECTATION.

I have had several friends who went through multiple trips for IVF to have a baby, for example. When they changed their "desires" to "expectations," it happened for them. I've had literally countless friends who desired their Twin Flame or Soulmate reunion and through expectation and action, they received their reunion. I've seen this same sequence of events occur with jobs, promotions, houses bought, and so on.

When we have a desire, we also carry a fear, however tiny that fear may be, that we might not get what it is that we want, or that it might not work out in the way we want it to.

We don't want fear because fear causes doubt. Doubt causes a sense of needing. Doubt creates a sense of needing, however tiny it may be, and acts as a block for all of our Manifestations.

When we turn our desires into simply PREFERENCES, then we don't have the pressure from the fear that it might not happen. Turning your desires into preferences creates a level playing ground by removing any fear. Removing fear directly results in removal of all doubt.

When you "need" a loan from the bank, the bank rarely ever says yes. When you stop needing, you open the blocks to allow the Manifestations to happen.

I desire a certain salad dressing that does not come standard with my food order. I know it's possible to receive. So, if I want it, I'll have to ask the server to bring it. This is physical action and physical action plays a large role in making Manifestations come to fruition.

The Universe is empathetic just as people have empathy.

Which statement creates need in the server to make my desire or preference happen?

1. "I prefer the olive dressing versus the ranch, would you mind bringing it, please?" This is a request. Not a demand. People (and the Universe) and God is more prone to assisting us when we make a request versus a demand. Remember, the Universe is exactly like people, and people, they can sense urgency so when you need, so it causes the opposite result.

2. "I need olive dressing, I need it now! Bring it to me!"
If I make a demand, this is counter-productive because it does not create the sense in the server to give me what I want. He or she will not feel a desire to help me if I am rude or lack patience and understanding.

The 1st statement is the asking. Calmly ask for your desires by turning them into preferences.

When it rains, it pours. We have all heard this old saying.

Like attracts like.

Positive = more positive. The more positive you are, the more the Universe will assume that's what you want and will deliver to you more and more positive.

Negative = more negative. The negative thoughts in the back of your mind even as small as they may be, will act as blocks to prevent the positive or enough positive from visiting you.

Trust me, you want to be visited by the positive!

The people in this world are exactly like the Universe. We have an inherent desire (preference) to help others. But when we hear a demand, we do not feel the empathy and desire to help.

Things can be looked at in 2 ways: Positive and Negative. Your goal is to view everything as positive.

If someone demands money from me, I feel negatively about it. I might feel as though I'd been robbed.
If I make a donation, I feel positively about it. I feel like I did something nice for someone else who asked.

View your situations as being positive. The more positively you make your request to the Universe, the more positive you will receive.

Turn your DESIRES into simply PREFERENCES which removes the fear, removing the doubt and sense of needing. This process OPENS THE BLOCKS to be in the Moment Of Allowing -- Allowing your Manifestations to come to fruition.

1. Ask: This is the first and simple task to creation. Ask your God (or your Higher Power, however you name it) for what it is that you desire.

2. Believe: This is the harder part. Believe through your own expectation and physical action to use your gift of creation. Follow the above description to shift your desires into real action.

3. Receive: This is the easiest part. Sit back, relax and be in the Moment Of Allowing to receive your preferences.

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