Low Vibration v/s High Vibration: How To Spot Negative People

Today's post will be how to handle those types of toxic people who happen to be of low or negative vibration. Have you ever come across someone who was of low vibration and you sensed it? If you have ever wondered how to handle a bully or a person of negative or low vibration, I'm going to teach you how today.

Bullies are cowards, often fearful and full of shame, who possess a genuine lack of empathy for others. You can bank on the fact that bullies are oftentimes also narcissists, sociopaths and will take advantage of you - and will live in their own fear and ego.

One telltale sign: They guard their egos with an iron gate

I'll give you an example:  I was randomly reading as I often do and as you can imagine, I of course tend to gravitate toward the things that interest me which are usually the writings of uplifting and enlightening individuals. I do so enjoy reading the words of those who are enjoying their lives and experiences as Light Workers, Energy Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Instructors and Coaches and so on...many are clients and many are personal friends, and many I just happen across by chance. It's a rare thing for me to happen across anyone in these fields who are low-vibrational so this example comes easily to mind.

You've probably noticed that in my writing, you've never seen me insult or defame any person, let alone criticize anyone, regardless of their spirituality or personal belief system, especially another person engaging in metaphysics. Heck, if I ever did, I'd have no friends left because most of my friends happen to be metaphysical workers, energy workers and so on. I never (or at least I try to never) engage in behaviors that would be considered...how to say this... as "low-vibrational." I'm fairly confident that those of you who read my blog are similar in nature, so hopefully this will resonate.

If you have high empathy which you likely have, chances are that you might be a target for low-vibrational types of people. We all happen across them from time to time. 

Recently, I came across a website and blog of an author whom I thought would have some interesting insights to share. I will not list her name, as she isn't here to defend herself and I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings. Unfortunately, all I found were criticisms of other people in her field and sales pitches. Anytime anyone made a comment on her blog stating that another teacher of energy practices had a different opinion other than her own, she said terrible, mean-spirited and boorish (bullying) things about the people brought up in conversation. This is an ideal example of someone who is low-vibrational.

For Example: There was one astrologer who I don't know, who apparently she'd never even met, who received the brunt of her written wrath. I won't mention his name because I don't know him and I don't want to step on his privacy, however it was clear that this astrologer had stepped on this lady's toes because he'd written an article which listed "ways to clear your own negative energies and cut cords for free" (which is exactly the product the lady in question whose website I was reading, happens to be selling.)

There were others listed who she was slandering to no end, and so I couldn't help but think to myself, "Wow, gee whiz, I sure hope this lady never happens across me because I'm always saying things that absolutely contradict the exact things she's selling and in my own writing, am always advising those interested in that exact subject that no classes are required on such a thing, and teaching people how they can do that for free." 

While there are plenty of things I've seen or read that I absolutely do not agree with, I'd never say so because as an ascended being, we all know that there exists many schools of thought on each subject. We know that knowledge and enlightenment means power and positivity, so as you likely do yourself, I like to approach and view absolutely everything with an open mind and open spirit. Now, while there are some things in this world that are clearly "wrong" or "bad," we still have the gift of discernment which we can use along with our interpretations of what it is that we see, read or happen across. We tend to keep what resonates as being of the highest good and release any negativity or what does not serve the highest good. I genuinely felt sadness and empathy for the aforementioned astrologer. He didn't deserve that horrible treatment.

She was also an absolute BULLY toward those commenters who even remotely defended this poor man, or anyone else mentioned, and I also noticed that the majority of comments on this particular blog post were her own, as she'd apparently removed any of the comments that defended anyone except herself. There was actually a handful of "professionals" she was defaming, and it was then that I looked more carefully at her writing and who these folks really were. I got A BIG SURPRISE.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery...

I noticed that she had written words that sounded awfully familiar. You see, in reading all the negative, low-vibrational banter she'd written, I'd decided to visit this astrologer's website, the one she had so vehemently slandered. There was even a link to it in her post! (Yes, I know...she's tap dancing on a defamation lawsuit, I thought the same thing) but I realized that she was actually plagiarizing the writing of the astrologer she'd been defaming, almost word-for-word. She tweaked it a bit to appear as her own of course, but it was very clear: she was afraid that this man was somehow competition for her business because she admired him...so she copied him.

Certain bullies, in layman's terms, tend to imitate what they want to be, and low-vibrational souls, including narcissistic or sociopath or any empathy-lacking types have little of their own personality, so they imitate and copy what they believe to be "adequate, acceptable and correct," but then bash down whomever they fear as being "the competition" because they live in ego and fear. This takes place in the workplace, in families, in social connections and in romantic relationships.

Trust me when I say that there are literally millions of absolutely free "how to" writings and videos out there on the subjects of the things this lady is selling. There isn't "competition" in the field of metaphysics. There just isn't. But to a low-vibrational person, everything and everyone is "the competition" regardless of what it is in question: attention, accolades, finance, achievements, love, you name it, everything to them is a big competition.

This is likely the reason that she made mention so many times that she was the very first person to come up with these ideas and mentioned that when she first started, there were only a few computer hits on the subject.

"Wait, really? Helena, seriously? Did you just try to tell me what there's one person responsible for the mere concept of energy work? That's an ancient concept that's been around since before...well just research Native American Spirituality Rituals. Look up shamans. I mean come on, Helena. No one can copyright that." 

Yes, I had the same thought when I read her writing about how she coined energy work, including the rules on how to heal and clear it. 

You're seeing the narcissistic authority on everything in their field and the narcissistic dismissive listening. They're not willing to open to any other ideas save their own - unless they're good ideas, in which they will steal them and somehow label them as their own.

The toxic and low-vibrational person isn't just toxic, the person like this would be downright negative. Have you ever known a person who criticized everything about you, or perhaps about someone else? They oftentimes will see things as "all good" or "all bad" with very few if any, shades of gray. Suffice it to say that there are shades of gray within absolutely everything so yes, bullies see the world through a very narrow and skewed scope. They go to great lengths to "prove that they're right." There is NO arguing with a toxic person because you just cannot win. They always NEED to come out on top. Again, back to the ego. 

As an example, I'll mention that the blog I'd read which insulted the astrologer and laundry list of other people which listed this lady's public interviews and accolades - many logos of popular newspapers and claimed television appearances - none of which I could locate anywhere. Of course, I realize that one can reasonably purchase advertising in a magazine or on a network or newspaper or something and list the mention on their website. Personally, I wouldn't think to do that though so I can't be certain that's what she in fact did. I just can't locate any of the credentials she's listed.

That said, bullies can act out in some pretty covert ways...

For example, I have a good friend who works in public service. She takes her job very seriously, and she's quite good at what she does. Unfortunately "Melissa" works with a person who is always taking credit for her work. "John" never affords anyone, including Melissa, the courtesy of credit for her achievements. Melissa struggles with this because more than once, John has actually flat out lied at her expense. My advice to my friend in this situation was, stand up for yourself and don't accept the behavior that John is putting forth. Lady Karma is a righteous woman and eventually, Melissa saw that everyone in the office was aware of John's constant bullying. And eventually, Lady Karma visited John. It wasn't in the way that Melissa anticipated, however it was absolutely did visit him.

The thing though about toxic people including narcissists and sociopaths, is that they are quite gifted as eloquent communicators most of the time. They'll suck you in. (Just ask any of Ted Bundy's victims who he charmed into his Death Car.) You have to be careful, on point and see the toxicity when it presents, which is often unfortunately wrapped up in nice pretty boxes. These bullies can literally hypnotize you into believing something and you wind up a target. People who are especially sensitive or highly empathic can end up as targets.

WHY? Because the narcissist or sociopath is banking on the fact that you won't do anything about it. You're too sensitive. You're too polite. You're trained to be too polite for your own good. There's a wonderful life coach who I greatly admire who once said, "We are all too polite. We are trained as children to be polite and we are too nice and polite for our own good." I see this often in my friends and in my clients - many of whom happen to be extremely sensitive with high empathy. 

How to spot and handle toxic people such as sociopaths and narcissists:

Remember: We are all connected. When you see someone criticizing, insulting or defaming someone else based on their ideas, spiritual beliefs or for anything - maybe their lifestyle, their ethnicity, their age, anything at all - stop and take notice. Remember, there are nice ways of saying something and then there are ways of saying things that are mean and hurtful. If it's within you, remember that this type of behavior is BULLYING and is a form of a Hate Crime depending on how it's carried out. If the situation warrants it, assist the injured party. If you saw someone such as a child being kicked you'd probably intervene. If you witness someone being kicked, intervene when it's safe to. Remember, we're all the children of The Creator, of God, so when someone harms another person intentionally, it's like harming a soulmate, for we are all one another's soulmates in this lifetime. While I didn't know him, I felt badly for my fellow brother who was being viciously attacked. I imagine that if he saw that written about him, he would have hurt feelings. There's nothing positive and uplifting or enlightening about hurting another's feelings. 

Always have empathy. When someone attacks you, remember that it's their ego and fear that they're living in, and the low vibration isn't their fault, for they likely know not what they do. Just as you have empathy for the injured, have empathy for all. It's okay and is actually a SIGN OF A VERY ASCENDED BEING to have empathy for the wrong-doer. To understand from all perspectives is divine. If someone is cruel, of course do stand up for yourself, but send them healing and love. My husband has a wonderful saying. He says, "No person should be thrown away if they can be transformed and renewed." While most toxic souls do not change, some actually do, so we always want to allow the opportunity for positive change.

When you can, show them the right way. While some toxic people are not going to change their behavior, certain behaviors and responses can in fact be learned. There are many schools of thought on whether a narcissist or sociopath can learn empathy and so on... show them the way. The light. The positive and high vibration. It will ultimately be their choice to go toward the correct path.

Protect yourself. Remember, even if you do decide to show someone the light and correct path, you should always protect yourself. You have energy and all souls are comprised of energy. You have the divine right to release from your realm, what does not serve you for the positive. You're allowed choice. You do not need to tolerate negativity. When someone is of low-vibration, they usually claim to be not so. It can sometimes be difficult to spot. There are three things you can do: you can accept them, reject them or tolerate them. Toleration is not going to serve the higher good, because to tolerate means that you're putting up with negativity though you don't desire to. You'll therefore need to decide to either accept them for who they are or reject, based on the fact that they do not serve you or the highest good. As always, use your gift of discernment.

In closing, I hope that this article will help you spot negativity when it presents, and protect yourself from toxic individuals. Blessings to you! xo



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