Is that a baby piggy?

Yes, it is. It's a cute little baby piggy. I was thinking that because the snow is so intense, we should go ahead and pretend it's Springtime and look at cute little baby animals. I mean, baby animal videos are pretty viral on the internet so let's pretend it's warm and sunny and look at some baby animals...

I'm not sure what that little thing is but it's some kinda sea creature...

I think that's a baby hedgehog.

I'm pretty sure those are not pink jellybeans. 

Little ones having a nibble...

Now that we've taken a moment to notice the way the most beautiful things are sometimes so tiny, might not otherwise be able to see unless we look mindfully (just look at the reptile resting on the thumb, above.) These little things are very alive though they are tiny.

To them, their lives are pretty significant and important. To them, they're "big." To us, they're significant and important, but in physical size they are little animals who we need to be extra careful to make sure they're okay. If we don't look mindfully, we might not even be able to see them.

Yes, I avoid stepping on insects too. Have you ever mindlessly, accidentally stepped on a bug? Then regretted it immediately? Yeah, I'm super careful when I take my walks too. Anyway, when you look closely you can notice lots of little animals you wouldn't otherwise notice! Take a break from this cold wintertime and check out these adorable pics! 

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